DSC Sport, Ridetech to Release C7 Active Suspension Packages

RideTech and DSC Sport have announced their partnership in the field of electronic suspension controls for the C7 Corvette Market.

DSC Sport of Jessup, MD has developed a replacement suspension ECU that will directly replace the OEM suspension ECU in the 2014-2017 C7 Corvettes and 2016-2017 Shelby Mustangs equipped with the Magneride magnetic shock system. RideTech of Jasper, IN will be one of the exclusive tuners and suppliers for this new interface.

Both companies will also be displaying the Tractive DDA coilover line; a line of top tier active dampers produced by Tractive Suspension and powered by the DSC Sport controller.

COMP Cams® SPR™ Radius Tip Rocker Arms For GM LS1 & LS3 Engines Reduce Sweep Across The Valve By 400%

Memphis, TN – The latest state-of-the-art rocker arms from COMP Cams® utilize design techniques borrowed from NASCAR and F1. The cast tool steel SPR line features sculpted, thin-wall construction and a centered multi-radius valve tip that reduces sweep across the valve by 400 percent. Offered with assembled needle bearing or bushed trunnions.

COMP Cams® Front Drive Distributor Kit For GM LS Engines Converts From Distributorless Computer System To Standard Distributor Ignition

Memphis, TN – A new front drive distributor kit from COMP Cams® provides an alternative to installing a complete computer and fuel injection system when trans­planting a late model LS engine into an older street performance vehicle. The kit is also designed so that racers can now run an LS style engine in classes that require a distributor ignition system. Enjoy the performance and durability of the GM LS series engine with the simplicity and tune-ability of a distributor and carburetor.

With the conversion kit, LS engines are now able to utilize a standard Small Block Ford distributor ignition system and a carburetor with a belt-driven or electric fuel pump. It also allows for timing adjustment and changing of the mechanical advance curve. Kit components include a timing cover conversion kit, distributor, ignition box, ignition, plug wires, crank pinning tool, balancer, and necessary components.

Quick Facts

TCI Remote-Mount Throttle Position Sensor

Ashland, MS – This updated throttle position sensor from TCI® is packaged in a compact, fully enclosed housing to protect moving parts from damage or malfunction. Adjustable to a wide range of applications with 4L60E or 4L80E transmissions, it is designed to be installed on the carburetor or mounted directly to the firewall.

Quick Facts

Product: TCI® Remote-Mount Throttle Position Sensor (TPS)
Part Number: #377450
Street Price: $149.95

Social Media Pitch: The updated TCI® Remote Throttle Position Sensor is packaged in a compact, fully enclosed housing

Features & Benefits:
• Keeps moving parts from damage or malfunction
• Can be installed on carb or mounted directly to the firewall
• Adjustable to fit a wide range of applications

TCI PRO-X TH350 Cast Transmission Tailhousing Replaces Hard-To-Find OEM Part

Ashland, MS – TCI® now offers a new six-inch tailhousing to replace hard-to-find OEM parts for TH350 transmissions.

The cast aluminum tailhousing features a low-profile, lightweight modern design with improved strength for drag racing applications.

Quick Facts

Product: TCI® PRO-X™ TH350 Cast Transmission Tailhousing
Part Number: #323500
Street Price: $59.95

Social Media Pitch: The TCI® PRO-X™ TH350 Cast Transmission Tailhousing replaces hard-to-find OEM parts & features a low-profile, lightweight design.

Features & Benefits:
• Modern design shaves weight & improves appearance
• Provides a source of TH350 6" tailhousings for trans¬mission builders & enthusiasts

Omni United to Showcase Exciting New Product Lines at SEMA 2016

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich., October 31st, 2016 – Omni United will once again showcase what it says will be
ground-breaking new products for American drivers at this year’s Specialty Equipment Market Association
Show (SEMA) in Las Vegas from November 1st to the 4th, 2016. Omni’s booth will feature the new, exciting
Radar range, the innovative Timberland Tires range, Thailand-produced Goodride PLT/TBR ranges and the
built-to-last RoadLux TBR range.

Over the past year, the company’s focus has been on building Radar as a comprehensive tire range that
dealers can come to as a one-stop-shop for all their tire needs. With the addition many new patterns and
multiple new sizes, today the Radar range, boasts of many segment-leading lines like the Run-flat line and
the new and innovative 4 season line. Our new products the Dimax AS8, the Renegade AT 5 and the
Renegade R7 are very appealing to consumers and have seen a quick uptake from the market.


SAN ANTONIO – Paint protection film manufacturer XPEL™ Technologies Corp. will introduce its XPEL ULTIMATE pre-cut Off-Road Lighting Protection kits at the International Off-Road & UTV Expo taking place at WestWorld in Scottsdale, Ariz. September 23-25, 2016.
XPEL will offer pre-cut ULTIMATE paint protection film kits for UTV headlights and LED light bars for the 2014-2017 Polaris RZR® 1000XP. The company will soon be expanding its line to include film coverage for UTV body parts, headlight and light bar kits for the Yamaha® YXR 1000R, Can-Am® Maverick 1000R as well as other popular UTV models. These products will be sold exclusively via the company’s website at


New XPEL PRIME™ HP Features Hybrid Technology that Looks Cool and Feels Cool

SAN ANTONIO– XPELTM has broadened its portfolio of top-quality automotive window films with XPEL PRIME™ HP, the newest addition to its PRIME window film line. Maintaining the same flawless appearance and clarity over time as its existing films, the PRIME HP series joins the company’s popular line-up of CS PRIME and PRIME XR.
XPEL’s PRIME HP film features a hybrid dye-metal construction, designed for higher heat rejection than traditional dyed films, but with a more reflective finish. And it’s specifically formulated to not interfere with radio, cellular, or Bluetooth signals.
The new film line reduces heat and glare, while its SPF 1,000 protection effectively blocks more than 99 percent of harmful UV rays. Available in 5 percent to 50 percent shades, the HP series has a total solar energy rejection of up to 59 percent .


BRIGHTON, Mich. – Lingenfelter Performance Engineering announces their new High Flow Direct Injection Fuel Injectors, Pump and Camshaft Kit for GM’s Gen V V8 (PN L700046914). Having the right combination of components is supremely important when choosing performance parts, and with today’s technological wonders that power our cars, that statement has never been more true. That’s why LPE is offering this kit, featuring their Big Bore Direct Injection High Volume Fuel Pump (PN L710156914), High Flow Direct Injection K-DI™ Kinetic Nozzle Geometry Fuel Injectors (PN L730116922) and their proprietary line of LPE GT35 Gen V V8 performance camshafts to tailor a fuel delivery system that will optimize your engine’s performance.


MILWAUKEE – BOLT®, the innovators of Breakthrough One-Key Lock Technology, knows the best way to prevent costly trailer theft is with a visible and functional sign of security. To meet this need, the company is introducing its Off-Vehicle Coupler Lock that secures a trailer when it’s not attached to a vehicle.
The Off-Vehicle Coupler Lock is a new dimension in trailer security that features BOLT’s patented one-key lock technology that permanently programs locks to the vehicle’s ignition key for single-key use no matter how many BOLT locks are being used. The lock is easily programmed the first time the ignition key is inserted into the BOLT Lock cylinder through the use of spring-loaded plate tumblers that move up and down to uniquely code the cylinder to that specific key.

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