HaulGauge to debut worlds first scale for light vehicles at SEMA show 2016

HaulGauge will debut its patented weight sensing technology at SEMA. The technology utilizes accelerometers and signals from the vehicle diagnostic port to determine gross combined weight (curb, passengers, cargo, trailers, etc. combined). The gauge responds within seconds of driving.

HaulGauge will unveil two products, which will be in the new product showcase, and at booth #38137 in South Hall Upper. The inventor, Michael Hall, will be available for interviews at the HaulGauge booth.

About HaulGauge:
HaulGauge was founded in 2013 by automotive engineer, Michael Hall, in his basement. After adding employees and ramping up testing, the company moved to its current location, 2227 Tracy Hall Pkwy in Provo, Utah. The new location has an electronics lab, machine shop, and production lines to allow for continued growth.

Melanie McEntire
VP Sales and Marketing

Midland Radio Expands MicroMobile Line with Added Power and New Features

LAS VEGAS (Nov. 1, 2016) – At the 2016 SEMA trade show, leading two-way communications manufacturer Midland Radio presents three feature-rich additions to the company’s popular MicroMobile product line.

Embraced by auto enthusiasts across the spectrum of motorized travel for its impressive range, compact size, exceptional clarity and compatibility with most hand-held radios, the Midland MicroMobile MXT100 represented a significant advancement in trail and off-road communication technology when it was released in 2015.


Dymag 01/USA

Date: OCTOBER 2016 – For Immediate Release


Dymag, the British wheel company that developed the world’s first commercially available carbon composite auto wheel and motorcycle wheels, is launching its new carbon hybrid auto wheel at SEMA 2016.

The company famous for designing and supplying wheels to F1 and IndyCar racing teams and legends such as Ayrton Senna, Nigel Mansell and Alain Prost, will unveil the Boxstrom Carbon Hybrid Auto Wheel, for which international patent applications have been submitted, on their exhibitor booth 47233 at SEMA, taking place on November 1 - 4 at the Las Vegas Convention Centre.

Alcon Unveil New Forged RC4 and RC6 Calipers For Road And Track Use

It might sound obvious, but larger, aftermarket brakes are one of the most significant changes an individual can make to their car. Bigger brakes mean greater stopping power, in turn allowing more speed to be carried into corners, ultimately leading to an upswing in driver confidence – a win-win situation. Those seeking to upgrade their car's braking system would be well advised to check out Alcon's latest caliper offerings, the four-piston RC4 and the six-piston RC6.

Beautifully manufactured from FORGED alloy, both the RC6 and RC4 calipers are works of art to behold, with exquisite engineering having been employed throughout their construction, exactly as the market has learned to expect of each Alcon product. Indeed, the firm has been producing some of the most advanced braking solutions for both road and track applications for 33 years now, a span of time that's enabled Alcon to develop an unparalleled understanding of high performance braking.

New Quick 6 Controller Simplifies Modern 6-10-Speed Transmission Swaps

The US Shift Quick 6 is a stand-alone clutch-to-clutch transmission controller designed for modern 6-10 speed automatic transmissions. Quick 6 utilizes a new self-tuning process (patent applied for), with an emphasis on ease of use and safety. The self-tuning capability and refined adjustment process enables an installation, setup, and tuning experience that is even simpler than earlier four speed transmissions, while maximizing adaptability to many different applications, vehicles, and power levels.

A new internal user interface streamlines the configuration, tuning, and troubleshooting processes. The self-adjustment capability and user settings enable a new level of shift quality for a stand-alone transmission controller. For applications where the first gear ratio of the chosen transmission is too low, second gear starts can be utilized to emulate a close-ratio transmission with one less speed. An integrated trans-brake option is planned for mid-2017.

New Ideas - Please review PBADS and PBSTRS

Push Button Axle Deployment Systems (PBADS) & Push Button Spare Tire Release Systems PBSTRS

New Generation VDO Vehicle Audio Systems Deliver Exceptional Sound Quality, Styling and Functionality

• Robust design and construction makes VDO radios ideal for every application, from cruising streets and highways to the tough off-road environment

Allentown, PA. November 2016. The new line of VDO Radios from Continental, represent a new generation of vehicle sound systems that come with a heritage of over 80 years of sound quality and a strong reputation for excellence in the world of infotainment. Continental is the manufacturer and supplier of VDO Radios as well as a wide variety of VDO OE-engineered replacement parts and instrumentation for the custom car market.

New Quick 2 Controller Provides Simple, Easy Control of Four-Speed Transmissions

The US Shift Quick 2 is a stand-alone transmission controller designed to simplify four-speed electronic transmission and engine swaps. It includes the advanced architecture of Quick 4, but with a focus on simplicity and low price. A new, improved user interface makes setup and operation without a laptop easier than ever before.

A simple, inexpensive and easy-to-use controller based on Quick 4's Revolution architecture.

Featuring all of the data logging and diagnostic features of Quick 4, but without the complexity and features that are not needed for basic applications.

Designed for hobbyists and shops who need simple and straightforward transmission control with a proven, robust, and reliable platform.

The ability to connect to a PC and adjust all aspects of the tune and take data logs at no extra charge

An inexpensive and easy upgrade to the advanced Quick 4 controller is possible, if more features are needed later.


Motul Unveils New 8100 X-Clean EFE Synthetic Engine Oil at SEMA Show

Motul Unveils New 8100 X-Clean EFE Synthetic Engine Oil at SEMA Show
- New engine lubricant is formulated for diverse modern engines
- Complete product line makes Motul ideal service center partner

Cypress, Calif. (October 27, 2016) -- Motul USA, the industry leader in synthetic lubricant technology, will showcase an all-new synthetic engine oil, as well as its full automotive product line, at the 2016 Specialty Equipment Manufacturers’ Association (SEMA) Show, November 1-4, at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

At the Motul USA exhibit (Central Hall, booth #25155), a Brabus-tuned Mercedes will sit front and center. While the iconic Mercedes Benz SUV is sure to turn heads, there is more than meets the eyes to its presence in the exhibit. Utilizing Motul products in the engine and transmission, it showcases many of Motul’s products that not only meet, but exceed, stringent OEM guidelines, including Extra Fuel Economy Property (EFE).

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