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Sterling Heights, MI [October 2016] – Bartec USA, continues to grow their range of products and services with the aim to supply the right service solutions to in an effort to make automotive service and repair easier and more profitable. Bartec’s going forward strategy is to add complementary service related products to their existing line of TPMS tools and accessories, which will leverage their strengths of an excellent brand, a large and seasoned sales team, the industry’s best distributor partners, and the very best in customer support. According to Scot Holloway, Bartec USA CEO, “The Bartec Group is growing organically as well as through acquisition, and this year we purchased the aftermarket tools specialists, SP Diagnostics.” SP Diagnostics, a well-known global brand located in the United Kingdom, is a manufacturer of OBDII based diagnostic and service tools as well as a relatively new product called Revive Turbo Cleaner.

Bartec announces their newest TPMS innovation

Sterling Heights, MI [October 2016] – Bartec USA, the North American leader in TPMS Diagnostic tools and solutions, announces the expansion of their range of Aftermarket Service Products. Since 2004, Bartec USA has been the most recognizable name in the Tire Pressure Monitoring System Tool Space. “Our TPMS Tools have been, and will continue to be, the preferred solution of more automotive service and retail tire companies,” noted Bartec C.E.O. Scot Holloway. “In fact just this year, to meet huge surges in demand for our tools, we’ve expanded our Manufacturing, Customer Support and Vehicle Validation teams.”

Auto Gutter

The Auto Gutter is a patented new product that will extend the life of your vehicle, protecting your vehicles air conditioning system from debris entering he system through the cowl below the vehicles front shield.

Avoid cracks in your dash thats can cost you up to $1000.00 to replace. Most newer cars manufactured today have sensitive rear view mirrors tied into your vehicles computer system. The Auto Gutter will help protect this valuable component and for those warmer climates, this will assist in keeping it on the glass. Tired of replacing your wiper blades every other month? This product will protect those as well. If you add up what you spent over the course of a year in wiper blades, this product will pay for itself.
Keep the interior of your vehicle protected and cool by eliminating the suns harmful rays with this easy to install cover.

Braun Automotive™ Introduces the New AC5 Series of Detailing Brushes


Friday, October 5th, 2106
Contact: Mitch Tobol, CGT Marketing
Phone: 631-842-4600

Braun Automotive™ Introduces the AC5 Series of detailing brushes

Automotive detailing reaches new heights with the introduction of our new AC5 series of Braun Automotive detailing brushes. These new brushes are designed with the perfectionist in mind. The set includes a variety of bristle types and length, all with a unique purpose in mind.

Upholstery Piping Brush - AC5HHBK
Our horse hair utility brush is ideal for cleaning crevices on delicate surfaces like leather and cloth upholstery, piping, polished chrome and wood instrument panels.

Foam Pad Cleaning Brush - AC9BBK
This poly utility brush is the best tool for cleaning caked polish or compound from your polishing pads

Detailing Nylon Brush - AC9RBK

Lincoln Continental Weatherstrip Body Kit

Steele Rubber Products is excited to announce their newest products for 1966 and 1967 Lincoln Continental 4 door convertibles! They have put all these new parts into one kit for ease of purchase and convenience when working on your car. The kit includes the convertible roof rail kit, hinge pillars, front door seals, rear door seals, rear door auxiliary seal, trunk weatherstrip, back panel weatherstrip(2), hood to cowl weatherstrip, and the rear bumper splash guard. You can also purchase these parts al a carte if needed. Steele Rubber Products has worked hard to create these hard to find seals for all the Lincoln drivers out there and they have plans to continue expanding their Lincoln Continental line in others years. All parts that Steele manufactures are made from original parts, tested on the original vehicle, and made from top quality rubber to guarantee the fit and durability. All of the seals in this kit are hand crafted in the U.S.A and guaranteed to fit.

