KTN's Kiylex Thermo Throttle Body Spacers Guaranteed to Perform!

Introducing KTN Thermo Dynamcis product line “Kiylex Thermo Throttle Body Spacers”.

KTN guarantees a 30% reduction in overall intake manifold temperature delivering cooler, denser air into your engine.

KTN has products for Acura, Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru and Toyota.

Starting at $92.95 Retail (hardware included)

Wholesale / UPCS / GDSN’s available.

Feel free to contact us before the show, 1-800-586-6048

SEMA Show Booth # 90316

Red Baron Tools will showcase a new patented tool organizer at SEMA 2015

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Red Baron Tools will be showcasing a new tool organizer designed to keep tools organized and easy to reach. This new patented product gives any mechanic easy access to their frequently used tools, all in one compact organizer. The new organizer can be placed on a work surface or on an available Red Baron Tools rolling cart. Use the cart to move your tools close to the project and only take up 24"x24" area of floor space. Contact Red Baron Tools or stop by Booth 15613 for a demonstration.

Get Our Patent-Pending QR Codes For Your SEMA Show 2015 Vehicles

If you are going to have display vehicles at your booth, contact us at to get your vehicles added to our SEMA Show 2015 section on the CHARIOTZ website and app, and get our patent-pending QR codes for those vehicles.

When a booth visitor scans a vehicle’s QR code using the CHARIOTZ app, he or she instantly sees all products used and work done on that vehicle. You can pinpoint and describe all the visible AND invisible modifications done to the vehicle. If it is a restored vehicle, you can share the painstaking work that went into bringing it back to car show condition. You enter the information that the visitor sees, so you can be as detailed as you want to be, including adding any stories behind each vehicle – most vehicles do have interesting stories behind them.

The CHARIOTZ app also stores all scanned vehicles on the visitor’s phone for later viewing and sharing, so you continue to get exposure even after the visitor has left your booth.

Mishimoto's All-New BMW E46 3-series Intake Boots

Need a solution to your old and cracked rubber intake boots, which will last the life of your car? Look no further than the Mishimoto two-piece silicone E46 intake boot kit for your E46 BMW 323i, 325i, or 328i. These E46 intake boots are made from a combination of high-grade silicone and heat-resistant embedded fibers for a high-quality replacement kit for your stock rubber hoses. Available in black, blue, or red, Mishimoto silicone hoses retain stock fitment while providing increased pressure tolerance for the ultimate upgrade in performance and style. Mishimoto designed this kit as a two-piece system that allows for an easy installation, while maintaining the original positioning of the stock airbox and mass airflow sensor.

Mishimoto Prevents RX-8 Oil Line Failure With New Stainless Steel Lines

The Mazda RX-8 has a high-winding rotary engine capable of easily reaching 9,000 RPMs on a daily basis. With those revs comes very high oil temperatures. Most RX-8 models with manual transmissions were outfitted with dual oil coolers from the factory to keep the rotary engine’s oil at a safe temperature during high speed driving and track situations. Unfortunately, over time, the stock rubber oil lines and steel fittings can severely corrode and degrade over time. This full kit from Mishimoto replaces all the RX-8 oil cooler lines with braided stainless units and aluminum fittings that will not corrode or degrade over time. This oil line kit also replaces the most frequent line to corrode, which is located on the left hand side of the car near the front suspension assembly.

Finishing Touch for 348, 409 Engines

PML introduces heavy duty valve covers for the Chevrolet 348, 409 W block engines. These new valve covers feature an unadorned look and top quality cast aluminum construction. The thick gasket flange provides a secure seal to the cylinder head.

Because these new PML valve covers have do not have fins or logos, they provide a backdrop for customization or other engine features the builder may want to show off.

PML offers the valve covers in a natural sand cast finish and in a polish finish. The natural cast finish gives a retro look and is also suitable for custom painting or powder coating.

