FAST™ XFI™ eDash


Memphis, TN – The brand new electronic dash from FAST™ provides a plug-and-play, live streaming data viewer for all versions of XFI™ systems and is also capable of making popular on-the-fly tune changes.

Designed to make harnessing the power of FAST™ XFI™ systems even easier, the XFI™ eDash lets users view multiple sensors in real-time and make popular adjustments without any software, laptops or switches. This direct plug-and-play unit is compatible with all FAST™ XFI™ and XFI Sportsman™ units, and offers an attractive, modern electronic digital dash that is small and compact, yet very readable. The full-color, touchscreen hand-held doesn’t require a laptop or software, as the unit automatically senses which EFI system it is attached to. The plug-and-play capability is available due to the fact that it connects using the current XFI™ wiring harness Calport connector. The unit features multiple live data sensor screens, which include various “electronic digital dashes” comprised of commonly desired combinations of sensors. The eDash will show up to 20 different live sensor values at one time, thereby eliminating the need to scroll through screens or focus on one piece of information over another. The user can also select which screen will become the start-up screen each time the unit restarts. Finally, the unit logs both minimum and maximum sensor readings, letting racers and enthusiasts record these values easily and conveniently. The FAST™ XFI™ eDash includes a suction cup and articulating quick-release mount, making dash or window mounting easy.

Quick Facts

Product: FAST™ XFI™ eDash
Part Number: #301517
Street Price: $359.75

Social Media Pitch: The FAST™ XFI™ eDash is a plug-and-play unit providing live streaming data & capable of making on-the-fly tune changes to XFI™ systems

Features & Benefits:
•Provides a small & attractive, yet very readable electronic digital dash at a value price
•Lets users view multiple sensors in real-time & make select adjustments w/o software, laptops or switches
•Direct plug-and-play w/all FAST™ XFI™ & XFI™ Sportsman units; no additional components are needed
•Multiple live data sensor screens eliminate need to scroll through screens or pick just one
•Logs both min. & max. sensor readings, letting racers & enthusiasts easily record these values