DEI Introduces the all new Mini Versa Starter Shield

Constructed of an aluminized heat reflective material backed with a high temperature rated glass fiber insulation barrier, the new mini DEI Versa Shield™ protects starters and other components from failure due to heat soak. Capable of reflecting radiant heat up to 2000°F and direct heat up to 500°F, this innovative thermal product installs easily and can be trimmed to size.

Its convenient hook and loop closure design allows the shield to wrap around the starter and attach in minutes. Most starters will not require removal. Simply wrap the starter with the aluminized side out, trim length to fit and secure the edges by pressing the black loop material sewn into the material into the sewn in strip of black hook material.
Developed with a universal design to fit most mini sized starters (5.25” wide x 16.5” long) the shield is also ideal for multiple components where heat can affect performance—master cylinders, distributors, fuel pumps and more.

Get Professional Results with DEI’s New Exhaust Wrap Kit

Don’t let excessive exhaust heat become a power drain. Top engine builders and racers trust DEI thermal wrap to expedite exhaust flow for higher velocity and maximum HP by controlling heat to produce increased exhaust flow and a cooler intake charge.

DEI’s Exhaust Wrap Kit provides everything you need to completely wrap a set of small block or V-6 headers in one package. The kit includes two rolls of 2 inch by 50 ft. wrap designed to protect up to 1500° F, one can of HT Silicone Coating that coats, protects and preserves the wrap after installation, and eight 8 inch and four 14 inch 304 Stainless Steel Locking Ties to ensure long-lasting durability and hold. A free Locking Tie Tool is included to lock the ties tight and works with any ¼” drive. DEI’s stitched-in wrap guide line protects against overlapping for a professional and tight fit.

DEI Offers Two New Thermal Protection Products at AutoZone®

DEI, the leading brand for automotive thermal protection, is proud to announce the availability of two new thermal protection products at AutoZone® stores nationwide.

DEI’s Titanium Protect-A-Sleeve with LR Technology and Reflect-A-GOLD are now available at more than 4500 AutoZone stores joining DEI’s flagship thermal wrap product - Titanium Exhaust Wrap with LR Technology™ in the 2” x 50 ft. length.

The newly added Titanium Protect-A-Sleeve with LR Technology provides thermal protection for wires, lines and cables from the damaging effect of direct and radiant heat; up to 1800°F direct heat, and 2500°F radiant. It is available at AutoZone in the ½” ID x 4 ft. length (part #010065).

DEI’s Premium ONYX Series™ Turbo Shield and Shield Kit Now Available for T-4 Turbochargers

DEI’s ONYX Series™ Turbo Shield is now available for many popular OEM and aftermarket T-4 sized turbos including Garrett and Mitsubishi. While first introduced for the GT22 and GT25 turbocharger, DEI is proud to build on the popularity of its ONYX Series line to offer this same premium product for the T4. Developed for extreme heat protection, quick spool up time and maximum turbo performance, the ONYX Series Shield maintains a more consistent temperature in the turbo for increased efficiency and decreased turbo lag.
DEI’s ONYX Series shield features the company’s most heat resistant textiles and its highest grade silica liner for extreme heat protection. Recognizable for its rich, black carbon fiber look, this Made in the USA shield, comes with newly designed stainless steel attachment anchors and is constructed with double reinforced seams, inside and out.

DEI’s EXO Series™ Exhaust and Pipe Wrap Now Available in a 30’ roll in Black and Tan

DEI’s EXO Series™ Exhaust and Pipe Wrap provides superior heat protection for pipes and exhaust repeatedly exposed to abrasive or high impact environmental conditions.
Whether its hill climbing, rally or autocross racing, off-roading, dirt track racing, the EXO Series thermal wrap is the most durable and rugged wrap on the market.
Uniquely constructed with a dual layer design of high temp glass fiber encased in a 304 grade stainless steel exoskeleton, this wrap provides rugged good looks, durability and superior heat protection. The exoskeleton construction creates an air gap between the wrap and the pipe for additional cooling and allows the wrap to overlap and lock together for a tight, secure fit.
Previously available in both black and tan in either 1.5” x 10’ or 20’ lengths, the EXO Series is now available in a new 30’ length in both colors.
#010058 1.5” x 30’ Black – New Part Number
#010059 1.5” x 30’ Tan – New Part Number
#010075 1.5” x 10’ Tan

