FAST™ Electronic Fuel Pressure Kit


Memphis, TN – The engineers at FAST™ have developed a complete plug-and-play electronic fuel pressure sensor kit for use with XFI™ or other EFI systems.

The new Electronic Fuel Pressure Kit from FAST™ serves three functions. First, it provides electronic fuel pressure measurement capability in an easy and affordable kit. This means it obtains an accurate and instantaneous fuel pressure measurement that can be used to improve fuel delivery accuracy, and provide an accurate signal for data acquisition. Next, the kit offers OEM reliability by including a GM OEM sensor designed to function and remain durable in the engine compartment, with a cost that is less than other existing pressure sensors on the market. Finally, the kit provides a complete plug-and-play solution by including a billet aluminum mounting block, spacer and mount hardware for easy connection to fuel or oil lines. Other notable kit features include two -8 to -6 AN fittings and a plug-and-play harness for easy connection to an XFI™ system. The mounting block is made from anodized black, CNC-machined aluminum with two -8 SAE O-ring-type female connection ports. The FAST™ Electronic Fuel Pressure Kit can also be used to measure oil pressure or other fluids in the 0-100psi range for any application.