Metallic Kryptek® Rocker Panel Wraps- A CMYK Grafix Exclusive Product

For immediate release

Metallic Kryptek® Rocker Panel Wraps- A CMYK Grafix Exclusive Product

BOISE, Idaho – October 7, 2016 CMYK Grafix, is excited to share a new exclusive product with SEMA show attendees! Our Metallic Kryptek® Rocker Panel Wraps for custom vehicles are now available for purchase in our online store. These decals are easy to install yourself, or take them to a nearby vehicle wrap installer and have them installed for you.

Available in three standard sizes:
•Small: 16”x9’ (Contains two 9’ pieces)
•Medium: 16”x11’ (Contains two 11’ pieces)
•Large: 16”x14’ (Contains two 14’ pieces)

Auto Gutter

The Auto Gutter , provides protection for automobiles in multiple ways. It covers the gap between the hood and windshield. This is where your vehicle's cowl is located and where leaves, twigs, pine needles , and debris settles when parked near trees. Leaf debris can block windshield drain tubes that are located beneath the cowl. This can lead to thousands of dollars in repairs from rain water backing into the passenger cabin because of blocked drain tubes. Leaves retain moisture which can contribute to rust to the body of your vehicle and mold to the filters such as your cabin air filter. When you allow debris to stay in your cowl you are at risk for expensive repairs , because every time you start your motor the debris in your cowl gets sucked into the engine compartment and deeper into engine parts like air conditioning casings and evaporators. The Auto Gutter will also add life to windshield wipers and wiper blades.

Solo Artist

Hitchgate™ SOLO

The Solo is like the scrappy little brother that can do almost everything his big brother can, even though he’s smaller and lighter. With as much trailer capacity as his larger brethren and at just 53lbs, the Hitchgate Solo is a no-brainer for an even broader spectrum of vehicles that need a full size spare tire on hand when the going gets rough. The Solo is an ultra-low profile tire carrier that mounts at the same height as the hitch making it optimized for vehicles where the rear hatch/door sits very close to the hitch. Some of the key features include a single sided support arm keeping it simple and light. Low clearance for vehicles like Subaru, Tahoe, Sprinter/Transit/ProMaster. And as with all Wilco Offroad products, proudly made in the USA.

See all the latest from Wilco Offroad at booth #36220

KENDA introduces the ALL NEW Vezda UHP A/S

Columbus, OH (October 31, 2016)—The wait is over! Kenda USA is proud to introduce the new Vezda UHP A/S KR400 with projected availability in Spring 2017. Kenda recognizes the need to deliver a value-priced UHP All-Season tire for drivers of sports cars, sedans, and coupes who are looking to enjoy driving their cars year-round. The Vezda UHP, is Kenda’s Ultra High Performance tire formulated with a special silica compound combining summer levels of wet and dry performance with strong cold weather and light snow capability. The KR400 line will feature 43 sizes fitting wheels 16”-20 and covering over 85% of the UHP North American fitments. “The UHP market is one of the largest niche markets for our dealers and distributors in North America.” Jimmy Yang, President, Kenda Tires. “The KR400 is a cutting-edge UHP product that showcases the capability of Kenda’s North American Technical Center and Engineering team.”

New Technology Helps Prevent Car Seat Deaths

Have you ever noticed that a car will remind the driver to put on their seat belt or that the keys were left in the car but there is no notification for your child's car seat? A father in the automotive industry realized this with his own child and invented a smart car seat monitor that works with any car seat and smartphone.

Driver’s Little Helper is a smart car seat monitor that attaches to any brand of car seat and will send alerts to an app on your smartphone. This device lets parents know if their child is too hot, too cold, out of the car seat or still in the car when the parent gets out. The smart car seat monitor sends alerts and information to a smartphone app while also making audible alerts from the car seat when a child is in danger. You can also set up emergency contacts that receive text alerts. Now parents can make any car seat smarter and safer. This year Driver's Little Helper was awarded Best In Show during the New York Baby Show.

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