DEI Introduces Titanium Turbo Shield™ for the Garrett® GTP38R Turbo

DEI’s popular Titanium Turbo Shield™ is now available for the Garrett® GTP38R turbocharger. The GTP38R turbo, developed for the F-Series Power Stroke™ diesel equipped engine, greatly improves HP but can generate excessive radiant heat under the hood. DEI’s Titanium Turbo Shield, part # 010176, was custom designed to fit the GTP38R to reduce turbo lag, improve HP and add thermal protection for long-lasting performance.

DEI Stainless Steel Positive Locking Tie Kit Now Available With Free Locking Tie Tool

Design Engineering’s Stainless Steel Positive Locking Ties are the most ideal way to tighten wrap for automotive applications, especially for high heat applications such as exhaust wrap.

DEI’s Positive Locking Ties are made of 316 stainless steel in a ladder-style design with a ratchet tightening system and low profile clasp. Made for high heat applications, the ties can withstand heat in excess of 2500° F. Resistant to abrasive chemicals, the ties also can be used to secure electrical wires, cables, hoses and fluid lines.

DEI now offers a free Locking Tie Tool with the purchase of its Positive Locking Tie Kit (part #010219). The kit includes eight 9” x 8mm and four 14” x 8mm stainless steel ties and one Tie Tool.


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Pasadena, CA - August 30, 2016 - Jazva Inc, a leading provider of cloud-based ecommerce solutions that help automotive aftermarket retailers optimize their operations and accelerate sales, announced the release of data feeds, a component of its electronic data interchange (EDI) feature. Data feeds let Jazva users share and exchange data with their customers through FTP, email and automated feeds.

With this new feature, wholesalers, dropshippers and B2B retailers who regularly need to share data and reports with their customers or vendors will be able to push inventory and order fulfillment data, as well as pull order data through automated data feeds. Users will also be able to send custom reports automatically.

About Jazva

Cliffride’s Holcomb Light Bar Grille Adds Style And Function To Late-Model Jeep JK Wranglers

Jeep JK Wrangler owners can easily upgrade their vehicle with Cliffride’s new Holcomb Light Bar Grille, which incorporates a 22-inch, dual-row LED light bar. The Holcomb grille fits 2007 - 2016 model Jeep JK Wranglers, and is manufactured from durable ABS plastic that has been carefully molded and finished to fit in the exact position as the factory grille. “Our concept was to give Jeep JK owners a secure way to mount a front LED light bar to their vehicle, without external brackets and clutter that disrupt the vehicle’s clean body-line,” says Tony Quezada, Cliffride CEO.

The 22-inch, high-quality, dual-row LED light bar attaches to the vehicle’s radiator core support without any drilling, and uses powder coated steel brackets and high-quality hardware that are provided in the installation kit. The complete kit also includes a weatherproof wiring harness, relay, fuse, connectors and switch.

Cliffride Offers A New And Innovative Cowl Light Bar Mounting System For Jeep JK Wranglers

The new Cleghorn Light Bar Cowl from Cliffride, is a precision molded factory replacement to the vehicle’s OE windshield wiper cowl on 2007-2016 model Jeep JK Wranglers. The innovative cowl design incorporates a 31-inch, single-row LED light bar, that is securely mounted to the vehicle’s inner hood-hinge bolts, using the steel powder-coated brackets provided in the installation kit.

The cowl is manufactured from ABS plastic and is precision molded for a perfect fit and comes ready to be painted to match the exterior color of the vehicle. The installation uses factory hardware, and does not interfere with the operation of the vehicle’s windshield wipers, hood, or obstruct the driver’s view.

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