SEMA Battle of the Builders®

The SEMA Battle of the Builders® competition features top automotive builders from across the nation. This year the competition will recognize Young Guns who are builders 27 or younger on November 3rd, 2017.

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This one-of-a-kind competition is a chance for the world’s greatest builders who have already proven themselves to gain even greater recognition. All contestants, finalists and winners are recognized and honored at events throughout the week of the SEMA Show and featured in SEMA publications. Signage onsite during the SEMA Show highlights winning builders, their builders and the products on those vehicles. The finalists are among the vehicles that lead the world-famous SEMA Cruise and featured at SEMA Ignited.

Media from all over the world take notice and further amplify the contestants. Meanwhile, a TV production team follows the competition every step of the way to produce a one-hour TV Special.

In 2017 we will recognize builders 27 or younger on November 3, 2017 as Young Guns. To be considered for the 2017 SEMA Battle of the Builders®, you must be a current feature or booth vehicle approved to display at the 2017 SEMA SHOW. In addition, your vehicle must not be under a media embargo.

TV Schedule

Airing on the Velocity Network; Check your local cable or satelite provider for listings.

The SEMA Battle of the Builders TV Special airs on the Velocity Network. Hosted by industry personalities Chris Jacobs and Adrienne “AJ” Janic, the program takes viewers behind the scenes of the 2016 SEMA Show, where more than 140,000 industry professionals gather to discover new products and trends. You’ll be able to watch and join the journey of top builders as they battle around the clock to create and finish one-of-a-kind vehicles to be displayed at the annual event in Las Vegas, NV. You’ll see legendary builders competing side-by-side with new, up-and-coming “Young Gun” builders, and one even watch as one young builders gets a surprise visit from Chip Foose, for the winner is crowned at the official SEMA Show after party – SEMA Ignited.

Appearances by The Enthusiast Network Executive Producer David Freiburger, Petersen’s 4-Wheel & Off Road Editor-at-Large Fred Williams, and Meguiar’s Customer Engagement Leader RJ de Vera -- all of whom served as judges of the competition and narrowed down the field to the Top 10 cars, before the finalists judged their fellow competitors in front of an audience at the SEMA Show.

Check your local cable and satellite providers for details.

Calendar Dates Time
4/14/17 6:00 pm (ET)
4/16/17 1:00 pm (ET)
4/29/17 8:00 pm (ET)
4/29/17 11:00 pm
4/30/17 3:00 pm


A panel of top automotive experts narrows down the competition to just ten finalists who then vote amongst themselves who will be named the winner.

Builders with vehicles from all market segments, including trucks, hot rods, street rods, off-road, motorsports, sport compacts, luxury exotics and the like are encouraged to enter.


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Speed Hunters: Setting The Honda Standard

Now in its third and ultimate evolution, the BB4 stood out at SEMA for all the right reasons, and Big Mike drove away with not only a Top 10 placing (out of around 260 entrants) in the show’s prestigious ‘Battle of the Builders’ competition, but received a ‘Young Gun’ award in the process.

Hot Rod: SEMA Battle of the Builders Crowns a King

A broadcast production team followed the Battle of the Builders competition every step of the way. The results will air in an hour-long special on the Velocity Network.

Truck Trend: 2016 SEMA Show Roll Out

SEMA Ignited also boasts a few more attractions like food trucks, a drifting exhibition, and the award ceremony for Best of the Builders, a competition in which the best builders in the industry vote to award a vehicle the honor of being the best in the land.


  • Have your vehicle stand out to thousands of show-goers
  • Exposure through media coverage in top publications and online sites
  • Networking with top builders from around the globe
  • Generated content of your build, your products, your vehicle
  • On-site exposure at the 2017 SEMA Show
  • Featured in SEMA Publications
  • Part of the celebrated SEMA Cruise
  • Inclusion in 1-hour TV special


Open to anyone with a display, feature or booth vehicle at the SEMA Show, participants will showcase their vehicles during the annual event for a chance to prove they are among the elite.

Attention young builders! Will you be 27 (or younger) on November 3, 2017? If so, show the industry what you’ve got and register for the 2017 SEMA Battle of the Builders® competition at the 2017 SEMA Show.

