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Jase Andrews and Ian Johnson join forces at the ESAB Welding booth

Two of the hottest television show hosts have joined forces and taken the meaning of adventure to a whole new level.

The man behind America’s best 4x4 how-to show, Ian Johnson and Australia’s top outdoor adventure host, Jase Andrews, have merged talents this week at SEMA. Today, Ian and Jase demonstrated welding techniques to hundreds of eager fans at the ESAB Welding booth.

You can catch Jase on Unleashed.TV, where he shows off his intricate workshop skills to fabricate custom accessories that allow him to take his vehicles to the most daring, dangerous and remote corners of the wild Australian outback, conquering brutal terrain without any support or backup plans.

Xtreme 4x4 is an action packed half an hour show airing on Spike TV, where Ian shows us step-by-step what it takes to turn vehicles into off-road-oriented rigs. The show also features adrenaline pumped off-road racing events such as rock crawling, desert racing, sand drags and trail riding adventures.

'World's Most 3D-Printed Hellcat' Unveiled at SEMA 2017

Airwolf 3D proves how easy it is to 3D-print large custom car parts by debuting 'The 3D-Printed Hellcat Project' at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, NV. The project features the company's Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat loaded with 3D-printed modifications.

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CA, OCTOBER 26, 2017. If there's one thing the majority of employees at Airwolf 3D find more irresistible than 3D printing, it's cars. Fortunately for the Airwolf 3D team, or the "Wolfpack" as they call themselves, company Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer Erick Wolf has built a collection of project cars for him and his team to customize with 3D-printed parts.


La Vergne, TN – The new JET® Three Wheel Belt Bench Grinders are ideal additions to fabrication and machine shops for grinding castings or deburring and finishing ferrous and non-ferrous metal work pieces. To accommodate a wide range of grinding needs on either flat or angular surfaces, these powerful performers come in three sizes, including 1” x 42”, 2” x 48” and 2”x 60” belt diameters.
The belt grinders are built for the long haul with heavy duty, casted bodies and die casted belt levers. A vented full motor shroud keeps dust and chips away from the motor shaft. The motor also is protected by a thermal reset to prevent overheating.
Three-wheel design provides optimal grinding surfaces. Abrasive belts are equipped with urethane drive and idle wheels for dependable and long-lasting service. An intuitive, lever-based belt tensioning process makes belt changes quick and easy


La Vergne, TN – The new JET® Dual Station Abrasive Pipe Notcher does extra duty to maximize shop productivity and output. Its innovative two-station design provides quick and easy access to notching, grinding and deburring at three different work stations.

The Dual Station Abrasive Pipe Notcher is made to last with heavy gauge steel construction throughout. This multi-tasking machine is engineered to notch pipe from ½ to 2 ½ in. diameter at the front station. It is capable of notching angles from 90 to 30o by use of a multi-positional hand lever vise.

Seven interchangeable rollers come standard and require no tools to install. Mandrel sizes include ½. ¾, 1, 1 ¼, 1½, 2 and 2 ½ in. Rollers are conveniently stored in an onboard compartment at the machine’s base.


La Vergne, TN – Manufacturing an industrial buffer to meet shop use demands was just what JET® had in mind when they developed their new 8 in. Industrial Buffer. This 44 lb. benchtop dynamo’s entire body is constructed of cast iron with a fully-enclosed industrial housing with factory-sealed, pre-lubricated ball-bearings for reliable, long life use. Rubber mounts at the buffer’s base help eliminate movement, plus dampen vibration.

Safety first. This new JET buffer was designed with operator safety in mind. The buffer’s motor includes brake resistors to shut down the wheels’ rotation so they come to a complete stop in less than 20 seconds.

Another big advantage of this industrial buffer is its variable-speed motor that operates from 900 to 3600 RPM. Plus, there’s no on/off rocker switch. The power interface features an electronic touch pad panel with a power on/off control, flanked by up and down arrows to adjust and monitor the buffer’s speed.

