The lifting world is on the digital rise!

This summer we have developed at a rapid pace. Rolling out new features for shops, manufacturers and service providers.

For our shops we have spent many hours developing Lift Locker to create a safer and more efficient workplace. We now offer on the dashboard direct communication with service providers to receive and save estimates. This also allows for questions to be asked about your equipment or upcoming service work. Additionally offering, updated equipment and issue tracking to help optimize your service department at a level never before known.

Ceramic Pro Partners With Carfax To Protect Vehicle Values

Ceramic Pro is helping maximize the resale value of their customers' vehicles by reporting product installation details to Carfax. Vehicles treated with Ceramic Pro, the revolutionary liquid nanotechnology that protects paint and eliminates the need to wax your car, now are identified on Carfax Vehicle History Reports and the mobile app.

Ceramic Pro protects a vehicle's paint from corrosion, UV damage and oxidation while simultaneously enhancing its gloss finish. Making this information available through Carfax is beneficial for both buyers and sellers. Shoppers can buy with more confidence knowing that these are vehicles a previous owner invested in to protect, and may be willing to pay a premium for them.


OKI is eager to return to SEMA 2018 and raring to showcase our glossy, vibrant and highly-durable vehicle wraps. See the speed and superior performance of the ColorPainter™ wide format printer series, including the award-winning M-64s, the recent recipient of the 2018 BLI Award. ColorPainter printers are best-in-class, providing color-rich graphics and a breathtaking finish that will be the envy of your competitors - and the delight of your customers. With production speeds and quality output that are virtually impossible to match at this price point, ColorPainter leading-edge technology will expand your shop capabilities and enhance your product portfolio while driving increased revenue and efficient ROI for your business.

Retro Manufacturing attending SEMA 2018 for their 8th Consecutive Year.

Retro Manufacturing is pleased to announce that they will be attending the 2018 SEMA Show, happening October 30 – November 2 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Retro Manufacturing will be located in the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center at booth number 23889 within the Restoration Marketplace and directly connected to Hot Rod Alley. Retro Manufacturing will have on display a number of new and highly anticipated RetroRadio™ products by RetroSound. They will also have a number of functioning in-dash displays high-lighting their product lineup within a wide variety of classic vehicle applications. The RetroBelt™ product line will also be on display with select kits and colors designed specifical-ly for classic vehicles.

Craft Customs Steering Wheels is Coming to SEMA!

Craft Customs Steering Wheels is coming to SEMA!
You’ve heard the name, you’ve seen our products, and now you can see us live at SEMA, booth #53415! Craft Customs is excited to announce our exhibitor booth. Starting in a garage in 1991, just outside of Dallas, Texas, and growing into the national company it is today, Craft Customs has been a family-owned and operated business for over 28 years. As a leading national aftermarket wholesaler we restore, repair and customize steering wheels and interior dash trim in wood, carbon fiber, leather and suede. You will not find a better friend in the industry than Craft Customs. We are proud to treat each and every one of our customers as a valued friend and partner. Craft Customs' products focus on customizing and restoring interior accessories and with our focus on customer service, we offer customers the total package.
Our product lines include:
• Customizing Steering Wheels and dashes
• Restoration of steering wheels and dashes

ACAT Global's Herringbone Catalytic Converter Technology for Automotive, Motorcycle, Industrial and Marine Applications Designed for EPA and CARB Aftermarket and OEM Applications Outperforms the Competition!

News Release

Charlevoix, Michigan- August 2, 2018- ACAT Global, LLC (Advanced Clean Air Technology) is returning to SEMA 2018 and excited to showcase our innovative and proprietary Metallic Herringbone Technology for automotive, motorcycle, marine and industrial applications. ACAT's universal converters, fitment universal converters and direct fit converter systems are designed for EPA and CARB Aftermarket and OEM applications.

NGR Performance is a semi-finalist for SEMA Launch Pad!

We are happy to announce NGR Performance is a semi-finalist at the SEMA Launch Pad. Presenting the NGR Turbo Filter! Please be sure to vote for us to present at the SEMA show! Be sure to visit us at our Booth #53206 at the Performance Pavilion!


Sprintex Superchargers is proud to introduce their 2018+ Jeep JL and JL Sprintex Performance Series (SPS) Series 2 superchargers in Booth No. 20379 for the 2018 SEMA Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, Oct 30 – Nov 2, 2018.

Autopromotec “FOLLOW ME” - International Projects | An Italian arena of excellences in automotive aftermarket| Come and meet the Italian companies at SEMA Show, Oct 30th - Nov 2nd 2018, Global Tire Expo section, Booth 43286

Autopromotec “FOLLOW ME” - International Projects
An Italian arena of excellences in automotive aftermarket
Come and meet the Italian companies at SEMA Show, Oct 30th - Nov 2nd 2018, Global Tire Expo section, Booth 43286

Why Autopromotec FOLLOW ME?!

Autopromotec is the most specialized exhibition of garage equipment and aftermarket products that takes place every other year in Bologna, Italy (next edition: May 22-26, 2019). It hosts the finest of the Italian production in these fields, known for its top level of quality, research, innovation and reliability.


When you visit the new CON2R website ( you won’t be searching for a part number – you’ll be using two of the most sophisticated “configurators” in the automotive aftermarket to create a custom steering wheel or instruments “YOUR WAY.”

With these programs you can pick and choose from nearly endless combinations of components to create, in real time, the look you want for your ride.

Designing is a point and click process and CON2R has provided a wide range of design options for both the wheel and instruments to allow you to seamlessly match the style of your build.

Leather wraps, wood grips and multiple colors are just a few of the wheel options and essentially, anything you want is possible for colors, graphics and markings within the bezels of the gauge housings.

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