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Madico Debuts New Products and Dealer Support Initiatives at SEMA 2018

Stop by booth #12461 for live demos of the latest automotive films and a sneak peek of Madico’s new and improved dealer support programs.

LAS VEGAS – Madico, Inc., one of the world’s leading manufacturers of materials-based solutions, will be exhibiting at the 2018 SEMA Show, showcasing its new products Black Pearl® Nano-Ceramic automotive film and Protekt® paint protection film as well as unveiling the company’s new dealer focused initiative, “The Madico Experience.”

There finally here!!! SURLY Soap MINIs

After much anticipation and many request SURLY is introducing the MINIs. The baby brother to our full size bars. Designed with the same scrubber for on-the-go or just someone with very tiny hands. Each MINI comes in its own resealable bag for multiple uses. Finally a small bar with a big punch. Remember to get your'Soap with Attitude!"

SURLY Soap "Soap with Attitude!" New Product 2018

SURLY Soap is the most innovative hand soap for removing paint, dirt, and grime. Designed with a built-in finger rail, this powerful hand soap combines a cleansing soap with a powerful infused scrub pad for a refreshing cleanse. This infused soap works from within to penetrate stubborn compounds and reveals itself the more you use it.

SURLY Soap is introduced at SEMA 2018

SURLY Soap is excited to be breaking into the Automotive industry @ SEMA 2018. Check out the "Soap With Attitude" while "Punishing the Dirt!"

National Street Rod Association Celebrates 50 years in 2019

To commemorate the 50th Annual Street Rod Nationals®, the National Street Rod Association® has entered into agreements to have two complete turn key vehicles built for the 2019 Street Rod Nationals.
We have entered into an agreement with Alan Johnson - Johnson's Hot Rod Shop, Inc. - Gadsden, Alabama to give away a completed 1932 Ford Roadster at the 2019 Street Rod Nationals.
Johnson's Hot Rod Shop built the 2010 Top Participant Prize, a 1932 Ford Roadster.

We have entered into an agreement with Ty Hauer - Reisinger Custom Rebuilding, LLC - Evansville, Indiana to give away a completed 1971 Chevrolet Nova at the 2019 Street Rod Nationals. This will be the first late model vehicle to be given away by NSRA.
Reisinger Custom Rebuilding built the 2015 Top Participant Prize, a 1932 5-window Coupe and the 2017 Top Participant Prize, a 1933 3-window Coupe.

Over 600,000 Addendums Printed!'s automated system is now being used by over 500 re-stylers and dealerships across the US!'s automated system is now being used by over 500 re-stylers and dealerships across the US and Canada with over 600,000 addendum labels printed to date! One of those re-stylers using DealerAddendum's SaaS platform to print his custom addendum labels is Billy Reagin at Rocky Ridge Trucks. Billy's company up-fits trucks with all sorts of options and packages. Before DealerAddendums' system came along, Billy was typing out the description of what they added to each truck on an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper and taping it to the window of the truck. Billy really wanted a better solution. Now Billy uses DealerAddendums' automated system to simply choose a package and print out a professional label branded with RockyRidge's logo. The dealers love it and so does Billy and team who have since printed over 5000 addendum labels using's platform.

BAF Industries and PRO® Products are Excited to Partner with Ivan Tampi Customs at the 2018 SEMA Show

BAF Industries and PRO® Products are Excited to Partner with Ivan Tampi Customs at the 2018 SEMA Show.

Come see Ivan Tampi Customs latest build at PRO® Products booth #33277. In anticipation of SEMA 2018, BAF Industries and PRO® Products have partnered with well-known builder Ivan Tampi of Ivan Tampi Customs (ITC) to feature his latest build, “The Hulk”, a 2016 C7 Corvette Convertible Stingray showcasing their limited edition XIK Wide-Body Carbon Fiber enhancement.

ITC is Ivan’s newest venture. His latest line of designs, named “XIK” Wide Body kit (pronounced “sick”) will definitely make everyone’s head turn. ITC is focused on designing and manufacturing aftermarket product lines for the elite range of cars such as Mustangs, Corvettes and Camaro’s!

The future at SATA starts with an X - introducing the SATAjet X 5500

The SATAjet X 5500 featuring the new X-nozzle system now defines a new application standard for the future.
Why a new nozzle technology system?
During recent years our industry has seen a lot of changes. Complementing the introduction of waterborne paints, primers, clearcoats and other paint materials too have also been adapted to comply with legislation. As a result, a wide range of paint system technologies with different viscosities as well as new paint application methods have been and are still being developed.

What was the situation up to now?
Depending on the recommendation of the paint manufacturer and on the properties of the paint material, painters could choose whether they wanted to use the HVLP or the RP technology.

Total Peace of Mind System: BLU TPMS sets a new standard in safety

CORONA, CALIFORNIA— Accurate, timely information about changes in tire pressure and temperature can mean the difference between life and death for motorcycle riders. BLU Premium Technology Products‘ state-of-the-art BLU TPMS aftermarket tire pressure monitoring system provides riders with total peace of mind through the system’s innovative approach to providing vital tire information in near real-time.

The Newest Innovation for Electrical Accessories Gives Off-Road Enthusiasts More Options with Less Installation Time

CORONA, CALIFORNIA—Off-road enthusiasts continue to install LED lighting and other electrical accessories as important aftermarket additions to aid them when traversing extreme terrain and tackling tough elements. But controllers for electrical accessories often use complicated wiring; and installation is often problematic, even for experienced installers.

Until now.

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