DEI Titanium™ Products with LR Technology


For maximum thermal control, nothing beats DEI’s family of Titanium products with LR Technology: Pipe Shields, Turbo Shields, Protect-A-Sleeve and Protect-A-Boots. This premium line is designed to handle extreme high heat situations which makes these products ideal for use in modified performance street or race vehicles.

DEI’s Titanium Protect-A-Sleeve™ can be used to protect fuel, oil and brake lines, or spark plug and electrical wires from hot exhaust manifolds and headers. Available in a 4 ft. length x 1/2” ID (Part# 010475) DEI’s Protect-A-Sleeve comes complete with 10 hi-temp military-spec 3-to-1 ratio shrink tubes to seal sleeve ends.

DEI’s Titanium Pipe Shields™ with DEI’s proprietary weave for strength and durability, provide a barrier from heat sources to protect transmissions, body panels, gas tanks and reducing heat from entering the vehicle interior. DEI’s Titanium Shield protects up to 1350°F.
DEI’s Titanium Turbo Shields™ reduces turbo lag while serving as the ultimate heat blanket capable of withstanding high heat conditions helping to reduce under the hood temperatures while providing a boost in HP.

DEI’s Titanium Protect-A-Boots™ are designed to protect spark plug boots and wires from extreme heat generated from the engine block, exhaust manifold and headers. Excessive heat may cause wires and boots to burn, harden or crack resulting in arcing, misfire or full ignition failure. This new product from DEI is now available for purchase in either a two-pack (part #010543) or eight-pack (part #010544) set.

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