Can a friend or colleague pick up my media credentials for me?

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No. Those who register and are approved in advance will need to present a photo ID to pick up their media credentials. You are not allowed to pick up credentials for colleagues.

When and how will I receive my media badge?

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All media badges are to be picked up in the SEMA Show Media Center during the hours listed below. The Media Center is located in Room S229, in the Skybridge meeting rooms between Central and South Halls. Please be advised that photo ID will be required. 

To expedite the pickup process, approved media should bring a printed copy of the confirmation with the bar code.

What are qualifying media registration materials?

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Qualifying materials may be required to validate that you are indeed affiliated with a media outlet that covers a topic that is relevant to the SEMA Show and to provide insight on how the SEMA Show coverage will be used.

If required to provide qualifying materials, we ask that two (2) forms of qualifying materials (from within the last 12 months) are submitted. Examples of qualifying materials include:


  • PDF/JPG of published editorial with your name in the byline, what the publication is, date published, etc.
  • Website link (please include the link) to an article with your name in the byline
  • A copy of publication masthead with name and title


If I was approved for media credentials in the past, will I be approved for media credentials again?

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No. While in some cases a registrant will be automatically approved for media credentials, individuals are randomly audited and may need to re-submit qualifying materials from within the last 12 months. If you have questions about whether you qualify for media credentials, please contact or call 909/978-6722.

Individuals who have been approved for media credentials in the past can use the e-mail address they used before to register this year to expedite the application process. Even if the e-mail address has since changed, using the original e-mail address will pull up the individual’s record. (The applicant can then update his/her e-mail address.)

Do public relations or marketing representatives qualify for media credentials?

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No. Public relations and marketing personnel representing manufacturers do not qualify for media credentials. Video production companies that are representing exhibitors or those that are charging companies to be covered do not qualify for media credentials. To learn more about other categories that might be applicable for public relations and marketing personnel, email

Approved individuals who abuse their media privileges or who misrepresent themselves or aid in obtaining their media passes may risk having their credentials revoked and their names banned from attending the SEMA Show in future years.

Who qualifies for media credentials?

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Media credentials are reserved exclusively for working members of the media, including print, broadcast, radio, or online. In order to maintain a B2B environment conducive for buyers and sellers to do business, media credentials are only available to media that are related to the automotive industry or those that cover small businesses or another relevant topic. If you have questions about whether you qualify for media credentials, please contact or call 909/978-6722.

How can I order tickets to the Special Events and educational sessions?

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Tickets for the special events and educational sessions are available when registering for the SEMA Show. If you have already registered and would like to order special event tickets, simply follow the instructions and shortcut link in your registration confirmation e-mail.

How do I register for the SEMA Show?

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The SEMA Show is a trade-only industry event; it is not open to consumers or the general public. If you are an exhibitor, member of the media, or an employee of a company that is qualified to attend the 2019 SEMA Show, you can register for the Show

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