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QA1 Offers Rear Coil-Over Conversion Kits for 1973-1977 GM A-Bodies

Lakeville, MN [November 2, 2015] – QA1 is excited to add bolt-in rear Pro Coil Systems for 1973-1977 GM A-Body vehicles for drivers looking to improve their Chevelle, Malibu, Cutlass, or other A-Body vehicle.

QA1 Pro Coil Systems include single or double adjustable aluminum shocks, high travel springs and all necessary mounting hardware. The single adjustable shocks provide 18 positions of simultaneous rebound and compression adjustment, while QA1’s double adjustable shocks provide 18 positions of independent compression adjustment and 18 positions of independent rebound adjustment for a total of 324 possible valving combinations. These shocks have a threaded body that allows for ride height adjustability from stock to -1.5 inches. Multiple spring rate options are available to choose from for casual street driving to hardcore racing.

QA1 Offers Full-Vehicle Suspension Kits for Performance Handling and Drag Racing

Lakeville, MN [November 2, 2015] – QA1 now offers complete suspension kits for a variety of GM A, F and G-body vehicles; Ford Mustangs; and Mopar A, B and E-body vehicles. These kits are available for both performance handling and drag racing applications and come in up to three different levels of performance.
Each kit is custom tailored for each vehicle and application to provide the ideal combination for improved handling and reaction to road conditions. For performance handling, these kits increase cornering ability; for drag racing, they create a more controlled launch and improve straight line stability. Modeled around on-car testing and market research, these kits include the most popular suspension components, including double, single or Drag “R” Series adjustable Pro Coil® shocks and struts; tubular suspension components such as sway bars, K-members, control arms and trailing arms; and accessories like spanner wrenches, caster camber plates and tie rod sleeves.

QA1 Offers Additional Sway Bars for Multiple Applications

Lakeville, MN [November 2, 2015] – QA1 is proud to introduce new front sway bars for the following applications: 1970-1981 Camaros; 1963-1982 Corvettes; and 1967-1972 Mopar A-Body, 1966-1972 Mopar B-Body and 1970-1974 Mopar E-Body vehicles.

The Camaro sway bars are made using 1 3/8” O.D. 4130 chromoly steel, while the Corvette and Mopar sway bars are made using 1 ¼” O.D. 4130 chromoly steel. These hollow sway bars are designed to improve performance and handling by giving your chassis the stability it needs to keep your tires planted on the road. A gloss black powder coated finish is applied, providing lasting durability and corrosion resistance. The sway bars also include greasable polyurethane bushings and high quality plated hardware.

QA1 Introduces Higher Horsepower REV™ Series Carbon Fiber Driveshafts

Lakeville, MN [July 9, 2015] – QA1 is proud to introduce higher horsepower designs with its REV™ Series Carbon Fiber Driveshafts. Available for vehicles with up to 2000 horsepower with a max torque of 1500 lb*ft, these driveshafts are now offered in a 3.7” diameter with 1350 U-joints and slip yoke options to fit a variety of popular applications as well as custom configurations.

QA1 launched the REV™ Series earlier this year with lightweight performance driveshafts offered in a 3.2” diameter with 1310 U-joints and designed for vehicles with up to 750 horsepower with a max torque of 500 lb*ft. With the addition of these higher horsepower driveshafts, the REV™ Series now provides a variety of custom-made driveshafts that are specifically engineered for desired applications.

QA1 Expands Front Pro Coil System Offerings to Include 1958-1996 GM B-Body Vehicles and 1963-1982 Corvettes

Lakeville, MN [November 2, 2015] – QA1 is excited to add bolt-in front coil-over conversion kits for 1963-1982 Corvettes and for 1958-1996 full-size GM vehicles, including Impalas, Bel Airs, and Caprices.

QA1 Front Pro Coil Systems include adjustable aluminum shocks, high travel springs and all necessary mounting hardware. These shocks have a threaded body that allows for ride height adjustability from stock to -2 inches. Multiple spring rate options are also available to choose from for casual street driving to hardcore autocrossing or drag racing.

