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Fidanza Performance Targets the LS Twin Disc Market

Fidanza Performance is excited to announce the release of their new VT twin disc clutch series.

The VT clutch series includes a twin disc clutch with a Fidanza lightweight aluminum flywheel. The clutch assembly targets the popular high performance LS series engines.

These high performance twin disc clutches are available in two performance levels. The VT1 version is a sprung hub, solid organic disc design, for high performance use up to 800ft-lbs torque. The VT2 features a sprung hub using a 6 puck Cerametallic design capable of handling 1,000ft-lbs torque. Suggested retail price for the VT1 is $2,306.75 and the VT2 suggested retail price is $2456.75.

The VT series offers:

• Light weight Aluminum clutch hat
• Nearly twice the disc surface
• Supplied with alignment tool
• Longer life and better wear characteristics

Application/Description MSRP Torque Capacity
VT1 $2306.75 800 ft.-lbs.
VT2 $2456.75 1,000 ft.-lbs.

PIAA’s New Yellow RF LED Light Bars

PIAA RF Series LED light bars are now available in a Yellow Fog beam pattern. The 2800k pure yellow output is far less reflective than standard white light output, allowing it to cut through rain, fog, snow, and dust, giving drivers an advantage in a variety of harsh conditions. The focused beam pattern of RF Series lights give the Yellow Fog pattern a sharp cut off line that keeps the light where the driver needs it and prevents dangerous glare for oncoming drivers. The Yellow Fog pattern is available for all RF Series light bar sizes, including the RF6, RF10, and RF18. All three sizes are SAE compliant making for an easy transition from off-road driving to legal street use.

PIAA RF Series Yellow LED Light Bars

PIAA Adds Hybrid Beam Pattern to RF Light Bars

PIAA RF Series LED Light Bars are now available in a Hybrid beam pattern designed for off-road use. The Hybrid beam provides an ideal combination of distance and width, which makes it the perfect light for trail and off-road use. The 6000k white color output replicates daylight for better depth perception and clarity of off-road hazards. The Hybrid beam pattern is available for all PIAA light bar sizes including the RF6, RF10, and RF18.

PIAA RF Series Hybrid Beam LED Light Bars

PIAA RF Series Hybrid Beam Light Bars are perfect for trail and off-road use. The Hybrid beam pattern light output is the ideal combination between a driving and fog pattern, putting the light exactly where off-road drivers need it.

PIAA Creates a Bold New Look for Their Premium Silicone Wiper Blades

PIAA Creates a Bold New Look for Their Premium Silicone Wiper Blades

Portland, OR, (September 15, 2015)- PIAA’s line of premium silicone wiper blades have a distinct new package that combines aesthetics with functionality. The new package is designed to reflect the quality of PIAA’s premium wipers and set them apart from the crowd. The eye catching accent colors help customers distinguish between each wiper model, with blue representing Aero Vogue, green for Si-Tech, and red for Super Silicone. The front of each package clearly illustrates the unique advantages of PIAA wiper blades including the benefits of long lasting silicone rubber and the included water beading windshield prep-pack. The back of the package includes simple installation instructions with helpful graphics to ensure a pleasant buying experience from start to finish. Along with a strong focus on aesthetics, the functional plastic packaging is re-sealable with no need for staples and is 100% recyclable.

Painless Performance unveils Eddie's Rods and Customs custom 1970 Thunderbird!

Unveiling at 10AM on Tuesday in the Painless Performance booth 23055. This Thunderbird is the vision of world renowned artist Steve Stanford blending a 1970 Thunderbird body and the front sheetmetal of a 1967 Thunderbird. The car is being built at Eddie's Rods and Customs of Pueblo west Colorado. with paint by Wayne Saunders of Alternative Automotive Designs in Falcon Colorado. The Rear half of the 1967 hood and front fenders had to be hand fabbed to meet up to the 70 body, it is completely smoothed and sprayed in a custom mixed 3 stage purple mixed by D & S Paint center in Pueblo.