The 2017 SEMA Battle of the Builders® competition at the SEMA Show will recognize the “Young Gun” builders who are participating in the SEMA Battle of the Builders® competition. (Remember, you must be a qualified and current feature or booth vehicle at the 2017 SEMA Show to be eligible to compete in the SEMA Battle of the Builders®.)

If you are not a current feature or approved booth vehicle but still want a chance to attend the 2017 SEMA Show and compete in the SEMA Battle of the Builders®, stay tuned for exciting information on this website for information about regional car shows that will be awarding a SEMA prize package to young builders. Each regional show will award one SEMA prize package to a young builder that will include an all-expense paid trip for two, transportation of the winner’s vehicle, a designated feature spot at the 2017 SEMA Show, and automatic entry into the 2017 SEMA Battle of the Builders® competition.

(To qualify for the Young Gun designation at each of the regional shows, a builder must be 27 or younger by the final night of the SEMA Show, November 3, 2017, and must be designated as the winner of the promoter’s show, or achieve the highest overall finish within a group of the show’s young builders, or be designated as the winner of the category offered by the show. Check show listings for detailed rules and information.)

Stay tuned for more information about the regional car show where you can earn a spot at the 2017 SEMA Show and participate in the 2017 SEMA Battle of the Builders® competition. Keep building Young Guns!

2016 Top 10 Builder Finalists

Jeremy & Phil Gerber - Mundelein, Illinois (Young Gun)

1967 Chevy Chevelle Onyx - Atech Motorsports, Booth #23613

Jeremy and Phil Gerber are co-owners of the Roadster Shop, a custom car build shop and chassis and suspension manufacturer located in Mundelein, Ill. The core focus is on performance pro-touring muscle cars, but have a passion for everything automotive. The Roadster Shop accolades include two cars in the Battle of the Builders Top 5 in 2015, two Good Guys Street Machine of the Year awards and multiple Top 5 finalists for this and other Good Guys Terrific 12 Awards, Detroit Autorama Great 8 Finalist, Multiple GM Design Awards, multiple Mothers Shine Award Finalists

The 1967 Chevelle "Onyx" is an extremely refined version of the original. This build took the lines of the best looking Chevelle ever produced and subtly enhanced them with a sharp eye for detail. A Roadster Shop chassis provides the low aggressive stance and performance handling. An 860-horsepower supercharged Wegner Motorsports LS3 sits under the hood. Advanced Plating handled the chrome and polish work on the custom tucked bumpers and refined original factory trim. A set of RS-designed Forgeline RS6 period inspired wheels and redline tires complete the exterior package. Jeremy Carlson of Extreme Performance handled the incredibly detailed interior that further blends today's level of refinement and attention to detail with the iconic style of the 1967 Chevelle.

Kyle Tucker - Mooresville, North Carolina (Open Division)

1941 Willys 2-Door Coupe | Baer Brakes, Booth #23719

I have been building cars and designing parts for the automotive aftermarket industry for over 15 years. We specialize in making parts that transform older cars into modern day super cars. Our custom car builds feature state-of-the-art technology blended with the iconic body styles of years past. I expect our cars to not only sit right, look right but drive and perform at a level that is uncompromised.

I won the inaugural 2015 SEMA BOTB with a 1969 Camaro. Awards include GG Street Machine of the Year and numerous show awards from across the country.

Mike & Jim Ring - Spring Green, Wisconsin

1969 Chevy Camaro | Royal Purple, Booth #23057 (Open Category)

Based in Spring Green, WI, Ringbrothers has rocketed into the top ranks of American car builders over the past decade, winning numerous design awards, including the GM Design Award for “Best Chevrolet of Show” at the 2014 SEMA Show, several Goodguys Gold Awards, back-to-back Goodguys Street Machine of the Year awards, multiple Mothers Shine awards, countless magazine covers and several builds commissioned by OEMs. Ringbrothers made it to the Top 3 in the initial Battle of the Builders in 2014 and made it to the Top 10 in last year’s BOTB competition.

The 1969 Camaro project has an incredible level of detail and by far surpasses the custom machining detail of any Ringbrothers build, thus the name G-Code. Some of the custom machined pieces include front and rear bumpers, taillight panel, taillight bezels, gas door, front grill, air intake scoops, headlight bezels and excessive interior machining.

