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Sneak peek of the Mob Armor Mob Mount 3.0 at SEMA 2018!

The latest edition to Mob Armor's leading rugged smart phone mounts, the Mob Mount has reached its third design iteration. The new Mob Mount will be one size fits most, with an increased range of motion from the slide to accommodate the markets most popular phones and cases. We want to you have freedom to choose what case you like but still give you the ability to mount it securely no matter what combination you choose. A new flange profile has also been introduced to help center the phone inside the mount and lastly, the mount is compatible with our new soon to be released, Qi Wireless Charging upgrade kit. Get a sneak peek at SEMA 2018 at Mob Armor's booth and in the New Product Showcase.

The grab anything, mount anywhere bar clamp. The newest edition to the Mob Armor Mobnetic product line.

The MobNetic Claw is a new addition to our popular MobNetic product line. The MobNetic is the world’s strongest magnetic smartphone mount, that now uses a grab anything, mount anywhere bar clamp. The MobNetic Claw features a wide range of motion that allows you to securely grab any tube from 2" roll cages down to near zero diameter bars and tubes. The Claw has three talons that close securely onto box shapes, grab handles, roll cages, and other interior features. This product features a full 360-degree rotation for the phone and a 25-degree tilt motion for adjusting the viewing angle.

Because your phone mount should be as rugged as you are. Meet the Mobnetic Pro 90.

The Mobnetic Pro 90 is great for quickly mounting your device or smartphone to your vehicle, toolbox, or anywhere else you can imagine. It consists of two 90 lb. pull force Neodymium magnets with an easy-adjust ball housing. Just put the shield shaped steel plate on the back of your phone, and mount away. Full product includes the shield plate, and mounting discs for almost any surface.

MITO Corporation Delivers “Plug-In Peace of Mind” with splitsecnd

TWICE Magazine VIP Winner Plug-In Safety & Crash Detection Device to be available at SEMA

Elkhart, Indiana— August 1, 2018 —
MITO Corporation, distributor of premium Automotive Aftermarket and RV/Marine OEM electronic components, is bringing the TWICE VIP award winning MITO splitsecndTM safety device to market at the SEMA show Oct 30 – Nov 2, 2018 and will be taking pre-orders prior to the show release.

The MITO splitsecndTM is an independent cellular enabled GPS and telemetry device that installs in seconds in any automotive 12-volt socket, making any car a smart car. Featuring crash detection, emergency response and vehicle location monitoring in a small inconspicuous device, the device does not rely on a smart phone to operate.

“We feel every parent who has a new driver or senior driver on the road should have one of these devices in each vehicle they own.” Says MITO President Dan Maloney. “You can’t be with them on every trip they take, but splitsecnd can.”

CURT Launches First-Ever Wireless Brake Control

Portable Echo™ Turns Virtually Any Smartphone into a Brake Control Monitor

CURT, the leading manufacturer of USA-made hitches and a complete line of towing products, is launching the first-ever Bluetooth-enabled wireless brake control – a portable, plug-and-play device that links to the driver’s smartphone to control and monitor all trailer brake activity.

The all-new CURT Echo™ #51180 is truly a brake control for the modern age. It is the first of its kind, featuring Bluetooth technology to wirelessly connect to the driver’s smartphone. With a downloadable app for Apple or Android phones, the Echo™ monitors the trailer brakes, allows for manual control and sends status updates, all using the driver’s smartphone.

TUFF MUDDER High Amp Alternators for Jeep Wrangler

Tuff Stuff Performance Accessories is pleased to announce the availability of Tuff Mudder HIGH OUTPUT Jeep Wrangler alternators, direct fit for JK Chassis.

Our Tuff Mudder alternators provide up to 50% more amperage than the stock alternator, yet they retain the OE form factor. Add-on winches, high power stereos and auxiliary lights can easily overwhelm the OE alternator. These new Tuff Mudder alternators can handle nearly any load with output up to 210 amps at idle!

The huge copper windings, giant diodes and premium quality ball bearings assure maximum output and extreme dependability. They incorporate a large internal cooling fan that prevents overheating. Tuff Mudder alternators are available in either Army Green or Black Wrinkle finishes, all include a black 6-groove pulley. We are offering these Tuff Mudder alternators in both 175 amp & 250 amp versions.

Direct Fit Applications Include:
• 2007-2011 Jeep Wrangler (JK Chassis) with the 3.8L V6

0% APR

Nitroheat has announced the launch of a new zero-percent APR program for Q3 of 2018.

According to the company, the demand for Nitromax and Nitroweld systems has allowed it to implement this new deal for customers.

With immediate effect, customers can now have their equipment financed at a 0% APR. All new clients will also receive a Nitro Stat Gun for every Nitromax system purchased during Q3 of 2018. This offer will end on Sept. 30, 2018. The program is structured to benefit the end user to offset the repayments with the financial benefits derived from material savings and improved productivity, according to the company.

Derek Naidoo CEO of Nitroheat states: “We realize the challenges of purchasing capital equipment and its impact on cash flow, therefore, through our leasing partnerships, we are now able to assist our clients by amortizing the cost of the equipment without incurring any interest on capital.”

HaulGauge delivers weight, payload, tongue weight and more to your smart phone via Bluetooth.

HaulGauge is returning to SEMA 2018 with a brand new product. After the initial success of HaulGauge 20 and 50, HaulGauge now wirelessly connects to an app.
HaulGauge displays GCW (gross combined weight) of your truck and/or trailer. In addition, HaulGauge now includes: Tongue Weight, Payload, Pin Weight and Weight Distribution.
Benefits of HaulGauge are convenience, peace of mind, confidence, and safety.
Simply plug the HaulGauge connector into the OBD2 port, download the app, and follow the instructions. The app is available on both iTunes and Google Play.
HaulGauge helps drivers to know what they tow and make informed decisions about their loads.
HaulGauge develops innovative Towing and RV products. The HaulGauge team of engineers and scientists, located in Provo, UT, has over 25 patents issued and pending. HaulGauge was founded in 2013 by Michael Hall, a veteran automotive engineer and grandson of Dr. Tracy Hall, inventor of the first man made diamond.

KISAE Expands Best Selling Charger Line-Up with Launch of DC-DC Models for RV’s, Van Conversions and Off-road

KISAE Technology has rapidly become a recognized name in the power electronics business, and their line of battery chargers is expanding with the launch of DC-DC battery chargers.
The KISAE smart DC-DC battery chargers can charge the auxiliary house bank from the engine alternator or from a solar panel. These compact chargers come in 30A (DMT1230) and 50A (DMT1250) sizes and provide a microprocessor controlled 3-stage battery charger to the auxiliary battery. The dual input may be either the engine battery alternator or MPPT (maximum power point tracking) solar which maximizes the solar panel input and shortens recharging time.


From the Adriatic Sea to the Po Valley, the italian region Emilia-Romagna hosts a deeply-rooted motor tradition and is home of major racing companies such as Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Pagani and Ducati. Paoli is born from these roads’ passion and its impact wrenches’ range is the outcome of our connection with an area that, over the time, has developed various high-qualified manufacturing and engineering skills.
In Paoli we have always loved dreaming big. Our history is the story of a small italian company that, full of hopes and projects, has been able to become a leading manufacturer for the Motorsport, Automotive and Industry fields. Paoli’s name is now synonymous with wheel guns and impact wrenches all over the world.


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