Rotary Wheel Service News: Rotary Tower-Free Wheel Aligners Are Fast, Easy, Accurate and Affordable

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Rotary Tower-Free Wheel Aligners Are Fast, Easy, Accurate and Affordable
Alignment doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive with new Rotary equipment

Las Vegas (Oct. 31, 2017) SEMA Booth #10239 – Rotary introduces a full line of wheel alignment equipment that’s fast, accurate and easy to operate, plus has no minimum bay size requirements and can be used anywhere in the shop. And it’s affordable.

“Rotary has eliminated the restrictions that come with a lot of alignment equipment,” says Rob Dabrowski, vice president of wheel service equipment for Rotary parent company Vehicle Service Group. “We’ve done away with the need for a huge tower installed at the front of an alignment bay, which frees up workspace. At the same time, we’ve made our equipment really easy to use because you shouldn’t feel like you need an advanced degree to run a simple alignment machine.”

Hunter unveils new Quick Check® Flightboard™ at SEMA 2017!

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Hunter is proud to release Quick Check® Flightboard™ at SEMA 2017. Flightboard™ is an automated display that quickly showcases inspection findings in the service drive or customer waiting room. This display features inspection results in real-time to educate vehicle-owners, increase shop transparency and ease the friction of manual presentations.

Results are quickly presented to customers to streamline the service process and inform vehicle owners of necessary vehicle service including alignment and tire tread depth information.

Flightboard™ is available for all Hunter Quick Check® or Quick Tread® customers with HunterNet®.

Hunter Engineering Company® is the global leader in alignment systems, wheel and tire service, brake service and inspection lane equipment. Hunter® equipment is approved and used by vehicle manufacturers, automobile and truck dealers, tire dealers and service facilities around the world.

Hunter Road Force® Elite balancer update 4.0 released!

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Miscentering during wheel balancing is a major cause of improper balancing and customer comebacks.¬¬ Hunter’s Road Force® Elite features Automatic CenteringCheck® technology with new 4.0 software that reduces these errors by notifying the technician of improper centering. The result is improved quality, increased shop efficiency and customer retention.

Road Force® Elite 4.0 software also features a Balancer Report Card™ with a specified inner error and outer error amount and a letter grade to optimize weight placement. Presenting a ‘scorecard’ to the technician after a balance has been completed enhances balancer performance. Hunter’s patented vision system completes a 3D scan of the wheel to determine the accuracy of wheel weight placement, which helps technicans learn on-the-job.

Portacool, LLC Unveils Two New Portable Evaporative Coolers to Accommodate a Wider Variety of Cooling Needs

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Center, Texas (October 31, 2017) –Portacool, LLC, with help from Steve Darnell of WelderUp and Discovery Channel’s “Vegas Rat Rods,” officially revealed two new portable evaporative coolers today at the Specialty Automotive Manufacturers Association (SEMA) show. The Portacool Jetstream™ 230 and Portacool Jetstream™ 220 are new additions that round out the Portacool Jetstream™ series to fulfill the need for impressive cooling in a more compact size.

Both the Jetstream 220 and Jetstream 230 feature new oscillating louvers that effectively distribute cooling comfort to a larger space. Combined with their smaller size and mobile features, these coolers provide a convenient solution for small workspaces and hard-to-cool areas.


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Las Vegas – Today at the SEMA Show, ESAB Welding & Cutting Products revealed Rebel™ EMP 205ic AC/DC, the world’s first true all-process, inverter-based welding system. Rebel EMP 205ic AC/DC enables users to TIG weld with AC and DC outputs, MIG weld with solid wires (steel, stainless or aluminum), Flux-Cored weld with gas-shielded and self-shielded wires and DC Stick weld. The rated duty cycle is 205 amps at 20 percent.

“For professional fabricators and tradesmen who want to weld all metals with all processes and use only a single unit, the ultimate welder has always been a multi-process CC/CV power source with an AC/DC TIG output. ESAB has delivered that innovation with the Rebel EMP 205ic AC/DC DC by leveraging the platform of the Rebel franchise,” says Doug Smith, Product Business Manager – Arc Equipment, ESAB.

Smith notes that previous all-process units required additional controls or accessories, or they sacrificed arc performance in one or more processes.

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