Kleinn PROBLASTER™ HK9-SLIMLINE Universal Train Horn Kit

The HK9-Slimline kit contains all the power and Performance of our HK9 Train Horn Kit but with a slim design 3-gallon air tank. The slim air tank makes installation easier in many small to mid-size trucks and SUV’s. The kit also includes a high output WATERPROOF 2.00 CFM compressor capable of producing 200 PSI and black spun steel triple train horns. This is the largest train horn yet from Kleinn featuring The Demon™ 730 train horn that produce a thundering 157.8 decibels. The horns feature a flat rack system for easy mounting and the option of mounting the horns separately when needed. The onboard air system can power horns, air suspension and small air tools as well. Kit comes with horn button, airline, fittings, wiring and a 30-foot quick connect tire inflator with storage bag.

• Waterproof 200 PSI air compressor produces 2.00 CFM
• 150 PSI onboard air system capable of inflating tires and powering air bags and small air tools


Designed for 2007.5 – 2017 GM 1500 Full Size Trucks and SUVs, the GMTRK-1 dual train horn kit produces a thundering 153.1 dB blast. The kit is 100% Bolt-On and requires no drilling or cutting to install. The GMTRK-1 comes complete with a 130 PSI compressor and one-gallon air tank mounted in the spare battery tray, while the dual train horns are mounted on the skid plate behind the front bumper. The Model 220 train horns with individual solenoid valves produce a rich deep train horn sound. Custom mounting brackets made in the USA make the installation simple and easy. All necessary hardware and wiring is included.

• 130 PSI sealed air compressor with remote snorkel intake.
• Black Dual trumpet high-impact ABS train horns.
• Individual solenoid valves produce a thundering 153.1 dB blast.
• One-gallon steel air tank with Cortec™ internal anti-corrosion coating (Made in USA).
• Custom powder-coated steel air system mounting plate (Made in USA).

Launching of StickPro™ 1.00 oz. segment adhesive rolls

VALLEYFIELD (Quebec), May 10, 2017 – PLOMBCO is excited to officially launch the StickPro™ 1.00 oz. steel segment adhesive wheel weight rolls.

Plombco has expanded its product offerings to meet the trending market needs for no-flange wheels. The new rolls 520Fe, available with standard white tape (#68523) and CW – Cold Weather gray tape (#68522) will appeal to truck wheel professionals.

Plombco manufactures steel, lead and zinc adhesive wheel weights for passenger vehicles, motorcycles and trucks. “We want to continue to differentiate our premium products from the other adhesive products manufactured around the world,” says Emilie St-Onge, Director of Customer Experience at Plombco Inc. “As promised during its launch, our StickPro™ product family is expanding and continues its mission to exceed industry standards and maintain quality.”

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