Mike & Jim Ring - Spring Green, Wisconsin

1948 Cadillac | Flowmaster, Booth #22351 (Open Category)

Based in Spring Green, WI, Ringbrothers has rocketed into the top ranks of American car builders over the past decade, winning numerous design awards, including the GM Design Award for “Best Chevrolet of Show” at the 2014 SEMA Show, several Goodguys Gold Awards, back-to-back Goodguys Street Machine of the Year awards, multiple Mothers Shine awards, countless magazine covers and several builds commissioned by OEMs. Ringbrothers made it to the Top 3 in the initial Battle of the Builders in 2014 and made it to the Top 10 in last year’s BOTB competition.

The 1948 Cadillac project is a custom car for Wes Rydell to drive and enjoy. By combining the classic look of the '48 Cadillac Fastback with the performance and technology of the 2016 ATS-V Cadillac, it would be exactly how GM would build that car today. The car will have ATS-V twin-turbo V6 with 464 hp engine and eight-speed automatic. All engine controls will be maintained with the conversion. Interior gauge cluster will have components from the ATS-V. Under the hood and engine bay will consist of the OEM look of the ATS-V.

Brad DeBerti - Arroyo Grande, California

2017 Ford Raptor | Ford Motor Company, Booth #22200 (Young Gun)

I am a young builder who has been influenced by my dad from a super young age to now at 21 years old. I am very mechanical and I love to build and design. This is my first big build and I am going after a design or best of show award from Ford Motor Company.

This is the only 2017 Ford Raptor that will be at the 2016 SEMA show. This truck is completely stripped down to the cab. All of the factory frame has been removed and a new complete suspension 3" wider per side is being built. I am taking the factory geometry on the stock fenders and stretching them out 4" per side and machining them out of foam to make new molds. The interior has a complete roll cage installed. When this truck is at SEMA it will appear to be stock until you are about 10 feet from it. There will be no details missed on this Raptor from front to rear.

Jesse Greening - Wilmington, Delaware

1961 Chevy 2-Door Sedan | BASF/Glasurit, Booth #20367 (Open Category)

In the GREAT 8 2016; Gene Winfield SELECT SIX 2016; Builder Pick Goodguys Columbus, Ohio; Builders Pick Goodguys Nashville, Tenn.; Street Rodder Magazine Top 100.

1961 Chevy 2-door ht. converted into a station wagon (double bubble) chopped 3", channeled 4", front end lengthened 4", and wedged down 3", 409/473ci., 8 stack fuel injection, Tremec 5 speed, Morrision Chassis, flush-mounted glass AM Hot Rod Glass.

Cam Miller - North Logan, Utah

1969 Chevy Camaro | Mothers, Booth #61008 (Open Category)

HS Customs/Cam Miller has been building custom cars and trucks full time for six years. In that time we have qualified for Custom Rod of the Year Goodguys with a ‘58 T-Bird. The Camaro you see here we unveiled at the Detroit Auto Rama, took Utah's Finest and 1st in class pro touring at the Salt Lake City Auto Rama. Competed for Street Machine of the Year at Goodguys Columbus and made the top five. Competed for the Reno Cup at Hot August Nights and made top 5 with a 4th overall finish and also took Best in Show at Atlantis Casino. We are located in small-town Logan, Utah, and are just so excited to be a part of such a great industry. We are really excited to be a part of SEMA 2016 with this being our first time having a car in SEMA. Battle of the Builders, to be a part of that is just huge!

The ‘69 Camaro is a legend for so many reasons and there are so many awesome examples of these cars in this world. Probably one of the hardest cars to build and stand out. This is what we came up with trying to be different, innovative and creative, yet maintain what makes the Camaro so legendary. We hope you enjoy Under Pressure by HS Customs.

Big Mike - Garden Grove, California

1992 Honda Prelude | Torco Oils, Booth #24843 (Young Gun)

My Prelude build is a culmination of many years of studying and interpreting all forms of motorsport and automotive cultures. Growing up as an avid automotive enthusiast, I became interested in the import tuner culture specifically, with a strong emphasis on Japanese street and Grand Touring vehicles. As I grew, so did my appreciation for all types of cars and the cultures surrounding their modification and restoration.

Attending SEMA many times over the years has provided me the invaluable opportunity to see up-close and personal some of the greatest (automotive) builds in the world. From high-level race cars and hot rods to completely outside-the-box visions, I've found inspiration from vehicles that the prototypical import enthusiast would not. This build was created to be the perfect balance between a street, track, and show car, incorporating functional, aesthetic styling combined with modern-day race car technology.

