Kleinn 24-Volt Complete Onboard Air System

Kleinn Air Horns’ 6354 Sealed Air System is the fastest complete, high pressure & high performance 24-volt air systems on the market. Intended for mobile pneumatic applications, this ground-breaking system features a 100% duty cycle, 24-volt air compressor that provides 150 PSI and creates 1.98 CFM at 0 PSI. This high performance 24-volt air system features a 3 gallon US Made air tank and everything you’ll need to provide plenty of flow at 150 PSI for most mobile applications. The system also includes all fittings, necessary parts and detailed installation instructions – all in one box. A 30-foot coil hose with deluxe carry bag is also standard and comes with everything needed to turn the system into a mobile tire fill station. For more information, please call (520) 579-1531, contact Kleinn Air Horns, 4045 N Highway Dr., Tucson, AZ 85705 or visit us online at

SK Professional Tools Launches X-FRAME Ratcheting Wrench

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SK Professional Tools is proud to manufacture the lowest Arc Swing the industry has ever seen with the SK X-Frame Ratcheting Wrench. Available in a full range of sizes, the ratcheting mechanism’s 72 teeth and six dual opposing pawls enable the user to turn nuts in 1.7 degrees (with the ¾-inch SK X model). This increased control allows auto techs to work in tighter spaces.

In fact, the new ratcheting mechanism is so strong that SK re-engineered the geometry of the handle to allow the technician to deliver maximum torque. The SK X-Frame will help professional technicians handle tough jobs with more speed and confidence.

Similar to OE Replacement Rbber Mat for 1988-1997 Chevrolet and GMC Std. cab pick up 1500, 2500, 3500

Newark Auto is pleased to once again be able to offer the full floor Replacement Rubber Mat for the 1988-1997 Chevrolet/GMC Pick up standard cab 1500, 2500 and 3500 models. The mat has similar to OE texture, covers the full floor and includes padding with the mat. Available for shipment Fall 2015.

Mp Tools Smart Collet Bearing Pullers

Mp Tools would like to introduce our new lineup of our patented Smart Collet differential bearing pullers for 2015.

Easy, fast, safe! Our pullers are self-aligning and effortless to operate. The are simply the easiest, fastest, & safest pullers on the market, period! Used by top Nascar teams, all four major differential testing labs in the US, a major auto manufacturer in their prototype build lab and their axle production line & heavy truck shops such as Inland Truck Parts just to name a few new customers to date. We supply both standard tooling to cover most all auto & truck differential bearings as well and specialized tooling upon request.

Our tooling pays for itself in a matter of days due to the increase in productivity along with a safer method and better quality as well.

We supply both electric and manual hydraulic pullers and installers.

Stop by our booth and see the Smart-Collet pullers in action!

Mike Punaro
Mp Tools Smart Collet Bearing Pullers

Redesigned Millermatic® 211 MIG Welder Offers Improved Portability, Ease-of-Use and Arc Performance

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APPLETON, Wis. (August 10, 2015) — Built for light fabrication, maintenance and repair, auto body and farm and home applications, the newly redesigned MIG and flux-cored-capable Millermatic® 211 MIG welder offers even more convenience, quality and reliability through improved portability, ease-of-use and arc performance.

Introduced by Miller Electric Mfg. Co. (and replacing the previous Millermatic 211 Auto-Set™ with MVP™ model), the new Millermatic 211, with improved duty cycle, welds material from 24 gauge to 3/8-inch thick in a single pass — the highest output in its class.

“This new model continues to deliver class-leading advantages that make it one of the most popular all-in-one MIG welders — and now is easier to use, easier to move and easier than ever to get great welding results,” said Emily Mueller, product manager for Miller Electric Mfg. Co.

Reelcraft’s cabinets protect and conceal hoses and reels

Reelcraft Industries overhead reel cabinets are vacuum formed from a white polyethylene high impact, stain resistant, corrosion resistant, ABS polymer. These attractive lightweight assemblies are easily installed to wrap around Reelcraft’s spring driven Series 5000 and 7000 air, water and lubrication hose reels. The cabinet encloses the reels to conceal and protect them from the surrounding environment and provide an aesthetic value. Cabinets are available for a single mounted reel or multiple reels. For additional information call 1-800-444-3134 or visit Reelcraft at

Thermo Tec introduces the new carbon fiber exhaust wrap


Thermo-Tec’s new Carbon Fiber Exhaust Wrap features a modern hi-tech appearance and is produced using pulverized lava rock. Wrapping your exhaust is an innovative way to create more horsepower by increasing exhaust gas flow called scavenging and reducing under-hood temperatures. The Carbon Fiber Exhaust Wrap can withstand direct heat up to 1800 degrees F, will not fade or discolor, and is very pliable for an easier installation. The carbon fiber wrap comes in 1 and 2 inch widths in 50 foot rolls. For more information, visit or call 800-274-8437.

All American Billet's Silverline Series

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All American Billet has paved the way with its Silverline Series front drive serpentine kits. This ORIGINAL & unique design gives the engine a clean and aggressive look. Made in the U.S.A. Call Toll Free 1-844-BILLET1.

Forged aluminum makes it's way into the aftermarket spindle industry.

Maxtrac Suspension, a leader in the lifting, leveling, and lowering suspension market has taken it one step further with the introduction of an industry first " Forged Aluminum" 2" lowering spindle for the 2015 and newer GM SUV platform. These spindles are forged from 6082 aircraft grade aluminum for superior strength and precision machined to exact tolerances for a perfect fit every time. Finished in natural aluminum, These spindles will never corrode or rust like steel spindles and weigh significantly less than it's steel counterparts. With the introduction of the aluminum body on the Ford F-150 pickups and many other manufacturers moving to aluminum suspension components to save weight and increase fuel mileage Maxtrac has stepped up it's design to keep in tune with the future in our ever evolving industry.

Sharpline Introduces DuraShield Titan XT™ Paint Protection Film

Sharpline Converting, Inc. has a new product out that exceeds the performance demands of professional paint protection film installers. DuraShield Titan XT™ is a highly engineered film that utilizes our proprietary Flexcoat Crosslink Technology™ to provide superior resistance to rock chips, road debris, stains and harsh environmental hazards. Titan XT™ blocks airborne and surface contaminants from discoloring the film and has self-healing properties to protect against minor scratches and scuffs.

Visit Sharpline in the North Hall, booth #12631, for additional information and to watch live installation demos of DuraShield Titan XT™.

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