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FAST® XR-1A High-Output Ignition Coil Harness For Ford Modular/Coyote Engines

Memphis, TN –This new harness is ideal for racers utilizing high-powered Ford engines with aftermarket coils.

XR-1A High Output Ignition Coils from FAST® are great for Ford racers, as the factory option is not ideal for engines with high cylinder pressures. However, these aftermarket coils can be difficult to wire thanks to the complexities of the Ford engine. The new XR-1A High-Output Ignition Coil Harness is pre-made to simplify the XR-1A coils on a Ford Mod or Coyote engine that utilizes FAST® XIM™ ignition control module. The harness features a pair of fuses and relays, along with heavy gauge wire to support the high current demand of XR-1A coils. It is also designed with extra length to accommodate coils that are mounted on or near the cylinder heads or remote-mounted off the engine.

Quick Facts

Product: FAST® XR-1A High-Output Ignition Coil Harness for Ford Modular/Coyote Engines
Part Number: #30367
Street Price: $218.75

FAST® XFI Street™ Engine Management System Provides Complete Control For Any Type Of Naturally Aspirated Engine

Memphis, TN – The latest fuel delivery system from FAST® is a tunable ECU based on EZ-EFI® Fuel hardware and harnessing, but with learning capability similar to XFI Sportsman™ and XFI 2.0™ options.

FAST® XFI 2.0™ / XIM™ Super Cobra Jet Engine Harness Is Perfect For High-Level Drag Racing

Memphis, TN – A new high-quality wiring harness from FAST® is designed specifically for the needs of Ford Super Cobra Jet Drag Race Cars utilizing a FAST® XFI 2.0™ electronic fuel injection system and XIM™ ignition module.

FAST® XDi Sportsman™ Distributors Offer Unmatched Timing Stability

Memphis, TN – These versatile distributors from FAST® are designed to provide extremely stable ignition timing throughout the entire RPM range.

Ideal for use in street/strip, drag race, oval track and off-road applications, XDi Sportsman™ Distributors from FAST® are high performance billet components with a precision housing, shaft and bearings. Each distributor’s precise construction and hand-assembled parts maintain consistent end play, thereby eliminating timing fluctuations. The proprietary, in-house designed optical pickup delivers accurate trigger signals at all RPM, unlike competing options. Each distributor is available with a hardened steel, bronze or composite gear, or without a gear entirely, and all are compatible with magnetic trigger ignition boxes and performance ignition coils. FAST® XDi Sportsman™ Distributors are available for most domestic V8 applications in either small- or large-cap versions.

Quick Facts

Product: FAST® XDi Sportsman™ Distributors

FAST® XDi Pro Race™ Circle Track Distributors Offer The Most Accurate Timing And Maximum Endurance

Memphis, TN – These distributors are engineered from the inside-out to deliver the precise control and endurance top race teams require.

FAST® XDi EZ-Run™ Distributors Simplify EFI Spark And Eliminate The Need For An Ignition Box

Memphis, TN – A revolutionary new line of distributors from FAST® is designed to “plug and play” thanks to the removal of the external ignition box.

FAST® Valve Timing Control (VTC) Module For Ford Coyote Engines Allows The ECU To Electronically Control Camshaft Position

Memphis, TN – This new Coyote valve timing control module and associated harness provide a plug-and-play interface between the engine, FAST® XFI Sportsman™ and an XIM™ ignition module.

The FAST® Valve Timing Control Module allows the ECU to control the position of Coyote engines’ four phaseable camshafts. The intake and exhaust cam position is separately tunable through C-Com® software with tables for position vs. RPM and load. This provides a simple alternative to having to open up the engine to install mechanical locking devices on all four cams when switching to FAST® aftermarket fuel injection. Since this VTC module is an electronic solution, the cams don’t have to be fixed in a single position. The cams can still be moved to maintain the broad powerband allowed by the phaseable cam system. The VTC Module allows for full, dynamic control of valve overlap, allowing the tuner to get their desired sound at idle, while still maintaining great off-idle torque and drivability.

FAST® LSXRT™ 102mm High HP Runner Intake Manifold For LS3 Engines Offers Even More Plenum Volume For All-Out Racing

Memphis, TN – The latest manifold-and-runner design from FAST® is designed to provide enthusiasts and racers with additional high-RPM power.

New High HP intake runners from FAST® are now available in a complete all-out race manifold package. Building upon the popular LSXR™ intake manifold, this new LSXRT™ version gives LS3 engines with rectangle-port cylinder heads even more plenum volume for all-out racing. Best suited for high-RPM race engines, the Race Manifold creates proven gains of over 30 horsepower over the FAST® LS3 Street Manifold at high RPM. The raised 102mm throttle body location optimizes the larger, less restrictive High HP runner design, creating more power. It also clears truck drive accessories.

Quick Facts

Product: FAST® LSXRT™ 102mm HP Runner Intake Manifold for LS3 Engines
Part Number: #146105B (Full Manifold w/ Runners); #146070 (Runner Set Only)
Street Price: $1,049.99 (Full Manifold)

FAST® FireWire® Spark Plug Wires & Kits Offer Low Resistance For Maximum Energy

Memphis, TN – New 8.5mm spark plug wires from FAST® are designed for high-output ignition setups and provide protection from extreme temperatures. They are also available in kits.

FAST® E6 CD Ignition With Rev Limiter & E92 Coil Kit Protect Engines From Over-revs

Memphis, TN – The FAST® E6 CD Ignition is designed to protect engines by offering the latest in rev-limiting technology.

For customers concerned about redline RPM and the possibility of over-revving the engine, the FAST® E6 Ignition is available with an adjustable rev limiter. Not only is this rev-limiting technology extremely accurate, it is the smoothest available, thanks to advanced sequential limiting technology. The RPM limit is easily set with two rotary dials on the side of the ignition and can be adjusted in 100 RPM increments all the way through 9,900 RPM. This E6 is supplied with a Weatherpak connector and harness to ease installation, along with sturdy vibration mounts. The ignition can be used on distributor (mag), points or module-triggered 4-, 6- and 8-cylinder engines and is compatible with FAST® EFI systems or carbureted applications.

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