QA1 Expands 62 Series Shock Offerings

Lakeville, MN [November 2, 2015] – QA1 has now expanded its offerings of the popular 62 Series twin tube aluminum shocks to include 5”, 6” and 8” lengths. Commonly used on dirt and asphalt late models and tour-type and pavement modifieds, these shocks provide superior feel to the driver and can increase grip on traction-limited surfaces.

“These additional lengths fill a demand for more racers to be able to use the 62 Series,” says Marshall Fegers, QA1 Circle Track Product Manager. “We’ve had a lot of requests from asphalt modified racers in particular that we wanted to accommodate. Testing these shocks has gone extremely well this year so we’re excited to get them on the market.”

QA1 Adds Front Control Arms and Rear Trailing Arms to GM A-Body Suspension Offerings

Lakeville, MN [November 2, 2015] – QA1 is excited to announce an expansion of their offerings for 1973-1977 GM A-Body vehicles with their new front upper and lower control arms and rear upper and lower trailing arms. Together, these products provide better handling for drivers with a Chevelle, Monte Carlo, Cutlass, Regal or other GM A-Body.

QA1’s front control arms are available in street and race configurations. The street arms, great on vehicles for cruising and long distance events, use a factory replacement ball joint and polyurethane pivot bushings. The race arms utilize a low friction QA1 Ball Joint and low friction, low deflection UHMW polyethylene pivot bushings, providing added performance for drag racing, pro-touring and hard core street applications. Both feature tubular construction and a durable black powder coated design.


Dymag, the British wheel company that developed the world’s first carbon composite auto wheel to SAE and BS standards, is launching its first new auto wheel for 10 years at SEMA 2015.

The company that became famous for making wheels to supply F1 and IndyCar racing teams and legends such as Ayrton Senna, Nigel Mansell and Alain Prost, will unveil its new carbon composite wheel on their exhibitor stand (booth number 91112) and in the New Products Showcase.

The launch comes hot on the heels of Dymag’s announcement that it has won £7.1m (USD 11m) UK government funding which will help the company to realise its ambitions to significantly reduce manufacturing process cycle times and enable high volume production of carbon composite auto and motorcycle wheels for the first time from a UK based purpose built site.

Race Ramps Introduces New 72 Inch 2-Stage Incline Ramps

ESCANABA, MI - Oct. 28, 2015 - Race Ramps, manufactured by Brute Technologies, introduces their new 72 Inch 2-Stage Incline Ramps (RR-72-2) which will make its debut at the SEMA Show (Central Hall Booth #21227). Entered into the SEMA Show’s New Product Showcase, the 72 Inch 2-Stage Incline Ramps combine the versatility of their 56 Inch 2-Piece Service Ramps (RR-56-2) with its supplemental Extenders (RR-EX-12) for ultra-low clearance vehicles into a single product.

The 72 Inch 2-Stage Incline Ramps are designed to eliminate the need for extenders as the elongated design of the ramp has made the accommodation. The ramps measure 72” L x 12” W x 8” H and accommodate tire widths up to 10” and supports 3,000 lbs. per set. The new ramp design reduces the approach angle to 6.8-degrees. Once a vehicle is loaded, the 2-piece design allows for the ramp portion to be removed, providing more side access.

Mouthing Off: LoudMouth Exhaust Launches as Stand-alone Brand at SEMA Show

PLYMOUTH TOWNSHIP, MICH. (October 29, 2015) — LoudMouth Exhaust, long associated with premier exhaust systems that can fit virtually any vehicle, debuts as a stand-alone brand at the SEMA Show, Nov. 3 to 6 in Las Vegas. Previously, LoudMouth was a product line within Street Legal Performance (SLP).

“As a stand-alone entity, LoudMouth Exhaust now can take a stronger position in the marketplace,” said Jay Velthoven, brand manager. “We’re shaking up the exhaust space with new products on even more vehicles and with new technologies.”

One of LoudMouth’s first new product lines is SmartMouth Interactive Exhaust. An interface exhaust technology, SmartMouth allows drivers to custom tune their vehicle exhaust sounds using an iOS app on an iPhone or iPad. SmartMouth will be available in 2016 a variety of OEM brands, such as GM, Ford, Subaru, BMW and more.

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