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Boom Mat Introduces Vibration Damping & Speaker Performance Kit

If it is all about that bass, then Boom Mat’s new Vibration Damping & Speaker Performance Kit is the easiest way to eliminate rattles in the bass and midrange frequencies. Boom Mat, the leading supplier of thermal and acoustic control products for the automotive aftermarket, now offers a new peel and stick damping material designed to improve interior and stereo sound quality. Boom Mat vibration damping material is recommended for use around speaker mounting surfaces, doors, trunk lids or even license plates to enjoy a quieter, more comfortable vehicle interior.

Developed with an industry-leading 2mm thick, asphalt-free, pure-butyl noise constraining layer backed with a 4mil aluminum panel stiffening top skin, this Made in the USA vibration damping material can be easily installed in cars, trucks, vans, street rods, commercial vehicles to name a few applications. It’s also suggested for a higher performing replacement for OEM body panel materials used in body shops.

ColorBond Automotive Paint introduces a new line of high performance aerosol paints

ColorBond Automotive Paint is proud to introduce a new line of high performance aerosol paint, Pro Tech Industrial High Solid Aerosol Enamels
Pro Tech High Solid Enamel is a great solution for Industrial and MRO Touch up applications. The formulation has a high opacity build film to help repair and touch up the worst affected areas. Toughness and durability are characteristics of this high solids direct to metal formula. It provides maximum protection against weathering, rust, oil, gasoline and corrosive chemicals. The product can be used to provide protection to a wide variety of metal and previously finished substrates. Use the product on vehicle frames, machinery, racking, bins, tanks, piping and ornamental iron.

Eliminate Downtime and Increase Safety with PIAA SAE compliant LED Lights.

Portland, OR, (August 26, 2016)- Whether you need back-up lights on a trailer, to ground lighting attached to an Excavator, or forward illumination for long night runs PIAA has you covered with the most extensive line of compliant LED lights on the market.

Fleet and Commercial work trucks are often subject to inclement weather at all hours of the night making proper illumination and vision a necessity. PIAA offers an expanding palette of SAE Compliant vision products to illuminate the road ahead keeping operators and fellow drivers safe at all times.

Milltek Sport Exhausts Unleash a Powerful Display at SEMA

Respected British exhaust manufacturer Milltek Sport will use this year’s SEMA show to unveil a raft of new products to its American audience. Using the very latest production methods and working with only the finest materials, Milltek has raised the bar once again with its 2016 new releases.

The latest Ford Focus RS has proven to be a huge hit on both sides of the water, and as one of the first tuning houses in Europe to take delivery of their development car, Milltek has had more time than any other exhaust manufacturer to hone and perfect their system. Working only in the finest aerospace grade, non-magnetic stainless steel, and hand-finishing each system, Milltek’s superbly engineered solution for this car sounds as good as it looks, offering a range of tailpipe trims options for discerning enthusiasts. With US orders already proving popular for this model, expect this to be a hit on their booth.

LarryAlert radar shield alarm, We got your Back!

Hello SEMA attendees, booth 38183 is introducing LarryAlert on-the-go Smart Security! Specific motion sensor protection in open public spaces, no walls, no wires. We program radar signals to create a motion detecting power shield that allows dogs, people, cats, rats to do their thing as long as they stay outside your invisible shield, but when they choose to step in and mess with your stuff 'BLAM' an instant alert is sent to your smartphone giving you a chance to respond. Alert is 15 stop-motion photos so you see a progression of the action and can determine what's going on. Manual photos can be taken at anytime to remotely check the area. If a friend has arrived the built-in microphone allows you to tell them where you are or just to stay put! LarryAlert device has 3D radar, wide angle cam, optional siren and voice speaker all controlled via downloadable user friendly app.

ORACLE Lighting LED Headlight Bulbs

ORACLE LED Headlight Bulbs may be just what you need for trouble free lighting performance. Designed for lightweight and full size trucks, these new bulbs deliver excellent visibility thanks to high quality Cree LEDs with optimized reflective optics. These are a TRUE Plug & Play installation. No need for complicated wiring or relay harnesses. The LED bulbs have self powered, built-in fan that keeps the LED cool, no additional wiring is required. Unlike HID, the LED bulbs do not draw large amounts of power at ignition; they only use 28W of power through two 14W high quality Cree LED emitters.

ORACLE Lighting Smart WiFi LED Controller

The new ORACLE Smart WiFi LED Controller offers more versatility with increased functionality. Through the built in WiFi function, you can control various types of LED lighting products wirelessly with your mobile device or tablet. With a smaller overall dimension, the controller module can now be installed in areas where space is limited. Now with over double the amount of functions as previous versions, and new DIY programs the new ORACLE Smart WiFi LED Controller boasts a wider and more reliable WiFi signal. The software application is free to download from the Apple App store or the Google Play Store.

2015+ Ford Mustang High Powered LED Reverse Light

ORACLE Lighting's new reverse light is a complete housing replacement for the 2015 and up Ford Mustang. This solid-state LED emitter generates more light than the factory halogen version. Simple "Plug and Play" installation process. Besides the improvement in styling, this unit offers a wider field of vision and greater rear visibility for driver safety. The LEDs are a bright 5000K color, which works perfect with the factory reverse light camera making the field of view easier to see for the driver. The CREE XP-E LEDs draw a total of 27 Watts and produce approximately 2,500 lumens of light output.

Ford F150/Raptor LED Side-Mirrors

ORACLE High-Powered LED Mirrors feature a set of LED light bars integrated into factory-style side mirrors. Designed for late model Ford Raptor / F-150 truck. These LED Mirrors feature a total of 24 Cree LEDs. Giving the driver a total of 48W of LED power (approximately 4,080 Lumens). Each unit has a 45° beam angle to optimize the driver's peripheral visibility. Perfect for activities such as rock-crawling and off-road adventuring. Heat sinks wick heat away from the LEDs and use the airflow through the mirror housing to increase cooling. Installation is easy because these utilize the factory vehicle mirror mounts.

Jeep Wrangler (JK) LED Side-Mirrors

ORACLE High-Powered LED Mirrors feature a set of LED light bars integrated into factory-style side mirrors. Designed for activities such as rock-crawling and off-road adventuring, they make it easier for the driver to spot obstructions on both sides, which would otherwise go unnoticed. Lights provide increased peripheral visibility for safer night-time driving. The factory part is made from ABS, our product uses high-quality Polycarbonate construction which has a higher impact rating for greater overall durability. In addition to the rugged Polycarbonate housing, there are metal "rock guards" integrated into the housing to protect the LED modules from projectiles. Easy installation.

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