Performance Design Unlimited introduces Port Fuel Injection kit for BMW N55.

Supplying fuel is critical in order to achieve higher horsepower levels in a safe and consistent manner. The worlds first BMW N55 Port Fuel Injection Kit, FS-V1 by Performance Design Unlimited. CNC machined utilizing 6082 grade aluminum that is engineered to deliver optimal levels of fuel delivery. It is a direct plug and play application that comes with all necessary hardware for installation. Our kit integrates seamlessly into the vehicle to provide a cost effective and highly efficient supplemental fueling system to handle high levels of horsepower. It also can also easily convert a vehicle to be powered via E85 pump gas. Potentially passing off savings to the end user via lower gas costs.


• CAD/CAM/CMM Engineered and manufactured
• Precision Machined 6082 Grade Aluminum Fuel Rail / T-304 Stainless Steel spacer
• 6-50lb FAST Precision-Flow Fuel Injectors
• Plug & Play Installation
• All necessary hardware included
• Made in the U.S.A.

BASF accepting entries for first ever Glasurit Best Paint Award

Chip Foose will present the award live at the 2015 SEMA show

What: Glasurit Best Paint Award

When: Award presented Nov. 5, 2015, 4 p.m. BASF booth #21437
Deadline to register - Nov. 2, 2015

Where: Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV

How: To register your vehicle visit

Glasurit Automotive Refinishes will honor outstanding excellence in painting during the first annual Glasurit Best Paint Award presented by Chip Foose. Vehicles must be on display at the 2015 SEMA show and must use Glasurit 22, 55 or 90 Line products including primer, color and clear. Chip Foose will judge vehicles based on fit and finish, quality of preparation and final presentation.

About BASF Automotive Refinish

PQx Harmonic Dampers for Honda & Nissan Applications

PRW Industries announces new
PQX Harmonic Dampers for Honda & Nissan Applications


PRW is proud to announce the new line of PQx SFI-Rated harmonic dampers! Now serving the import community! These high quality harmonic dampers are now available for your Honda/Acura B-series or Nissan L-series engine applications. The SFI-Rated Steel-Elastomer racing dampers are an OEM replacement option, to full-bore racing applications. This includes the following applications, but are not limited to; high horsepower drag racing applications to circuit-style racing on the track. This is a direct replacement for the original equipment utilizing all the OE crankshaft through-bolt mounting holes and standard keyway location, requiring no modification. Removable counterweights are included for greater adaptability in individual applications.

Honda/Acura B-series (1.6L-1.8L) PQx Damper : #2411040
Nissan L-series (1.6L-2.8L) PQx Damper : #2416840


Placentia, CA – September 14, 2015 –The McLeod RST and RXT are considered the pinnacle of twin disc clutch kits. The new RXT 1200 elevates the holding power of this patented line up to 1200 HP.

The McLeod RXT 1200 Twin Disc was designed with increased diaphragm pressure to hold up to 1200 HP while still keeping the pedal feel like stock. With twin ceramic discs the engagement is smooth and the strapped floater makes for a quiet, rattle free clutch. Combine those features with the ease of installation and it is the perfect clutch for any skill level of driver or street enthusiast.

“We are very excited about the new RXT 1200,” says Paul Lee, NHRA Funny Car Driver and McLeod Racing owner, “Our customers with high horsepower engines will appreciate the awesome holding power of the RXT 1200 on both the street or track.“

KTN's Kiylex Thermo Throttle Body Spacers Guaranteed to Perform!

Introducing KTN Thermo Dynamcis product line “Kiylex Thermo Throttle Body Spacers”.

KTN guarantees a 30% reduction in overall intake manifold temperature delivering cooler, denser air into your engine.

KTN has products for Acura, Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru and Toyota.

Starting at $92.95 Retail (hardware included)

Wholesale / UPCS / GDSN’s available.

Feel free to contact us before the show, 1-800-586-6048

SEMA Show Booth # 90316

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