TCI® GM 6L80 Bolt-Together Race Torque Converters


Ashland, MS –Triple-disc, 6L80 Race Torque Converters from TCI® are new bolt-together, “race only” components for 6L80 /6L90 transmissions used in conjunction with extremely high horsepower engines.

New TCI® GM Bolt-Together 6L80 Race Torque Converters are designed for use in the punishing environment of high horsepower LS 6L80 or 6L90 applications. With a fully furnace-brazed turbine and a CNC-machined billet design, this piece is engineered specifically for serious racers that require a torque converter with the utmost in strength and quality. These converters are designed for extreme power, easy stall speed changes and consistent and reliable performance. The race version requires a custom-tuned TCU/PCM, but the street version does not require tuning. Benefits include a triple-disc clutch with significantly higher torque capacity and much higher clamping force than a single-disc design, and they have the ability to fully lock up under wide open throttle so there is little or no high-gear slippage. Even though these converters are designed as a “race only” part, with special tuning they can be used in many high horsepower and modified vehicles when a single-disc converter simply won’t stand the power. Featured along with the high torque capacity, triple-disc, woven carbon fiber friction lock-up clutch is a 50-spline clutch hub, meaning the horsepower capacity of these converters is second to none. The bolt-together CNC billet design enables users to easily set the optimum stall speed for his or her application without sending it back to TCI®. When the stall speed is properly matched to the torque curve of the engine, the launch and overall performance of the vehicle will be greatly increased. The bolt-together design also enables quick disassembly to allow inspection and service of bearings and lock-up components at home or at the track. Each hand-assembled unit is HDT™-coated to prevent corrosion and help dissipate heat, and all go through the legendary TCI® Triple Testing process. TCI® GM 6L80 Bolt-Together Race Torque Converters feature unparalleled performance and strength for the highest horsepower applications, including those that feature forced induction.

Product: TCI® GM 6L80 Bolt-Together Race Torque Converters
Part Numbers: # 242972R (2600-2700 RPM Stall); #242974R (2800-2900 RPM Stall); #242976 (3100-3200 RPM Stall; 24297XR (Custom Stall)
Street Price: $975.97

Social Media Pitch: TCI® 6L80 Bolt-Together Race Torque Converter are all-out race versions of the popular 6L80/6L90 converter for high HP engines

Features & Benefits:
•High torque capacity, triple-disc lock-up clutch for little or no high-gear slippage
•50-spline clutch hub for higher horsepower
•CNC-machined, billet bolt-together design for ability to easily change stall speed
•Can be quickly disassembled so components may be inspected & serviced at home or the track