Use Silent Running’s SR CAR To Improve Your Stereo Quality


East Haven, CT (April 23, 2014)- When listening to music in your vehicle, the vibration and rattling can off-put the quality of sound, making it extremely annoying while cruising down the road. To make your ride more enjoyable, simply spray on SR CAR throughout your trunk, door panels, and wherever else you want to create a more solid audio sound.

By spraying SR CAR throughout your car, the viscoelastic coating will dampen the vibration and eliminate unwanted noise. The coating adheres to all the small crevices and has a smooth finish, giving your ride an ascetically pleasing appearance.

About SR CAR:
Silent Running’s SR CAR is a high performance, viscoelastic coating used to improve stereo quality, reduce unwanted road noise, and dampen vibration. SR CAR is easily applied to hot rods, cars, trucks, or any vehicle with vibration and noise problems. Apply SR CAR to wheel wells, door panels, trunks, firewalls, and all interior surfaces for a quiet ride. For more information, please visit or call (877) 436-6542.