FAST® Valve Timing Control (VTC) Module For Ford Coyote Engines Allows The ECU To Electronically Control Camshaft Position

Memphis, TN – This new Coyote valve timing control module and associated harness provide a plug-and-play interface between the engine, FAST® XFI Sportsman™ and an XIM™ ignition module.

The FAST® Valve Timing Control Module allows the ECU to control the position of Coyote engines’ four phaseable camshafts. The intake and exhaust cam position is separately tunable through C-Com® software with tables for position vs. RPM and load. This provides a simple alternative to having to open up the engine to install mechanical locking devices on all four cams when switching to FAST® aftermarket fuel injection. Since this VTC module is an electronic solution, the cams don’t have to be fixed in a single position. The cams can still be moved to maintain the broad powerband allowed by the phaseable cam system. The VTC Module allows for full, dynamic control of valve overlap, allowing the tuner to get their desired sound at idle, while still maintaining great off-idle torque and drivability.

FAST® LSXRT™ 102mm High HP Runner Intake Manifold For LS3 Engines Offers Even More Plenum Volume For All-Out Racing

Memphis, TN – The latest manifold-and-runner design from FAST® is designed to provide enthusiasts and racers with additional high-RPM power.

New High HP intake runners from FAST® are now available in a complete all-out race manifold package. Building upon the popular LSXR™ intake manifold, this new LSXRT™ version gives LS3 engines with rectangle-port cylinder heads even more plenum volume for all-out racing. Best suited for high-RPM race engines, the Race Manifold creates proven gains of over 30 horsepower over the FAST® LS3 Street Manifold at high RPM. The raised 102mm throttle body location optimizes the larger, less restrictive High HP runner design, creating more power. It also clears truck drive accessories.

Quick Facts

Product: FAST® LSXRT™ 102mm HP Runner Intake Manifold for LS3 Engines
Part Number: #146105B (Full Manifold w/ Runners); #146070 (Runner Set Only)
Street Price: $1,049.99 (Full Manifold)

FAST® FireWire® Spark Plug Wires & Kits Offer Low Resistance For Maximum Energy

Memphis, TN – New 8.5mm spark plug wires from FAST® are designed for high-output ignition setups and provide protection from extreme temperatures. They are also available in kits.

FAST® E6 CD Ignition With Rev Limiter & E92 Coil Kit Protect Engines From Over-revs

Memphis, TN – The FAST® E6 CD Ignition is designed to protect engines by offering the latest in rev-limiting technology.

For customers concerned about redline RPM and the possibility of over-revving the engine, the FAST® E6 Ignition is available with an adjustable rev limiter. Not only is this rev-limiting technology extremely accurate, it is the smoothest available, thanks to advanced sequential limiting technology. The RPM limit is easily set with two rotary dials on the side of the ignition and can be adjusted in 100 RPM increments all the way through 9,900 RPM. This E6 is supplied with a Weatherpak connector and harness to ease installation, along with sturdy vibration mounts. The ignition can be used on distributor (mag), points or module-triggered 4-, 6- and 8-cylinder engines and is compatible with FAST® EFI systems or carbureted applications.

Inglese™ EZ-EFI 2.0® 8-Stack Induction Systems For Big Block Chevrolet Engines

Memphis, TN – The latest aluminum intake manifold from Inglese™ is cast specifically for Big Block Chevrolet engines and available in kits for hot and street rods, providing a classic look but with the increased performance and drivability fuel injection offers.

A complete bolt-on kit (Part# NG4104E for rectangle port or NG4105E for oval port) supporting up to 700 HP includes 50mm throttle bodies, stacks, FAST® EZ-EFI 2.0® electronics and wiring harness, O2 sensor, injectors, chrome-top filters and billet aluminum fuel rails engineered to provide clearance between the fuel rail and distributor cap. No hunting for or adapting parts is necessary. A kit (Part# NG4104A for rectangle port or NG4105A for oval port) that does not include electronics, wiring harness, sensor, injectors and filters is also available, such as for use with FAST® XFI Sportsman™.

