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'97-'17 Corvette End Links from Hotchkis Sport Suspension

During performance driving sessions of the C5, C6 or C7 Corvette, Hotchkis Sport Suspension identified the need for a stronger and adjustable end link. The adjustability allows the sway bars to be corner balanced for improved handling on the course.

The new Corvette End Links feature a three-piece design based around a PTFE lined Heim joint for smooth articulation and quiet operation. The swaged stud allows for 50° of angle to extend the alignment and setup. Hotchkis supplies the Links with Grade-8 nylock nuts, jam nuts and stainless washers to provide even clamping loads at each mounting point.

The End Links measure 3.375” – 4.063” from center-to-center and will strengthen the connection of factory sway bars or with a set of Hotchkis’ beefy and durable Sport Sway Bars. The new End Links are available as a pair, PN 2585.

• Improved strength for performance driving
• Adjustability adds increased balance and handling
• Durable Aurora 3-piece heim joints


Performance Distributors is now offering a new high performance electronic distributor for the Dodge/Chrysler Slant 6 engines! The Slant 6 Tri-Power ignition system features our Dyna Mod (HEI style module) with higher dwell over stock modules for increased spark duration. Also included is our high voltage Inferno coil, which allows spark plug gaps to be opened to an incredible .055″. The coil and module combination provides a hotter spark for increased fuel burn and more power! Each Tri-Power distributor is performance tuned on a Sun distributor machine. A super smooth advance curve will eliminate engine damaging detonation, provide instant throttle response and produce maximum power throughout your entire rpm range. With the Performance Distributors Tri-Power ignition, you will notice quicker starting, smoother idle and better performance up to 7500 rpms!
For more information, contact Performance Distributors, 2699 Barris Dr., Memphis, TN


• CAN Bus communication for easy connection and logging through other CAN Bus devices such as Dashes, ECUs and Loggers
• Flexible CAN Bus setup. User selectable:
• CAN Bus Speed: 1Mbps, 500 Kbps, 250 Kbps, 125 Kbps
• CAN Bus ID: Standard (11 bit) and Extended (29 bit)
• CAN Bus address: 0x0000 to 0x7FFF
• CAN Bus update rate: 1ms (1000Hz) to 250ms (4 Hz)

• Two 0-5 V analog outputs: Ethanol % and Fuel Temperature for use with Dashes, ECU and data loggers.
• Error indication in event of signal absence from the Flex Fuel Sensor
• Optional real time E% Ethanol Content Gauge.
• Digital output for Zeitronix ZR-1, ZR-3 Lambda / AFR Gauges
• High quality, high performance, low cost, and made in the U.S.A.

ZEITRONIX ANNOUNCES NEW Zt-3 CAN Bus WIDEBAND AIR/FUEL RATIO DATALOGGING SYSTEM Extra wide Lambda (AFR) range for lean burn and Diesel engines

• The Zt-3 CAN supports CAN Bus communication for an easy connection and logging through other CAN Bus devices such as Dashes, ECUs and Loggers
• Extra wide range CAN Bus 3 decimal 16 bit Lambda 0.625 to 4.000
(AFR 9.18 to 58.80) suitable for lean burn and Diesel engines

• Flexible CAN Bus setup. User selectable:
• CAN Bus Speed: 1Mbps, 500 Kbps, 250 Kbps, 125 Kbps
• CAN Bus ID: Standard (11 bit) and Extended (29 bit)
• CAN Bus address: 0x0000 to 0x7FFF
• CAN Bus update rate: 1ms (1000Hz) to 250ms (4 Hz)

• Precise wideband air/fuel ratio (lambda) measurements
• Sensor warm up and sensor errors indication
• Linear analog wideband output for use with 3rd party EUCs, loggers, and gauges
• Adjustable, simulated narrowband oxygen sensor output
• Digital output for Zeitronix ZR-1, ZR-3 Lambda / AFR Gauges
• High quality, high performance, low cost, and made in the U.S.A.

Aeromotive Fuels 50th Anniversary Ford Mustang Cobra Jet Dragster

Lenexa, KS, (August 20, 2018)…In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Mustang Cobra Jet, Ford Performance unveiled their new limited production, drag racing special Cobra Jet at the Woodward Dream Cruise in Detroit this week. Ford described it as the fastest production Mustang on the drag strip, capable of quarter mile times in the mid-eight-second range trapping at 150 mph. Fueling this hot new machine down the track is Aeromotive’s Pro Series Fuel pump.

