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Six piston calipers for your R/T or SRT Mopars that will out perform Hellcat brakes(TM).*

CLARENCE, NY, October 27 -- SSBC has been on the track testing its new six piston large bore calipers. After hearing from many Mopar enthusiast about how the brakes burn up and dont last as long as they should, SSBC came up with the answer. The new large bore six piston caliper has stainless pistons, SS wear clip and a rigid billet body for firm pedal feel and maximum braking power. This caliper has 24% more braking that the SRT and four piston. Surface area increases from 4.71 to 5.84 square inches. Pad area increases by 38% over stock SRT for much better braking. Kits include 14” x 1.25” high carbon rotors with special “Supercat Slotting.” Calipers are available in red and black powder coat only. Simple instructions and all hardware included. Starting at $1295.00, this kits delivers a punch at a realistic price.

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Master cylinders that weigh half as much as stock cast master cylinders and do not rust.

CLARENCE, NY, October 27 -- SSBC has developed a new master cylinder that weighs just under four pounds and looks just like the stock cast master cylinder. This light weight pressure cast aluminum master cylider performs and looks just like the stock master, but has better corrosion resistance. These new aluminum master cylinders are made from the original prints and every master cylinder is tested for quality. They will handle pressures up to 2000 psi. and work with Hydroboost systems. Available for popular GM, Ford and Mopar applications

weighing from 3-3.4 lbs

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Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation (SSBC) first pioneered the stainless steel sleeved caliper for classic Corvettes and Mustangs back in 1975. We are the industry standard for high quality brake systems and components. SSBC offers a complete line of disc brake conversions and performance brake upgrades for classic muscle cars, late model performance vehicles, street rods, customs, trucks, SUVs and Jeeps.

SSBC makes instructions easier for all their disc brake kits. Photo Docs (TM) make it easy

SSBC makes instructions easier for all their disc brake kits.
CLARENCE, NY, October 27 -- Most of us don’t bother to read all of the instructions because it
takes too long and many of the words we don’t understand. We try to accelerate the install. SSBC
has come up with a better way for us to look at a drawing and see how
things go together. SSBC Photo Docs™ make it simple to look at the kit
and go right to installation. SSBC shows how all the parts go together.
All you need to know are the torque specs and what to adjust or grease.
Fewer words and more detailed pictures is the key. Correct installation
is essential to make your aftermarket parts work like they should. Look
for these instruction in all of SSBC’s kits in 2017.

About SSBC
Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation (SSBC) first pioneered the stainless steel sleeved caliper for
classic Corvettes and Mustangs back in 1975. We are the industry standard for high quality brake

SSBC introduces the Forged Modular Master Cylinder program.

CLARENCE, NY, October 27 -- With 12 different styles of forged master cylinders and 12 different cap styles, you can customize the master cylinder to match the valve cover on your car. The ugliest thing under the hood is the master cylinder, but not any more. SSBC has forged an aluminum master cylinder that handles over 4000 psi and can be finished just the way you like. The master cylinders are available in popular muscle car and street rod applications. Finishes are available in clear, black nickel and polished. SSBC offers the same finishes for the caps and also has plain, finned and ball milled styles. These caps match most of the aluminum valve covers.
“These new finishes and styles finish the look under the hood. Master cylinders go from ugly to matching. The Master cylinder does not look like it was added on,” says Mike Jonas, lead designer at SSBC. 12 caps and 12 different bodies, make 144 combinations of different looks. Available in popular GM, Ford and Mopar applications.

JL-88 offers even MORE brake performance in 15 inch wheels with 8 piston calipers

JL-88 offers even MORE brake performance in 15 inch wheels.
CLARENCE, NY, October 27 -- Many muscle cars and Corvettes have been upgraded to high horsepower motors. Under the hood lies a beast, but what about your brakes? SSBC has developed a caliper that delivers that “whoa” in 15 inch wheels. Eight large stainless steel pistons are used to put maximum clamping pressure behind a C5 Corvette pad. Modern pad material—with massive clamping—controls stopping power. SSBC uses 11.8” x 1.25” thick rotors to handle heat disappation. With simple instructions and all hardware included, installation is done in just a few hours. Applications for popular GM muscle cars are available and include optional finishes, rotors and drop spindles. 1965-1982 Corvettes even have the option for “Direct Fit”. Eight piston all around. Rims required are only 15” x 7” and will fit GM steel rally wheels

Four piston calipers in a 15” wheel and 12” rotors. Yes, JL8 is back!

CLARENCE, NY, October 27 -- The system was released in 1969 for production as RPO JL8, 4-Wheel Power Disc Brakes. The option was only produced during a limited timeframe, from February 1969 to May 1969, and production was only 206 units. The JL8 option was available on any Camaro model; the cost was $500.30 (that would cost $3,261.64 today!) for SS or Z28 models and $623.50 ($4,064.83 today) for non-SS non-Z28 models. All JL8 cars received the 15x7 rally wheels. Most JL8s were installed on Z28s, though some non-Z28 non-SS Camaros have been verified as receiving JL8!

Big brake kits for Wrangler JK (2007-2017) for Jeep owners on a budget.

CLARENCE, NY, October 27 -- Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation developed a simple kit that bolts right on to the stock JK knuckle. This kit was designed for lifted Jeeps and/or Jeeps with bigger tires. The stock Jeep brakes are good for stock tires, but as soon as you go to a bigger tire, you add rolling mass. As much as 150 pounds per tire can be added with off road tires. This new kit is designed for big brake stopping within a tight budget. SSBC’s Big Brake caliper kits are designed to replace your O.E. calipers, use your factory hoses, and fit in factory wheels. Built with lager diameter pistons and severe duty Big Bite pads, the difference is very noticeable. CNC brackets, hardware and simple instructions allows installation in just a few hours. No wheel spacers required. No master cylinder change required. Optional caliper colors enhance the look of your Jeep. Starting at just $495.00, its a bargain for stopping your big tires.
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“Direct Fit “alumunim calipers for 1965–1982 Corvette.

“Direct Fit “alumunim calipers for 1965–1982 Corvette.

Goodguys Rod & Custom Association Announces 2017 Event Schedule

Goodguys Rod & Custom Association Announces 2017 Event Schedule

New HELLA Wiper Blade Range

Peachtree City, GA — HELLA, Inc., the North American after¬market subsidiary of automotive lighting and electronics supplier HELLA, introduces the newest and largest wiper blade range in its history. HELLA blades now cover 98% of cars and trucks with its conventional blades, rear blades, commercial blades and beam blades (Cleantech). All of the blades feature graphite natural rubber, EASY CHANGE connectors (pre-installed), high grade stainless steel flexors and a reengineered multipoint support system that provides an ideal fit to windshields.
Cleantech, our newest most innovative wiper blade has a uniform distribution of forces on the windshield, which minimizes the formation of streaks. Furthermore, the aerodynamic design reduces the wind uplift, thereby reducing the wind noise as well. The design also reduces the wear on the wiper blades.

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