Extensive ARIES Jeep Line Reflects Off-Road Passion

ARIES Automotive, a fast-paced marketer and innovator of truck and SUV accessories, knows what it means to be a Jeep owner. Our complete line of Jeep products reflects the passion our customers have for going off the beaten path. From our modular bumpers and security cargo lid to our tube doors and fender flares, ARIES is the gateway to the ultimate off-roading experience.

ARIES modular Jeep bumpers feature a six-piece, customizable design that can be arranged in 16 different configurations. Kits are available for the front and rear, in multiple material and finish options, including lightweight aluminum. ARIES modular bumpers offer a no-drill application, flexible light mounting options and the ability to attach tow hooks and a winch.

ARIES Takes Innovative Approach to Vehicle Interior

ARIES Automotive, a fast-paced marketer and innovator of truck and SUV accessories, has the interior of your vehicle covered. We offer two innovative products: the ARIES Seat Defender and ARIES floor liners.

Seat Defender is a universal, use-as-needed seat protection system that readily installs whenever you need it. It provides an instant defense against dirt, spills, pets and more. Rather than being a permanent cover-up for damaged interior, the Seat Defender acts as a barrier to prevent the damage before it happens. It is made with a two-sided material to grip the seat, resist water and clean up easily. Seat Defenders are available in four colors and come in two universal sizes for bucket and bench seats.

Ingersoll Rand Introduces New UP6S Series Fixed Speed Rotary Screw Compressor Solution

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Ingersoll Rand, a global leader in compressed air and gas systems and services, has introduced the new UP6S Series 15-30 hp fixed speed rotary screw compressor today. The UP6S Series builds on Ingersoll Rand’s commitment to reliability by adding several standard features to the unit, such as Progressive Adaptive Control™ (PAC) protection, O-ring face seals to reduce leak points and a Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) motor.

The unit’s TEFC design reduces the risk of particulates entering the motor, while also keeping it cool, so the compressor can be used in harsh environments. Meanwhile, its NEMA® Type 4 rating allows it to be used indoors or outdoors, and the new Tri-Voltage motor enables it to adapt to a variety of applications. These features make the UP6S ideal for powering pneumatic tools and equipment of many types, from saws and spray painting guns, to hoists and other tools, for use in industries from woodworking, to metalworking and brewing, to automotive repair.

Patented ARIES Grille Guard Offers LED Customization

ARIES Automotive, a fast-paced marketer and innovator of truck and SUV accessories, offers attitude, ultimate customization and a vehicle-specific fit with our grille guards and patented Pro Series grille guards. For a variety of trucks and SUVs, ARIES grille guards bring a tough, trail-ready look unlike any other aftermarket accessory.

ARIES grille guards are built with a one-piece, heavy-duty, 1 1/2" tube construction. Each one is made for a specific make and model, allowing it to contour to the front end and provide a seamless aftermarket look. Our grille guards feature a no-drill installation, auxiliary light holes for aftermarket lighting and two finish options, including polished 304 stainless steel and semi-gloss black carbon steel.

Magnum RT Steps

ICI, manufacturer of the popular Magnum Heavy Duty Bumpers, proudly announces the release of Magnum RT Steps (Patent Pending)! Magnum RT Steps are made from heavy duty steel with a black powder coat and designed to fit snugly to the body of your truck to protect against rock chips and door dings. They feature removable, non-slip step plates. The mounting brackets that come with the RT Steps are reinforced to be twice the strength of the standard L-shaped mounting brackets.

Magnum RT Steps will be on display throughout the 2015 SEMA Show, come see ICI in the South Hall, Booth #36113.


New improved, Delta All Aluminum SkyBar™ was specifically designed for Jeep Wrangler JK. It is available in either brush aluminum or black powder coated finish. Constructed of laser-cut Aluminum cross bar and billet Aluminum mounting arms holding a battery of six LED, H.I.D. or Xenon long range lights delivering up to an awesome 12,000 Luminosity at 6000K of brightness magnified 50% by the unique reflective design. This, all new, seamless design conceals the harness providing a non-intrusive installation. The bar does not interfere with any roof, soft or hard top.

Innogoods introduces the rugged new Zarpax Aquablaster to its Car Care program.

No cleaning job is too big for our powerful Aquablaster hose gun. Made from injection-molded high impact plastic,it is suitable for professional or domestic use.
A shampoo reservoir can be filled with shampoo and the 3 position lever performs the following functions:-
Position 1: Remote Off switch
Position 2: Soap and Water combination
Posityion3: Rinse -water only
The 8-position jet also allows the choice of the optimum spray pattern for the job,saving time and water resources.
Simply unscrew the reservoir and fill with shampoo, pre-soak the vehicle exterior or whatever surface you are planning to wash.
For additional protection of any automotive paintwork the Aquablaster has two integral water filters to remove any debris from the water supply.

US Shift TPS kit for Edelbrock Carburetors

The US Shift Throttle Position Sensor Kit (TPS KIT 3) allows you to use a transmission control system (such as our Quick1 or Quick 4) on a vehicle with an Edelbrock carburetor.
The kit comes with everything you need to get an Edelbrock carburetor connected to a device that requires a throttle position reading. Installation is quick and easy.

Non-contact electronic Hall-Effect sensor:
Designed specifically for under-hood throttle position sensing applications. Provides consistent performance over the life of the vehicle and won’t wear out or become intermittent like other throttle position sensors.

Attractive and durable heavy-gauge bracket and sensor lever constructed of 304 stainless steel alloy:
Enables consistent and stable sensor operation and won’t rust.

Aesthetically-conscious design provides an integrated look and appears to be part of the carburetor.

Extremely fast and simple installation with no need for alignment or adjustments.

Innogoods introduces the new hosepipe-free ,telescopic handle Zarpax F2 Activebrush for washing Vans,Trucks and RV,s

All the benefits of flowing water without needing a hosepipe? Zarpax makes it possible.
The unique F2 ACTIVEBRUSH™ has a built in aqua chamber which provides an active water flow for gentle cleaning.
The unique,patented valve system fills the chamber quickly (1 second) each time you dip the brush in
bucket of (warm, soapy) water.The water is slowly by the cleaning motion.The F2 ACTIVEBRUSH™ has a telescopic handle making it the perfect brush for cleaning the roofs of SUVs, Vans, RVs, Truck windows and other hard-to-reach places.

Centerforce Simplifies Your Aftermarket T-56 Swap

Many muscle car owners are looking to the aftermarket to upgrade their transmissions and one of the most popular options for this is the compact, lightweight, and strong Tremec T-56. One of the problems with swapping a modern tranny into your old iron has always been getting a variety of components from different manufacturers to line up and work together. Not having everything perfect can kill your clutch or even worse, that expensive new transmission. Centerforce saw a way to help this situation and created their new long-throw clutch slave and release bearing. This helps to compensate for stacked tolerances and allows for full clutch engagement.

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