Gordon Ting - Irvine, California

2016 Prius | Toyota, Booth #24800 (Open Category)

This is the first time I’m working on a Toyota build, and there’s some fun adventure in this. Because of where I’ve worked, I’ve been fortunate to work on Japanese and European imports, as well as domestic, from a marketing standpoint. I’m very grateful to have the chance to be able to design, build, and show cars in a new light.

There is something very unexpected about doing a performance build Prius. The concept for this build is inspired by the Japanese Prius GT300 that is racing in the Okayama International Circuit. While Prius has a reputation for fuel efficiency and as a reliable mode of transportation, I wanted to challenge that perception and turn it on its head. So I designed a Prius that performs.

Mark Turner - Phoenix, Arizona

1958 Jeep FC170 | Optima Alley (Open Category)

I am the CEO of Daystar Products and have been a garage builder my whole life. I have built off-road race vehicles, crazy concept vehicles, and even motorcycles. Everything that I have learned has been hands-on with advice from industry experts. They have always been willing to point me in the right direction; all I had to do was be open-minded. Building OEM parts for the last 11 years is cool but being able to take that information from Stability control testing and use it in the aftermarket and builds is to key to amazing vehicles.

My entry is a 1958 Jeep FC170. I purchased the Jeep at auction and stripped it down. It was in such bad shape I was going to part it out, but the employees at Daystar (an injection and cast polyurethane company) asked if they could build it with me after hours. I said yes and the five-month build was on.



BUILDERS Name Vehicle Category
Cris Payne, Taft, CA 2016 Chevy Colorado Diesel Young Gun
Brad DeBerti, Arroyo Grande, CA 2017 Ford Raptor Young Gun
Kenny Hauk, Chambersburg, PA 1948 Kaiser Willys Pickup Open
Greg Higgs, Lancaster, SC 2015 Chevy Colorado Open
Randy Weaver, Sandy, UT 1938 Diamond T Hauler Open
John Cole, El Cajon, CA 1966 Ford Bronco Open
Mark Turner, Phoenix, AZ 1958 Jeep FC170 Open

Sport Compact

BUILDERS Name Vehicle Category
Ernie Manansala, Newport Beach, CA 2014 Nissan GTR Young Gun
Big Mike, Garden Grove, CA 1992 Honda Prelude Young Gun
Dominic Le, Santa Ana, CA 1974 Datsun 260Z Young Gun
Gordon Ting, Irvine, CA 2016 Prius Open
Jeremy Lookofsky, Simi Valley, CA 2017 Toyota Corolla Open
Igor Polishchuk, Sacramento, CA 1989 BMW 325is Open
Anthony De Guzman, Winnipeg, MB, Canada 1993 Toyota Supra Young Gun

Hot Rod

BUILDERS Name Vehicle Category
Jeremy & Phil Gerber, Mundelein, IL 1967 Chevy Chevelle Onyx Young Gun
Kyle Tucker, Mooresville, NC 1941 Willys 2-Door Coupe Open
Mike & Jim Ring, Spring Green, WI 1969 Chevy Camaro Open
Jessie Greening, Wilmington, DE 1961 Chevy 2-Door Sedan Open
Cam Miller, North Logan, UT 1969 Chevy Camaro Open
Mike & Jim Ring, Spring Green, WI 1948 Cadillac Open
Jason Pecikonis, Camarillo, CA 1965 Ford Mustang Open





2016 SEMA Battle of the Builders® Participants

The 2016 competition included more than 200 vehicle builders and car customizers from across the country who entered 260 custom cars. Here's a list of the 2016 SEMA Battle of the Builder participants;