Quick Facts

Product: Inglese™ EZ-EFI 2.0® 8-Stack Induction Systems For Big Block Chevrolet Engines

DSC Sport, RideTech Release Active Suspension Package for American Muscle Classics

RideTech and DSC Sport have announced their partnership in the field of electronic suspension controls for the American Musclecar market.

DSC Sport of Jessup, MD has developed a stand alone electronic shock system that will be configured, tuned, and sold exclusively through RideTech in Jasper, IN.

The stand alone system includes all required sensors (g-force, brake pressure, throttle position, speed), a DSC Sport controller, Tractive DDA coilovers (top tier active dampers), and a wiring harness that provides all of the necessary wiring for the system to communicate.

COMP Cams® XD-A™ Adjustable Pushrods For GM LS Engines

Memphis, TN – COMP Cams® introduces a game-changing method for accurately setting lash or pre-load while using non-adjustable style rockers. The patent-pending XD-A™ Adjustable Pushrods incorporate a top section that slides two inches inside a wider bottom section, with one or two shims captured in-between.

Proven to 9,000-plus RPM in solid roller LS applications, the system provides a 90-percent increase in bending stiffness for enhanced valve train stability. It also allows for lightening of a rocker arm system by 30-plus grams on the backside, by removing the adjuster and required support area for threads and seating. The use of lighter rockers (such as the COMP Cams® SPR™ Radius Tip Rocker Arms) with XD-A™ Adjustable Pushrods allows higher RPMs to be achieved by creating a much more dynamically stable valve train system.

COMP Cams® Valve Spring Shims For GM LS Engines

Memphis, TN – New valve spring shims from COMP Cams® equalize the installed height of valve springs in GM LS engines. Available in three thicknesses (.015″, .030″ and .060″), the shims are engineered from high-quality material and heat-treated to withstand radical cam lobes in LS engines with 1.300" spring pocket and .520" valve guide diameters.

The shims are sold individually or in kits of 16 or 100. A kit containing 16 each of the three thicknesses, for a total of 48 shims, is also available.

Quick Facts

Product: COMP Cams® GM LS Valve Spring Shims
Part Number: #4717-16, #4763-16, #4788-16, #4608 (kit containing 16 of each thickness)
Street Price: $9.60 (ea. set); $24.48 (-16 part numbers)

Social Media Pitch: New valve spring shims from COMP Cams® equalize the installed height of valve springs in GM LS engines

Features & Benefits:
Allows for accurate adjustment of valve spring installed heights

COMP Cams® Ultra-Gold™ ARC Shaft-Mount Aluminum Rocker System For High Performance Ford FE Engines

Memphis, TN – The new Ultra-Gold™ ARC Shaft-Mount Aluminum Rocker System from COMP Cams® provides a high-quality, fully adjustable valve train for Ford FE engines.

Featuring high-lift capabilities in a lightweight design, the system is designed exclusively for use in high-performance street and race engines. Steel stands offer extra shaft support for strength and rigidity, while shims are adjustable left and right for intake runner clearance. The rockers feature a 1.76 ratio.

Quick Facts

Product: COMP Cams® Ultra-Gold™ ARC Shaft-Mount Aluminum Rocker System for Ford FE Engines
Part Number: #19046
Street Price: $1,160.53

Social Media Pitch: COMP Cams® Ultra-Gold™ ARC Shaft-Mount Aluminum Rocker System provides a high-quality, fully adjustable valve train for Ford FE engines.

Features & Benefits:
Side-shim adjustable for runner clearance
Steel stands provide additional shaft sup­port for strength and rigidity

DSC Sport, Ridetech to Release C7 Active Suspension Packages

RideTech and DSC Sport have announced their partnership in the field of electronic suspension controls for the C7 Corvette Market.

DSC Sport of Jessup, MD has developed a replacement suspension ECU that will directly replace the OEM suspension ECU in the 2014-2017 C7 Corvettes and 2016-2017 Shelby Mustangs equipped with the Magneride magnetic shock system. RideTech of Jasper, IN will be one of the exclusive tuners and suppliers for this new interface.

Both companies will also be displaying the Tractive DDA coilover line; a line of top tier active dampers produced by Tractive Suspension and powered by the DSC Sport controller.

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