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Because your phone mount should be as rugged as you are. Meet the Mobnetic Pro 90.

The Mobnetic Pro 90 is great for quickly mounting your device or smartphone to your vehicle, toolbox, or anywhere else you can imagine. It consists of two 90 lb. pull force Neodymium magnets with an easy-adjust ball housing. Just put the shield shaped steel plate on the back of your phone, and mount away. Full product includes the shield plate, and mounting discs for almost any surface.

New UWS Under Tonneau Chest Box Complete with Enhanced Security

UWS, a leading manufacturer and designer of USA-made storage carriers and truck accessories, has introduced an all-new Secure Lock under tonneau chest box. Compatible with most tonneau covers, this chest box is perfect for adding functional storage space and organization to any pickup while maintaining the option of keeping the truck bed covered. It features a low profile, dual-locking handles, a patented RigidCore™ foam-filled lid and extra-thick, non-corrosive construction.

The UWS under tonneau chest box features profile height of 16-1/2". This helps maximize storage area within the box, while keeping it low enough to be compatible with most tonneau covers. The box is also built with an offset lid to add even more storage area without interfering with a rolled up tonneau cover.

DU-HA with Lockable Lid

DU-HA, Inc of Fergus Falls, MN has released their underseat storage unit with lockable lid for the 14-18 GM/Chevy LD and 15-18 HD Crew Cab.

We've all tried to store the gear we keep in our truck - in the console, on the seat, or thrown under the back seat. Yet, we never seem to have enough storage room and we are never fully organized. That's why we made the original truck storage - the DU-HA. The DU-HA allows you to store your guns, gear, power tools, tie down straps, and so much more under the back seat of your truck. Now, with the new lockable lid, your gear and valuables will be even more secure. The new DU-HA's with lockable lids are still manufactured from heavy duty polyethylene, include organizer/gun rack set, and are made in the USA.

The DU-HA with lid retails for $349.95 and includes a lifetime warranty. For more information or to find a dealer near you, visit, or call 1-866-306-3842.

New Tool by AME Removes Locked Rims During Tire Service

Media Contact:
Brittany Yunka
(352) 799-1111

New Tool by AME Removes Locked Rims During Tire Service

Brooksville, Fla.-July 31, 2018. AME International, a leading provider of tire service equipment and tools based out of Florida, proudly introduces a new wheel puller tool, the RIMWIT, designed to remove locked rims on commercial truck tires. The RIMWIT is the easiest and fastest way to loosen stubborn rims without fear of damaging the tire sidewall and rim.

Manufactured to fit all standard semi-truck rims; both aluminum or steel, the RIMWIT is a safe and efficient way to separate the rim from the wheel assembly. Fleet technicians typically remedy a stuck wheel/rim by hitting it with a 20-lb sledge hammer, potentially causing damage to the tire and rim. The RIMWIT locks onto the rim and using a 1” impact wrench, tightens drive nuts to release the seized rim.

Meyer Distributing is coming to SEMA!

Meyer Distributing is coming to SEMA!
You’ve heard the name, you’ve seen our trucks and now you can see us live at SEMA, booth #31309! Meyer Distributing is excited to announce we will have our first ever exhibitor booth. Starting in the small town of Haysville, IN and growing into the national company it is today, Meyer Distributing has been a family-owned and operated business. As a leading national aftermarket wholesaler, you will not find a better friend in the industry than Meyer Distributing. We are proud to treat each and every one of our customers as a valued friend and partner. Meyer Distributing’s network of trucks, focus on customer service, technology and 900+ product lines offer customers the total package.
Our product lines include:
• Truck and Jeep aftermarket accessories
• RV and towing parts and accessories
• Wheels, tires and suspension
• Gas and diesel performance
• Commercial, Fleet and snow parts and accessories

CURT Launches First-Ever Wireless Brake Control

Portable Echo™ Turns Virtually Any Smartphone into a Brake Control Monitor

CURT, the leading manufacturer of USA-made hitches and a complete line of towing products, is launching the first-ever Bluetooth-enabled wireless brake control – a portable, plug-and-play device that links to the driver’s smartphone to control and monitor all trailer brake activity.

The all-new CURT Echo™ #51180 is truly a brake control for the modern age. It is the first of its kind, featuring Bluetooth technology to wirelessly connect to the driver’s smartphone. With a downloadable app for Apple or Android phones, the Echo™ monitors the trailer brakes, allows for manual control and sends status updates, all using the driver’s smartphone.

Glaobal Agents & Distributors Wanted For Dr Deng Car/SUV Sunshade Umbrellas

Global Agents & Distributors Wanted For Dr Deng Car/SUV Umbrella & Sunshade

Guangzhou Huiyun Science & Technology Co., Ltd. has dedicated hismself in design, development, production and after-sales services for kinds of intelligent car accessories, in particular in smart car/SUV umbrellas, semi-auto folding car umrella or sunshade, manual car umbrella, sunshade, as well as car garage tent, canopy, parasol. All the car /SUV umbrellas are multi-functional, which can be used for outdoors activities with tripods, and have won the popularity of global car owners.

Smart car /SUV umbrellas effitively solve the production of exotic gas in car cabin in the exposure of high temperature of the sun, especially in summertime, to reduce the disater occurred, to protect the car from the harm or damage from the droppings, tree leaves, dust, sand, etc in outside parking.

Absolute Solutions Introduces Radius Trulers, temporary self-adhesive rulers for Measurement and Drilling Needs.

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Absolute Solutions, the parent company, are releasing Radius Trulers that compliment our line of standard Trulers. While regular Trulers helped fabricators with evenly spaced, straight-line drill work, Radius Trulers will help with those 90 degree bends. Drill points have been spaced as close to 1/4" as possible so drill and rivet work continue to look uniform even on a curve. Radius Trulers will come in 2 distinct arcs, one being a tight corner while the other is a wider turn. There will be 5 of each on the same sheet.


REMA TIP TOP has designed and developed a Gooseneck Stitcher for the tire repair industry that has been tested for ergonomics. With this new design, tire technicians can achieve enhanced stitching performance and maneuverability with comfort and efficiency. The engineered design permits better control as the tire technician maneuvers the Gooseneck Stitcher inside the crown and sidewall area of the tire to ensure good adhesion while reducing stress to the wrist and hand.

“When we started the design phase of the Gooseneck Stitcher, it was important that we solve the challenges that tire technicians have been communicating to us. REMA TIP TOP focused on how to create a tool that gave the technician more control, but reduced the force they needed to exert.” states Brian Bennett, Business Development Manager at REMA TIP TOP.

Bray Group HQ Announces New Bray Product lines and its media FAQ

Release Date - May 14, 2018

California, USA - May 4, 2018

With the windshield protection industry steadily growing, more and more consumers are flocking towards the product. From dealers to installers to the everyday customer, people want windshield protection for their vehicles. However, very few individuals understand what it is all about. In an effort to reduce confusion and increase an overall understanding of what our windshield protection products have to offer, Bray Group has created two easily accessible media accounts to address the questions we receive the most ─ the Bray FAQ Instagram and Facebook pages.

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