While horsepower figures have not been released yet, prevailing thought is that it will be substantial considering it comes with a bored-out 5.2-liter version of Ford’s Coyote V-8 and a 3.0 liter Whipple supercharger. Additional features include a nine-inch solid rear axle, height-adjustable coilovers, an NHRA-certified roll cage and FI-certified racing seats. Only 68 of the commemorative Cobra Jets will be built with a choice of two color options: Race Red or Oxford White. The price is set at $130,000.

E3 Spark Plugs Sponsors 1940 Dodge Truck Restoration by Cool Hand Customs - 1970s style Challenger Suspension and 440 Big Block

Ponte Vedra, FL (August 23, 2018)…E3, manufacturer of E3 DiamondFIRE spark plugs and performance products, is a sponsor this year of a beautiful 1940 Dodge truck custom built by Cool Hand Customs of Middleton, WI. The truck will be the centerpiece attraction at E3’s booth for the 2018 SEMA Show, booth #71000, and will be entered into SEMA’s Battle of the Builders.

The highly modified Dodge truck built by Amy and EJ Fitzgerald, owners of Cool Hand Customs, will feature three E3 high performance ignition products: E3 Billet Distributor, Race Spark Plugs and Race Wires. The truck will be equipped with a 440 big block and a 1970s style, torsion bar Dodge Challenger suspension. The truck’s paint scheme will be an exterior satin white with green and black accents with the frame painted silver and the short block painted in E3’s distinctive green logo color. The ’40 440 truck will make its first public appearance at SEMA.


Battery Saver 6 & 12 Volt 50W Battery Charger, Maintainer and Tester! Part Number: #2365-LCD

UNION CITY, CA (2018) - The Battery Saver #2365-LCD is a fully automatic 6 and 12 Volt Battery Charger, Maintainer and Tester. This device is capable of quickly charging a battery, safely maintaining it for long periods of time and diagnosing any voltage related issue with its built-in LCD digital battery tester.

This versatile tool is perfect for maintaining batteries in cars, trucks, motorcycles, RV’s and motorsport applications.

About Battery Saver
BATTERY SAVER, a GRANITE DIGITAL company, is a California based manufacturer of high quality vehicle battery chargers, maintainers, testers and jump starters. They have provided superior quality products and customer service for over 30 years. To learn more, please visit

MAHLE Motorsport PowerPak Pistons and PowerPak Piston Kits For Ford Coyote and “Voodoo” V8 Crate Engines

MAHLE Motorsport now offers PowerPak Pistons and PowerPak Piston Kits for two of Ford’s more popular high-rev crate engines, the Ford Coyote all aluminum 5.0L crate engine and the 5.2 liter “Voodoo” V8.

PowerPak pistons are designed and manufactured with the same stringent standards as the track dominating Cobra Jet pistons MAHLE produces for Ford Racing; each being machined with the same attention to detail for performance, strength and durability, and backed by hours of R&D testing.

MAHLE PowerPak pistons feature hard anodized top ring grooves to eliminate micro-welding similar to MAHLE original equipment pistons. All PowerPak pistons are phosphate-coated to protect against galling in the pin bores prior to application of MAHLE’s proprietary Grafal® anti-fraction skirt coating.

MAHLE Motorsport Mazda MZR PowerPak and PowerPak Piston Kit

Designed specifically for the extreme load of today’s highly boosted direct injected engines, MAHLE Motorsport now offers a PowerPak and PowerPak piston kit for the Mazda MZR machined from MAHLE’s ultra-strong, lightweight, 2618 alloy slipper skirt forgings. Utilizing advanced machining capabilities from MAHLE manufactured equipment, the pistons are machined with advanced crown and profile designs to ensure peak performance and durability. The pistons are then triple-coated beginning with a phosphate dry film lubricant to protect the pin bores from galling, followed by an application of MAHLE’s proprietary anti-friction Grafal® coating applied to the skirts. Due to the higher cylinder temperatures and pressures associated with boosted, direct injected applications, the top ring grooves are also hard anodized to protect against micro welding.

Aeromotive Phantom Returnless EFI Fuel Pump

The Aeromotive Phantom Returnless EFI fuel pump and baffle system has a built in by-pass valve set for 58-PSI of line pressure, eliminating the need for an external regulator and return line from the engine. The all-in-one Phantom fuel system adapts to any fuel tank from 6- 11” in depth and includes the patented Phantom foam and bladder baffle to maintain fuel flow and pressure even when the tank is low on fuel.

“Designed to be quieter, more efficient and affordable, this system is ideal for EFI conversions and motor swaps for early model muscle cars and street rods,” states Steve Matusek, president of Aeromotive.

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