Greg Adams

Jesus Aguiñiga

Noah Alexander

Bobby Alloway

Terry Altman

Brian Alvarado

Chad Anderson

Tony Arme

Justin Arnold

Aaron Atnip

William Bailey

Paul Baker

Alan Banuelos

Adam Baumel

David Bernheimer

Stephanie Blanco

Phil Blottie

Ryan Bollens

Kelston Boodoo

Tyson Boothe

Randy Borcherding

Jonathan Brown

Damian Buckley

Miranda Built

Junior Burns

Shaun Callaway

Jamie Campbell

Chad Cantcolor

Orlando Carattini

Justin Carrillo

Mark Catania

Michael Caudill

Steve Chapman

Jeff Cleer

John Cole

Dylan Coleman

Archie Concon

Trevor Cook

Jared Cotter

Goolsby Customs

John D'Agostino

Robert Dahm

Frank Daniels

Sal Danley

Brandon Davis

Kaylie Davis

Anthony De Guzman

Brad DeBerti

Brandon DeFazio

Manny Diaz

Austin Dicus

JJ Dubec

Jason Duhon

Aaron Elenbaum

Jonny Espe

Jerry Fan

Andrew Farisv

Jeromie Fehrenbach

Shawn Fischer

EJ and Amy Fitzgerald

Jason Flis

Dar Fortney

Ira Fouquette

Bryan Fuller

Jeffery Garland

Jeremy and Phil Gerber

Mark Giambalvo

Doug Gonzales

Jesse Gonzalez

Johny Gonzalez

Johnathan Goodwin

Lukasz Granicy

Jagraj Grewal

Jacob Griffin

Jared Grossman

Troy Gudgel

Truck Guru

David Gutierrez

Travis Haecker

Gary Hagar

Greg Harper

Kyle Harper

Bruce Harvey

Matthew Haugen

Kenny Hauk

Mike Heim

Greg Henderson

Howard Hernandez

Greg Higgs

Justin Hildebrand

Steve Hill

David Hines

Edward Ho

Joe Horisk

Kirk Howland

Shawn Hudspeth

Matthew Ibrahim

Zach Ingram

Manny Iwabuchi

John Jackson

Chris Jaggers

Jeremy Johnson

Jimmy Johnson

Richard Jones

Rajdeep Kalkat

Kevin Keep

Charvonia Keith

Jesse Kerr

Brandon Knowles

Troy Ladd

Scott Laitinen

Luke Langren

Dominic Le

Andy Leach

Rodger Lee

Steve Legens

Rick Leos

David Lightner

Bryan Lin

Dean Livermore

Roger Lo

Carl Lofthouse

Ross Logsdon

Tom Longo

Jeremy Lookofsky

Nick Lopez

Andrew Lowe

Art Lucas

Michael Ma

Ernie Manansala

Jon Marshall

Teddy Matavosian

Jesse Matlock

Lyon McClenahan

Lonnie McCurry

Wayne Mcdaniel

Nick McDonald

Jake McKiddie

Carlos Medrano

Joey Mendoza

Big Mike

Cam Miller

Kyle Mohan

Justin Moreno

Alban Morina

Nathan Mueller

John Muratori

Adriana Murillo

Rod Neilsen

Hung Ngo

Joel Nichols

Danielle Norton

Jon Nyberg

Steve Osorio

Jeff Page

Tim Palazzolo

Walter Palencia

Cris Payne

Jason Pecikonis

Charlie Pehrson

Kevin Peverill

Murray Pfaff

Steve Pham

Rob Phillips

Sam Piazza

Robert Pigue

Kamaka Pocock

Igor Polishchuk

Jason Reitz

Jeremy Rice

Tim Riley

Mike and Jim Ring

Al Robinson

Hank Robinson

Dave Salvaggio

Sam Sanchez

David Sawyer

Josh Schilling

Alexander Schuler

Jared Sensat

Dylan Sievers

Craig Simonian

Ruel Smith

Jeremy Smith

Chris Soehren

Troy Spackman

Charles Spencer

Chris Stafford

Justin Starkey

Mike Staveski

Jacob Stone

Blake Stoner

Heather Swindoll

Stephen Talbot

Ivan Tampi

Ike Taylor

Russ Taylor

Denny Terzich

Sean Tessman

Mike Tilley

Gordon Ting

Neil Tjin

Marco Trejo

Kyle Tucker

Cody Turner

Mark Turner

Aaron Vaccar

Vincent Vandyke

Matthew Vasquez

Jay Velez

Kevin Villazon

Chuck Wade

Forrest Wang

John Wargo

Gary Warner

Joe Weaver

Randy Weaver

Gary Wescott

Tim White

Craig Wick

Jenna Wilhite

Kyle Williams

Landon Willis

Danielle Wing

Alan Yee


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