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New 6049-C Nitro Fuzer Lite Nitrogen Plastic Welder Released by Polyvance

Polyvance is proud to announce the release of the 6049-C Nitro Fuzer Lite nitrogen plastic welder. This new product is available for purchase and shipping as of July 02, 2018.

Polyvance’s new 6049-C Nitro Fuzer Lite is the lowest-cost nitrogen plastic welder on the market. The 6049-C is a great option for budget-minded body shops because, despite its low price, it remains fully-capable.

In order to get the cost of the Nitro Fuzer Lite down, Polyvance had to make a few changes:
• There is a manual switch between air and nitrogen gas
• The cart requires assembly by the end user. The welder ships by UPS Ground in two separate boxes
• The welder does not come with free courtesy training. It includes a sheet of handy QR codes that technicians can scan with their smartphone for instant, on-demand video training.

The Nitro Fuzer Lite does have several user-friendly features that are found on Polyvance’s more expensive welders:

The Detail Guardz Ultimate Paint Protection Tool To Be Released

The Detail Guardz are pleased to announce the release of the new Turbine Dirt Lock this July!

This revolutionary car care tool utilizes fluid dynamic principles to keep your wash water clean. The new technology behind the Dirt Lock will separate nearly all the harmful debris accumulated in your wash bucket. This handy tool will keep your paintwork free from swirl marks and scratches.

Watch the full video link here:

The Dirt Lock utilizes 4 main features to function and is fully powered by the motion of your hand. Each time you pump your hand in the bucket, the water is filtered more and more thoroughly.

1) The Dirt Locks design mimics the shape of a jet turbine. This allows water & dirt to be sped up and pulled towards the bottom of the pail at a higher speed.

Absolute Solutions Introduces Trulers, temporary self-adhesive rulers for Measurement and Cutting Needs.

Designed As a Useful Tool For Painters & Fabricators That Need Exact Measurements

Orange, CA – June 22, 2018: Absolute Solutions has produced a new product that serves as a true evolution for the ruler. Trulers are an intriguing product that is currently available for sale to people in various industries.
Trulers are designed to help with measuring stock and can work for many industrial purposes. It is based on a .25 x12, .5 x12, 1x12, 300mm, 1x36 and 1x72 adhesive ruler and offers a distinct layout.

The general design of Trulers are made to make it easier for people to measure items for industrial needs. It is perfect for measuring cuts and drilling spaces on any kind of surface. This is needed for industrial purposes where only the most exact types of measurements are good enough.
Arrow points are featured at every quarter-inch on Trulers. These are used for lining up masking tape for paint pattern work, striping & pin striping needs.


Beginning 01 July 2018, NITROHEAT launches a monthly promotional program as part of its strategic marketing for SEMA 2018. The first promotion is the give away of a Nitro Stat Gun with all retail purchases of the Heatpro 200 system. The Heatpro 200 is Nitroheat's best selling product with over 2000 units in operation globally. The Heatpro 200 has been helping painters improve their paint flash times and together with the Nitro Stat Gun, users will now be able to neutralize static before the paint application process. This combination of this equipment will supply painters with a cleaner finished product and a faster drying time.

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