PML owner David Tolin developed these covers in response to requests from performance shops that need a solid, quality cover for 348, 409 engines. PML also offers a design with fins and vintage CHEVROLET ™ script.

All PML products are made in the USA.

PML can be reached at 310-671-4345, website, email, and at SEMA Show 2015 Booth # 24425.

Wagner SprayTech Spark-contained MotoCoat Sprayers: SEMA Booth #13164

LAS VEGAS — November 3, 2015 — Wagner SprayTech, the market leader in advanced paint applicators, is exhibiting its new line of sprayers for the automobile industry, MotoCoat™ sprayers, in booth #13164 at SEMA this week. Designed for DIY auto enthusiasts and installers, MotoCoat sprayers will safely apply low flash-point coatings like protective materials for truck beds and undercoating, rubberized peelable coatings, and auto finishing paints.

MotoCoat sprayers offer a complete system for spraying – no compressor is needed. They are the safest self-contained sprayer available, with a spark-contained motor and a 39-foot hose for complete maneuverability around vehicles. And they are powerful. Outfitted with Wagner’s exclusive X-Boost® turbine, they provide fast and complete coverage with low overspray. In addition to adjusting power and material flow settings on the fly, users can adjust the spray pattern to be horizontal, vertical, narrow or wide.

DEI Introduces New Muffler Shield Kit- Reduces Radiant Heat, Provides a Cooler Interior

Reduces Radiant Heat, Provides a Cooler Interior

Avon Lake, Ohio…Hot rod and muscle car mufflers can transfer a tremendous amount of heat into the cabin which can make for an uncomfortable ride. DEI’s New Muffler Shield Kit, developed with the same race proven technology as DEI’s popular Floor and Tunnel Shield II™ product, is constructed of 10 mil dimpled aluminum with a 1/8” needle glass insulator. The result is a clean-looking shield that greatly reduces radiant heat resulting in a cooler cabin interior and overall component protection from the effects of extreme heat.

Easy to trim, it is designed to wrap around most any size muffler with a secure fit. The kit includes one 42” x 24” Muffler Shield, two 40” x ½” wide heavy duty 304 stainless steel positive locking ties, and locking tie tool.

DEI Lightweight Ultra Sheath MA™ Ultra Lightweight Heat Protection for Hoses, Fuel Lines & Electrical Wiring

Avon Lake, Ohio (March 12, 2015)…Design Engineering’s new lightweight Ultra Sheath MA™ reflects direct and radiant heat that can cause damage to under-hood components, burn ignition wires and wiring, or damage brake and fuel lines. Designed as an upgrade to aluminum or foil sleeving, Ultra Sheath MA is constructed
from a process that impregnates molten aluminum to the core fabric giving it higher heat
reflective properties. This process provides a higher sustained heat capability; up to 1100°F for direct heat.

More flexible and 40% lighter than standard foil or bonded aluminum products, Ultra Sheath MA trims to desired lengths for quick and easy installation; even in hard to reach locations. Ultra Sheath MA is available in multiple ID sizes and lengths, including bulk: ½” ID x 3’ (#010230), ½” ID x 15’ (#010231), ¾” ID x 3’ (#010232), and 1-¼” x 3’ (#010233).


Auburn Hills, Mich. (June 15, 2015) — TI Automotive, a leading global supplier of fluid storage, carrying and delivery technology, has announced the availability of its new line of Dual Fuel Pump Kits and Drop-in Modules for high-horsepower (HP) engines. The new pump kits and drop-in modules are ideal for gas powered engines with up to 1,000 HP with a flow rate of 500 LPH plus.

“We’re proud to introduce to the market a line of dual in-tank fuel pump kits and drop-in modules with the highest flow rate available in one package at this price level,” explained Carl Hockman, category manager, TI Automotive. “Our dual pump kits and drop-in modules offer the most value for car enthusiasts who have thirsty, high-horsepower engines underneath the hood.”

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