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Meguiar's Announces the Release of Their New Carpet & Cloth Re-Fresher with Odor Eliminating Technology


Instantly Freshen Interiors & Eliminate Odors In One Easy Step!

Irvine, Calif. (2017) – Meguiar’s, the worldwide leader in car care, today introduced Carpet & Cloth Re-Fresher to its impressive line of premium car care products. Formulated to quickly and easily remove unwanted odors in automotive interiors while leaving a pleasant and refreshing New Car scent behind.

This specialized formula implements Meguiar’s Re-Fresher Technology allowing the Carpet & Cloth Re-Fresher to instantly freshen automotive interiors while permanently removing and eliminating even the toughest of odors instead of just masking or covering them up.*

Meguiar's Introduces All-New D113 Citrus Blast Wash & Wax & D107 Citrus Power Cleaner Plus


New Detailing Products Offer Additional Solutions For Quick & Amazing Results

Irvine, Calif. (2018) – Meguiar’s, the world’s leader in car care products, recently introduced D113 Citrus Blast Wash & Wax and D107 Citrus Power Cleaner Plus to add their robust professional detailer line of products. These exciting new products will help further equip professionals and enthusiasts with additional solutions for properly cleaning interior and exterior automotive surfaces, getting the best results and delivering a very superior user experience.

Meguiar's Introduces New Heavy Duty Bug & Tar Remover


Tough on Bugs, Easy on Paint

Irvine, Calif. (2017) – Meguiar’s, the global leader in car care, today announced the launch of their exciting new product Heavy Duty Bug & Tar Remover. This professional strength bug and tar remover is formulated to quickly remove the toughest of bugs along with built-up road grime and tar. It does all of this without any scrubbing, yet is still very gentle on today’s modern surfaces.

Meguiar’s® Heavy Duty Bug & Tar Remover contains all new chemistry that includes specialized surfactants to rehydrate and loosen stuck bugs, and soften tar easier than ever before. It also contains Meguiar’s specialized Xtreme Cling™ Foam that helps to extend the on surface dwell time ultimately allowing the active foam to work its magic on tough bugs and tar.

Meguiar's Introduces New Car Scent Protectant


Bringing New Car Shine & Smell to Vinyl, Rubber & Plastic

Irvine, Calif. (2017) – Trusted car care brand Meguiar’s, introduced two new additions to its robust interior care product line, New Car Scent Protectant Wipes and New Car Scent Protectant Spray. Whether you prefer the convenience of a premium wipe or the ease of a trigger spray, this new and improved interior formula by Meguiar’s is an ideal solution for cleaning, offering shine, and protecting in one quick and easy step.

Meguiar’s® New Car Scent Protectant helps car owners save on time by gently cleaning and protecting vinyl, rubber, and plastic surfaces on the interior while leaving behind a refreshing New Car scent that even eliminates unwanted odors. With Meguiar’s specialized Re-Fresher technology, odors aren’t just masked or covered up, but instead are permanently eliminated.*

Meguiar's Introduces Their Most Advanced Wheel Cleaner


Delivering The Ultimate Results Safely On All Wheel Finishes!

Irvine, Calif. (2017) – Meguiar’s the world’s leader in car care products, introduced a new addition to its popular Ultimate line, Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner. This brand new wheel cleaner is a powerful formula that offers deep cleaning, yet is gentle enough that it can be used on any wheel finish or type.

Coverking’s New Topographic Designed Seat Covers For Jeep Wranglers, Combines Premium Protection With A Distinctive Off-Road Look

Coverking® now offers Jeep Wrangler owners a line of Topographic designed seat covers that provide a unique combination of premium protection and styling that shows-off your desire to hit the trails. Manufactured from water-resistant Neosupreme fabric, Coverking® Topographic seat covers are a part of the company’s new line of Jeep accessories that are specifically designed for the lifestyle, appearance, and protection qualities Jeep owners have been asking for.

The Detail Guardz Ultimate Paint Protection Tool To Be Released

The Detail Guardz are pleased to announce the release of the new Turbine Dirt Lock this July!

This revolutionary car care tool utilizes fluid dynamic principles to keep your wash water clean. The new technology behind the Dirt Lock will separate nearly all the harmful debris accumulated in your wash bucket. This handy tool will keep your paintwork free from swirl marks and scratches.

Watch the full video link here:

The Dirt Lock utilizes 4 main features to function and is fully powered by the motion of your hand. Each time you pump your hand in the bucket, the water is filtered more and more thoroughly.

1) The Dirt Locks design mimics the shape of a jet turbine. This allows water & dirt to be sped up and pulled towards the bottom of the pail at a higher speed.

Absolute Solutions Introduces Trulers, temporary self-adhesive rulers for Measurement and Cutting Needs.

Designed As a Useful Tool For Painters & Fabricators That Need Exact Measurements

Orange, CA – June 22, 2018: Absolute Solutions has produced a new product that serves as a true evolution for the ruler. Trulers are an intriguing product that is currently available for sale to people in various industries.
Trulers are designed to help with measuring stock and can work for many industrial purposes. It is based on a .25 x12, .5 x12, 1x12, 300mm, 1x36 and 1x72 adhesive ruler and offers a distinct layout.

The general design of Trulers are made to make it easier for people to measure items for industrial needs. It is perfect for measuring cuts and drilling spaces on any kind of surface. This is needed for industrial purposes where only the most exact types of measurements are good enough.
Arrow points are featured at every quarter-inch on Trulers. These are used for lining up masking tape for paint pattern work, striping & pin striping needs.

Coverking’s New Tonneau Cover For ‘07-‘18 Jeep JK And JL Model Wranglers Protects Gear From Dirt, Moisture, And Exposure To UV Rays

Anaheim, CA – Jeep Wrangler owners who store gear behind the rear passenger seat often find it wet or covered with dirt, especially when driving without the vehicle’s top. Coverking® came up with a solution in the form of a removable tonneau cover that is manufactured from the company’s durable Rhinohide™ material.

Coverking’s Tonneau Covers for Jeep Wranglers easily attach to the vehicle in three key areas. One is from the back of the factory rear seat using heavy-duty straps that wrap around the headrests. The tonneau’s sides tuck into the vehicle’s factory rear window retaining groves and also use the OE factory top retaining bolts to secure it tightly to the deck of the rear quarter panels.


NC Carpet Binding & Equipment just upped the ante on their first annual NC Auto Interior of the Year Award, partnering with Douglass Interior Products to give the winner $2,500! That’s right! In addition to a gorgeous trophy, bragging rights, and a full spread on The Hog Ring, the winner will also receive a $2,500 gift certificate to Douglass Interior Products.

When the good folks at Douglass heard about the NC Auto Interior of the Year Award, they contacted Mal Maher, CEO of NC, to ask how they too could be part of this great honor.

“I’m thrilled to have such a respected industry leader involved in this contest,” said Maher. “Douglas Interior Products are longtime friends who understand the needs of upholsterers. Their generous gift blew me away!”

The gift certificate, which can be put towards any of Douglass’ quality products, is good for one full year. Use it to buy materials for clients or your own project car.

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