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TuxMat Inc. to Attend SEMA Show 2019

TuxMat Inc. confirms their attendance at the SEMA Show 2019, after becoming a member earlier this year.

TuxMat is a Toronto based company that designs custom fit car mats. They use unique laser scanning technology to produce the most accurately fitting vehicle mats that cover the maximum area of your car’s floor. They have over 500 different models of custom fit floor mats to choose from, made just for your particular vehicle.

As a first time exhibitor, TuxMat is eager to connect with both attendees and fellow exhibitors at SEMA. The team has already been hard at work planning for the show, and they promise to deliver something special and innovative this year.

Swing by booth 33316 in the Upper South Hall to see what TuxMat has planned, or catch them in the First Time Exhibitor Showcase.

SATA compressed air filtration and its importance in the paint booth

SATA air filtration started in 1931 and continues today meeting the highest standards in air quality and performance offering two different filtration series in the US market. The quality of filtration is the same between the two series, the only difference is the amount of CFM that flows through the unit. The SATA 200 series filters allow for 72 CFM at 90 PSI, while the SATA 400 series filters allow for 129.9 CFM at 90 PSI. Both are modular filter systems allowing the user to adapt to varying shop conditions and requirements, and are easy to service and maintain.
The first stage of the SATA filter removes water and oil by spinning the air through a cyclone tube and starts removing particulate by filtering the air through a sintered bronze filter. The first filter stage captures contamination down to 5 microns in size.

The SATA X-nozzles take atomization to a whole new level

With the new SATAjet X 5500, the German premium manufacturer SATA complements its product portfolio with an innovative high-performance spray gun defining a whole new application standard for future based on the new X-nozzle system.

The concept of this nozzle system is easy and straightforward:
Painters now have a choice between two distinct spray fan shapes “I” and “O”- in both application technologies – HVLP and RP.

What is different with the X-nozzle system?
“O”-nozzles have an oval-shaped spray fan pattern with a larger dry zone and a wet core to accommodate increased application speed, at the expense of slightly less application control during the painting process. The film build per coat in comparison to an “I”-nozzle of the same size is slightly higher.

Dan-Am Air Aluminum Pipe System together with SATA Air Filtration, improves productivity and cleanliness for both breathing and spraying air

Today’s clean air requirements are more critical than ever. Air tools, blow driers, HVLP spray guns, and supplied air respirators may require more air volume and better air quality than needed in the past. Not only does clean air effect equipment performance, but it is also critical for paint coatings performance. DanAm Air’s aluminum airlines together with SATA filtration can solve all of these issues.
The Dan-Am Air system is reusable and easily adaptable to any space, not only ensuring safe, clean air for your team but also increasing your shop’s efficiency and improving your business’s bottom line.

The Three-Stage Filtration
SATA filtration is available in two sizes, which can flow up to 129 cfm at 90psi—an exceptional amount of air for a single filtration unit, Gravenhof says, enough to accommodate multiple booths on a single filter.

For a quick and precise color shade evaluation in the paint booth use the SATA® trueSunTM daylight lamp

The selection of the correct color shade for refinishing a vehicle requires a source of light that reproduces the entire color range of visible light (daylight) as accurately as possible. The SATA® trueSunTM LED lamp which was especially designed for this purpose allows a quick and precise professional color shade evaluation and identification within the paint shop.
When selecting the right daylight lamp there is no room for compromise, any rework caused by an incorrect color identification is an expensive mistake with high rework costs.

Introducing The Entirely Latest 4PLAY Off Road Wheel Line | 4Play Wheels

Introducing the entirely latest 4PLAY Off-Road Wheel Line Available in sizes 20x10.0-24 / 22x10.0-24 / 22x12.0-44 5/6/8 lug PCD / bolt patterns All 3 sizes / 5 styles available for Light Duty & HD Trucks.

1. Deepest concave profiles are known to man
2. 5, 6 and 8 lug applications
3. 2900lbs and 3900lbs load ratings
4. Amazing style and quality
5. Thousands of wheels in stock, ready to ship
6. Free shipping in the USA


Toll-free: 1-844-793-7504
social: @4playwheels

Drake Automotive Group Internal Promotions

Drake Automotive Group announces several internal promotions as it continues along its
rapid growth and profitability plan.

Bob DeGutes and Chris Wagner named as Vice Presidents and Susan Deadrick as Director of Human Resources.

Henderson, NV – Aug 1, 2019 – Drake Automotive Group, a Huron Capital Group portfolio company, has nearly tripled in size over the last year with the acquisition of Proforged (Los Angeles), RevWheel and DV8 Off-Road (Riverside, CA) and Addictive Desert Designs (Mesa, AZ), and is excited to announce the internal promotions of several individuals, effective August 1, 2019.

Air Design USA 2019+ Jeep Wrangler JL Full Body Kit

Air Design USA will unveil its new off-road series body kit for the 2019+ Jeep Wrangler JL at the 2019 SEMA Show. Complete with Front Bumper Guard, DRL Roof Pods, Hood Scoop, Fender Flares, Door Moldings, Rear Tailgate Appliqué and Spoiler, Grille Insert, and Wheel Well Liners, the full body kit accentuates the JL’s updated styling.

“We’ve been asked time and time again when we would produce Jeep accessories. The truth is, we felt no need to enter an overly-saturated Wrangler JK market,” says Billy Longfellow, VP of Design and Engineering at Air Design USA. “But the combination of traditional off-road prowess and modern sophistication of the all-new JL is an ideal platform to release our line of premium styling products for Jeep,” he says.

Summer Jeep Event at TuxMat Headquarters

TuxMat Inc. is a Canadian company that designs custom fit car floor mats. It is a common misconception that they only make products for high-end vehicles, but TuxMat has a special interest in Off-Roading vehicles as well. To make it known that they do in fact offer their products to a wide variety of vehicles, TuxMat hosted a Jeep event to show their support, and give back to the Off-Roading community.

On Saturday, July 13, 2019, TuxMat hosted a Jeep Meet at their head office in Toronto, Canada. From 10 a.m. to noon, they organized an event for Jeep enthusiasts to come hangout under the summer sun with coffee and doughnuts. A colorful array of Jeeps gathered at the center of their parking lot, turning it into an outdoor showroom of impressive off-roading machines. Jeep drivers started to pull in very early on, and the group’s good energy carried them beyond 12 pm.

Why TuxMat Is the Preferred Car Accessory of Tesla Model 3 Owners

It is in the nature of the EV industry to always be seeking innovative ideas, and to focus on constant evolution. How can a vehicle be faster, cheaper, safer, more comfortable, more sustainable...? TuxMat Inc. makes a unique product that has the ability to keep up with the ever-evolving EV market. It is in TuxMat’s nature to be aligned with change, as they are always quickto add the newest vehicle models to their roster of custom fit car mats.

With laser scanning technology, TuxMat takes the scanning data of your car floor to produce custom-fit mats that mold to your car like a second skin. TuxMat’s method of development is particularly beneficial to EV drivers. Due to their lack of a transmission, these new-age cars haveflat floors, so conventional car mats aren’t cutting it. This is a key reason why Model 3 owners are choosing TuxMat, for precise fitting mats that provide them with maximum coverage, efficiency, extra safety features, and added luxury for their EV.

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