Westin’s Complete Towing Electrical Program Gives You The Power To Tow! Available Now!



San Dimas, CA – July 28, 2014 - Westin Automotive proudly announces the arrival and availability of 9 essential Towing Electrical Products.

Westin’s Towing Electrical products give you the power to tow! We have what you need to hook-up and go, including: T-Connectors, Tail Light Converters, Adapters, Connectors, Connector Accessories and Mounting Brackets, Brake Controls, Wiring Harnesses, and Break Away Kits.

Westin T-Connectors take the guesswork out of towing. Kits are weather resistant one-piece bonded harnesses made of 100% copper stranded wire with 16 gauge output wires for lasting durability and superior current flow. Each comes with harness components, terminals, and a 4-way flat connector that includes a dust cap to protect it from the elements when not in use. Our T-Connector kits are vehicle specific and each comes with a comprehensive installation instruction sheet. Westin T-Connectors are “Plug-In-Play”™ ready with OE quality connectors that mate seamlessly, so, no cutting or splicing is required. Just plug and tow.

Westin's Tail Light Converters, are available for 3-wire to 2-wire, or vise/versa conversions, and are available for the most popular tow vehicles on the road. Rated from 7 amp to 10 amp tail light circuit, and up to 5 amps stop/turn per side. OE style installation technique is to the highest industry standard. Westin Tail-Light Converters are available in standard or PWD (Pulse with Modulation) design.

Our 4 and 5-Way Flat, 6, and 7-Way Car Side/Trailer Side Adapters are designed to enable the user to tow more than one trailer. Made with brass terminals and mate seamlessly with OE systems.

Westin’s weather resistant 6-Way and 7-Way Towing Electrical Connectors are designed to provide multiple connector functionality. Options include 7-way and 4-way vehicle-side connectors, and LED light feature. Westin Connectors come in sealed housings with OEM quality connectors.

Connector Mounting Brackets, Brake Controls, Wiring Harnesses, and Break Away Kits are also part of Westin’s Towing Electrical product offering. Mounting brackets offer users an organized and safe way to wire-up and effectively utilize their Connector wiring.

Westin offers 4 Brake Controls that offer data display options and accuracy reading equipment that provides the user with greater control. Our top-line W10 Series Brake control is a gyro accelerometer equipped with a deceleration sensor and overload indicator. Our W4 and W6 Series Brake Controls offer LED or Digital data display options. The W8 Series is a proportional Brake Control with a 6-segment LCD digital display. A Brake Control is installed in the tow vehicle to control the voltage signal to the trailer brake circuit. Most states require the use of a Brake Control in the tow vehicle under specific towing limits as a safety precaution.

All categories of Westin Towing Electrical are color coded in easy to identify retail packaging and will display with ease on any wall on a peg or hook.

Westin’s Towing Electrical program goes hand-in-hand with our full line of class I and class III Receiver Hitches, available now.

For more information on Westin Products, call customer service at 1-800-345-8476.