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Four piston calipers in a 15” wheel and 12” rotors. Yes, JL8 is back!

CLARENCE, NY, October 27 -- The system was released in 1969 for production as RPO JL8, 4-Wheel Power Disc Brakes. The option was only produced during a limited timeframe, from February 1969 to May 1969, and production was only 206 units. The JL8 option was available on any Camaro model; the cost was $500.30 (that would cost $3,261.64 today!) for SS or Z28 models and $623.50 ($4,064.83 today) for non-SS non-Z28 models. All JL8 cars received the 15x7 rally wheels. Most JL8s were installed on Z28s, though some non-Z28 non-SS Camaros have been verified as receiving JL8!

“Direct Fit “alumunim calipers for 1965–1982 Corvette.

“Direct Fit “alumunim calipers for 1965–1982 Corvette.

Rear four piston aluminum calipers to match your four piston front calipers.

Rear four piston aluminum calipers to match your four piston front.
CLARENCE, NY, October 27 -- Four piston calipers on the front of any vehicle is easy to build. With all the new wheels that are available, wheel openings are getting bigger. So matching front and rear calipers is desirable. New cars are delivering the same, so SSBC paid attention and developed a matching rear caliper program. The key to this program is to find the right parking brake and rotor system. Keep in mind that the parking brake is inside the rotor. SSBC has been making the Corvette sytem in stainless for years. Making a rotor was easy. The new kit has a complete stainless parking brake system and will mount to any of the popular rear axles. Using 11.5” rotors and our award winning comp caliper, SSBC has the right combination.

Goodguys Rod & Custom Association Announces 2017 Event Schedule

Goodguys Rod & Custom Association Announces 2017 Event Schedule

New HELLA LED Retrofit Bulbs

– Instant modern lighting for your vehicle’s interior –

Peachtree City, GA — HELLA, Inc., the North American after¬market subsidiary of automotive lighting and electronics supplier HELLA, introduces the new HELLA LED Retrofit Bulbs. Apart from their pleasant color temperatures and reliable brightness, the new LED Retrofit Bulbs from HELLA are an attractive choice offering greater energy efficiency and long service life over standard bulbs.

Retrofitting the HELLA LED bulbs is quick and easy to do thanks to the practical "Plug & Play" principle. You can individually set the tone inside your vehicle by choosing between white (5,000k) and cool white (6500K). These new 12V bulbs are impact and vibration-resistant and have a homogenous light distribution.

Consuming only 1W of power these LED bulbs come in white and cool white with a luminous flux that ranges from 35 lm to 65 lm.

The 6418LED bulbs has a SV8.5-8 base with a length of 36mm and replaces the 6418 bulb.

HELLA Dramatically Expands Retail Horn Program With Addition of 20 New Horns

– New applications, new colors, OE replacements, back-up alarm, air horns –

Peachtree City, GA — HELLA, Inc., the North American aftermarket subsidiary of automotive lighting and electronics supplier HELLA, has substantially expanded its retail horn sales program with 24 new horn part numbers featuring new applications, OE replacements, a low cost back-up alarm, and air horn options.

The line, which now has a total of 34 retail horn SKUs, includes both blister pack and retail box additions and offers a choice of models and price points to meet a variety of customer needs including professional technicians, high-tech tuners, custom enthusiasts, heavy-duty truckers, and off-roaders, as well as general motoring consumers.




MAVTV Documented Customization of Van and Harley Davidson Chopper for
12-Part “Chop Cut Rebuild,” Just in Time for WyoTech’s 50th Anniversary

LAS VEGAS, 2016 SEMA SHOW (Central Hall, Booth 23893) – To mark its 50th anniversary, WyoTech will unveil two vehicles that students, graduates and instructors have customized as part of a “Chop Cut Rebuild” feature at this year’s SEMA Show. Individuals at the Blairsville, Pa., campus were responsible for designing and building the “Shagadelic Van,” a 2016 Ford Transit van that has been customized to pay tribute to the 1976 “Cruising Van” featured in an iconic 1976 Ford ad. The team also will showcase a souped-up Harley Davidson Chopper.

New Quick 6 Controller Simplifies Modern 6-10-Speed Transmission Swaps

The US Shift Quick 6 is a stand-alone clutch-to-clutch transmission controller designed for modern 6-10 speed automatic transmissions. Quick 6 utilizes a new self-tuning process (patent applied for), with an emphasis on ease of use and safety. The self-tuning capability and refined adjustment process enables an installation, setup, and tuning experience that is even simpler than earlier four speed transmissions, while maximizing adaptability to many different applications, vehicles, and power levels.

A new internal user interface streamlines the configuration, tuning, and troubleshooting processes. The self-adjustment capability and user settings enable a new level of shift quality for a stand-alone transmission controller. For applications where the first gear ratio of the chosen transmission is too low, second gear starts can be utilized to emulate a close-ratio transmission with one less speed. An integrated trans-brake option is planned for mid-2017.

New Quick 2 Controller Provides Simple, Easy Control of Four-Speed Transmissions

The US Shift Quick 2 is a stand-alone transmission controller designed to simplify four-speed electronic transmission and engine swaps. It includes the advanced architecture of Quick 4, but with a focus on simplicity and low price. A new, improved user interface makes setup and operation without a laptop easier than ever before.

A simple, inexpensive and easy-to-use controller based on Quick 4's Revolution architecture.

Featuring all of the data logging and diagnostic features of Quick 4, but without the complexity and features that are not needed for basic applications.

Designed for hobbyists and shops who need simple and straightforward transmission control with a proven, robust, and reliable platform.

The ability to connect to a PC and adjust all aspects of the tune and take data logs at no extra charge

An inexpensive and easy upgrade to the advanced Quick 4 controller is possible, if more features are needed later.



[Stockertown, PA] – U-POL, USA Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of their latest addition to the highly successful Raptor product line, Raptor Roll-On. This all-inclusive kit is ideal for applying a bed liner without requiring spray equipment.

Raptor Roll-On has everything you need to apply a durable, tough bed coating in your driveway, garage or shop. This 2-part urethane coating is super durable, chemical & UV resistant and won’t fade or chalk. In addition to bed liners, Raptor can be applied to running boards, roll-bars, rocker panels and even over paint to create a custom look. Additionally, Raptor is ideal on many applications around the home, shop, boat and RV. Raptor has been used by many industrial, OEM and aerospace companies for years, so you know you can trust the durability and long-lasting good looks that the pros count on.

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