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Kleinn Train Horns & Oboard Air for Super Duty Ford

Kleinn Air Horns introduces onboard air & train horn systems for 2011-2015 Ford F-250 and F-350 diesel trucks using US made, vehicle-specific brackets and air tanks. The complete lineup of SDKITS and SD OBA Systems feature 8 different SKUs with various versions of air horn and air compressor combinations that require no cutting, welding or drilling. All systems come with US Made, 11-gauge brackets that bolt to existing factory locations. Every system includes a sealed Kleinn air compressor and 3-gallon air tank. Kleinn Super Duty Systems use no cargo space and can be installed quickly with professional results. Custom-fit wiring is included that requires only a few simple connections. All systems ship with a Tire Inflation Kit to allow the system to do more. For more information, please call (520) 579-1531, contact Kleinn Air Horns, 4045 N Highway Dr., Tucson, AZ 85705 or visit us online at

Torco SR-1 Super Street Series

Torco SR-1 Super Street Series Oil exceeds manufacturer requirements for import and domestic high performance street cars. SR-1 Super Street oil is built with the same thought and care that has gone into building Torco's purpose built racing oil line over the last 65 years and counting. With a non-phos based over-treat additive system, SR-1 is catalytic converter safe and 02 sensor safe. Using SR-1 insures that you are putting the proper amount of anti-wear additive, dispersant and detergent into your car's engine. Today's standard passenger car oils do not compare to the performance of SR-1. Do your car a favor and use SR-1 for your next oil change.
1-Liter Bottle MSRP $12.25
4-Liter Bottle MSRP $47.55

Kleinn Air Horns' Marine One Direct-Drive Dual Horn

Kleinn Air Horns – the leader in air horns and onboard air systems is proud to introduce another direct-drive horn to its lineup called Marine One™. This new dual horn is constructed completely of stainless steel, so it’s perfect for salt & fresh water applications - or any 12-volt application where you aren’t able to, or do not wish to install a separate air compressor and tank. The direct drive compressor for each horn is sealed, and self-contained in each horn base. Marine One produces a combined 330Hz & 406Hz tone at 118 dB. All you’ll need to install it is wire and a momentary button to provide power. The unit comes complete with mounting hardware, a heavy duty stainless steel support bracket and instructions. Available fourth quarter 2015 from Distributors nationwide. For more information, please contact Kleinn Air Horns, 4045 N Highway Dr., Tucson, AZ 85705 or visit us online at

Kleinn 24-Volt Complete Onboard Air System

Kleinn Air Horns’ 6354 Sealed Air System is the fastest complete, high pressure & high performance 24-volt air systems on the market. Intended for mobile pneumatic applications, this ground-breaking system features a 100% duty cycle, 24-volt air compressor that provides 150 PSI and creates 1.98 CFM at 0 PSI. This high performance 24-volt air system features a 3 gallon US Made air tank and everything you’ll need to provide plenty of flow at 150 PSI for most mobile applications. The system also includes all fittings, necessary parts and detailed installation instructions – all in one box. A 30-foot coil hose with deluxe carry bag is also standard and comes with everything needed to turn the system into a mobile tire fill station. For more information, please call (520) 579-1531, contact Kleinn Air Horns, 4045 N Highway Dr., Tucson, AZ 85705 or visit us online at

Aero Exhaust will showcase its new line of exhausts for Mk7 Volkswagen models at SEMA 2015

The Exhaust manufacturer will be displaying their new line of T304 stainless steel turbo back exhaust’s for Mk6 and Mk7 Volkswagen models. This includes the highly anticipated kit for the mk7 1.8t Golf Sportwagen. Visit Booth 33316 in the East end of the Upper South Hall.
“The European aftermarket has been a top priority for Aero Exhaust from our inception of success with the Daytona Prototypes in the Rolex series. We have wanted to give that winning experience to the public in a complete easy to install package and have done so, with our bolt on exhaust systems.” said Jordan Cherrington, Owner of Aero Exhaust.
Designed utilizing the patented Aeroturbine airfoil technology to reduce exhaust system restriction and create a tone that no other company can replicate. The new turbo back systems also utilize Aero Exhaust’s popular ceramic packed resonators to eliminate rasp and drone that is seen in competitor’s systems.

Mp Tools Smart Collet Bearing Pullers

Mp Tools would like to introduce our new lineup of our patented Smart Collet differential bearing pullers for 2015.

Easy, fast, safe! Our pullers are self-aligning and effortless to operate. The are simply the easiest, fastest, & safest pullers on the market, period! Used by top Nascar teams, all four major differential testing labs in the US, a major auto manufacturer in their prototype build lab and their axle production line & heavy truck shops such as Inland Truck Parts just to name a few new customers to date. We supply both standard tooling to cover most all auto & truck differential bearings as well and specialized tooling upon request.

Our tooling pays for itself in a matter of days due to the increase in productivity along with a safer method and better quality as well.

We supply both electric and manual hydraulic pullers and installers.

Stop by our booth and see the Smart-Collet pullers in action!

Mike Punaro
Mp Tools Smart Collet Bearing Pullers

Reelcraft’s cabinets protect and conceal hoses and reels

Reelcraft Industries overhead reel cabinets are vacuum formed from a white polyethylene high impact, stain resistant, corrosion resistant, ABS polymer. These attractive lightweight assemblies are easily installed to wrap around Reelcraft’s spring driven Series 5000 and 7000 air, water and lubrication hose reels. The cabinet encloses the reels to conceal and protect them from the surrounding environment and provide an aesthetic value. Cabinets are available for a single mounted reel or multiple reels. For additional information call 1-800-444-3134 or visit Reelcraft at

Thermo Tec introduces the new carbon fiber exhaust wrap


Thermo-Tec’s new Carbon Fiber Exhaust Wrap features a modern hi-tech appearance and is produced using pulverized lava rock. Wrapping your exhaust is an innovative way to create more horsepower by increasing exhaust gas flow called scavenging and reducing under-hood temperatures. The Carbon Fiber Exhaust Wrap can withstand direct heat up to 1800 degrees F, will not fade or discolor, and is very pliable for an easier installation. The carbon fiber wrap comes in 1 and 2 inch widths in 50 foot rolls. For more information, visit or call 800-274-8437.

Mickey Thompson and Dick Cepek to Showcase New Products, Feature Vehicles and Special Guests at SEMA 2015

New Products, Feature Vehicles, Special Guests and Giveaways – Booth 43035

Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels and Dick Cepek Tires & Wheels are gearing up for an exciting 2015 SEMA Show presence.

Show Booth and New Products
The 2,500 square foot booth, located at 43035 in the tire and wheel section of South Hall’s lower level, will feature all the new and recently introduced products from the Mickey Thompson and Dick Cepek brands, several project vehicles, special guests and more. Knowledgeable staff will be on hand to answer questions and demonstrate the latest digital tire and wheel fitment tools for muscle car and Jeep, and the online Buy Now program.

Feature Vehicles

Vossen Forged : Precision Series

The pinnacle of aftermarket sport luxury wheels, the Vossen Forged: Precision Series does not compromise its exclusive and complex features for manufacturing ease, resulting in the ultimate balances of form-and-function and style-and-performance. The signature feature of the Precision Series is the Infini-Lip™ barrel, embodying simplistic elegance and purity of design. After three years of development, Vossen is proud to be one of the few companies in the world that manufactures forged wheels entirely in-house. Headquartered in Miami, Florida, USA, Vossen’s state-of-the-art, TUV-certified wheel manufacturing facility features a comprehensive array of brand new machinery.

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