Race Ramps Introduces New Supercar FlatStopper

Race Ramps, the leader in making stronger, lighter and safer ramp solutions for vehicles, introduces their new Supercar FlatStopper, which prevents flat spotting on tires when a vehicle is stored for 30 or more days. When it comes to performance vehicles, wider tires are the standard. The new Supercar FlatStopper accommodates tires up to 14-inches wide.

The Supercar FlatStopper measures 16"W x 28"L and is an addition to Race Ramps' successful line of FlatStoppers which includes the standard FlatStoppers (for tires up to 12-inches wide) and the 10-inch FlatStoppers (for tires up to 8-inches wide). The Supercar FlatStopper (Product ID: RR-FS-16-SC) is available in black and retails at $297.00 and also available for a limited time in red (Product ID: RR-FS-16-SC-R) and retails at $327.00.

TCI Diablo Blackout Shifter Versatile, Available In Black

Ashland, MS – Now available in a sleek black finish, the TCI® Diablo Blackout Shifter™ is a lightweight street rod/race component that includes everything needed for installation.

The patent-pending Diablo Shifter from TCI® remains the most versatile shifter on the market, but now it is available in black to correspond with dark interiors. The fully configurable design allows the customer set up the shifter with either a front- or rear-cable exit. It can also be configured with either a forward or reverse shift pattern for a two-, three- or four-speed transmission. There is no longer a need to buy and replace parts if you are changing shift order/configuration, or changing transmissions entirely. When upgraded to the two-button version, the shifter can be also customized to control nitrous, transbrake or shifting.

3M Automotive Aftermarket Division Introduces Total Automotive Sanding System, Powered by Festool Automotive Systems

Innovative New Surface Preparation and Paint Finishing Solutions for Body Repair, Paint Prep and Paint Finishing Improve Efficiency, Reduce Dust, Enhance Safety and Build Profitability

ST. PAUL, Minn., (November 1, 2016) – 3M Automotive Aftermarket Division announced a strategic collaboration with TTS Tooltechnic Systems AG & Co. KG, maker of Festool brand products in February 2016 to provide customers in the global automotive collision repair industry a new and comprehensive surface preparation and finishing system. Today, they are introducing the first new solutions through the partnership.

The collaboration brings together 3M’s best-in-class abrasives, global sales and distribution capabilities with Festool-branded premium power tools, dust extraction technologies and exceptional customer service. It will deliver a comprehensive portfolio of offerings to customers in the automotive aftermarket.

NASCAR Teams Race to Victory Lane with 3M Automotive Aftermarket Division

A Wide Array of 3M Products Continue a Winning Tradition

ST. PAUL, Minn. (November 1, 2016) – This year, 3M Automotive Aftermarket Division is starting a new five-year extension to their nearly two-decade NASCAR Sprint Cup Series contingency sponsorship that provides more than 175 innovative automotive products and solutions used in race cars and race shops throughout NASCAR.

For many years, teams that compete in NASCAR have relied on the same 3M products that are used in today’s vehicles and collision repair shops every single day. More than 175 3M Automotive Aftermarket and Safety products are used in racing today. This is where “Science Applied to Life.™” intersects with science applied to winning.

Driven Racing Oil™ Car Care Kit Keeps Vehicles Looking Their Best

Huntersville, NC – Driven Racing Oil™ now offers Speed Clean, Speed Shield and Race Wax in a convenient kit along with an orange microfiber towel.

Driven Racing Oil Synthetic DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) Fluid 
Is Designed For High Performance Applications

Huntersville, NC – A new transmission fluid from Driven Racing Oil™ is designed specifically for the needs of dual-clutch-equipped vehicles.

Driven’s Synthetic Dual Clutch Transmission Fluid provides the utmost track protection in wet- and dry-style dual-clutch transmissions. Like all Driven transmission fluids, it is formulated with advanced synthetic base oils and tested to perform in extreme pressure and heat, while providing shift consistency. It is recommended for use in Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Porsche PDK, Ferrari, Nissan GTR and other vehicles utilizing a dual-clutch transmission. The fluid is compatible with other lubricants designed for dual-clutch transmissions; users should follow the owner’s manual for service intervals.

Part No. 04606 Price: $16.99

About Driven Racing Oil™

Color Match 101: Removing Variables for the Best Paint Job - Shawn Ryan, 3M AAD Senior Technical Service Engineer, and David Huebl, 3M AAD Senior Technical Engineer

ST. PAUL, Minn. (November 1, 2016) – It may seem a bit odd for 3M to have a voice in an area that tends to receive ample input from all of the major paint companies. However, if we take a step back, it’s easy to see that 3M touches the repair at every step prior to and after the painting process. This unique perspective has allowed 3M to objectively observe the day-to-day challenges that are facing today’s paint departments.

TCI 29.2 Lightweight Flexplates For BBC/SBC & GM LS Applications Offer Heavy-Duty Strength, Less Weight

Ashland, MS – A new one-piece flexplate from TCI® offers heavy-duty strength with less weight for high-RPM Small and Big Block Chevrolet, as well as GM LS, applications.

The SFI 29.2-certified flexplate is made from 4140 forged steel and features a hobbed-on ring gear and laser-welded converter spacers. Gas nitriding provides for extra surface hardness and strength, while CNC-milled pockets and lightening holes reduce the flexplate’s rotating mass and drop overall weight. The SBC/BBC flexplate weights just 5.3 pounds, while the LS flexplate weighs 6.11 pounds. E-coating offers corrosion protection.

Built to withstand 12,000-plus RPM, the flexplate is a heavy-duty OEM replacement that accepts a converter with LS1 or Small or Big Block Chevrolet bolt pattern.

Quick Facts

Product: TCI® 29.2 Lightweight Flexplates for BBC/SBC & GM LS Applications
Part Number: #399853LW (LS); #399870LW (BBC/SBC)
Street Price: $369.95 (#399853LW); $299.99 (#399870LW)

Simple Step to Seal Repaired Seams, Panels and Frames to Prevent Rust, Salt, Chemical and Moisture Damage Can Prevent Come-backs, Future Issues

Simple Step to Seal Repaired Seams, Panels and Frames to Prevent Rust, Salt, Chemical and Moisture Damage Can Prevent Come-backs, Future Issues

ST. PAUL, MN (November 1, 2016) – It’s lurking behind nearly every collision repair made – the potential for salt and corrosive chemicals, moisture or damaged coatings from stone chips to allow corrosion to attack the repaired area. It’s one of the primary causes of future vehicle damage and customer come-backs.

Presta Products Launches Regulator™ Cleaning System

Barberton, OH, October 31, 2016 – Presta Products is proud to introduce the Presta® Regulator™ Cleaning System to help body shops create even dilutions of cleaning products, control costs and maximize performance.

“Now our Presta customers can get both the performance and economy of a proportioning system,” said Seth Glauberman, vice president of sales and marketing. “Presta has long been considered a leader in paint finishing and detailing products. The Regulator Cleaning System is an innovative addition to our product family, filling a need our customers have been asking about.

“This system will save them money, time and material because their cleaning products will be automatically diluted to the proper strength without the inaccuracies, waste or mess that’s common with hand mixing.”

The Regulator Cleaning System comes complete with one proportioner, six cleaning solutions, three carboy spigots, three spray bottles and one heavy-duty rack.

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