FAST™ 92mm LSX™ Big Mouth LT Throttle Body™


Memphis, TN – The new, cable-pull LSX™ Big Mouth LT Throttle Body™ from FAST™ provides all of the same HP-adding advantages as the original 92mm billet version, but gets a sleek new shape and wrinkle-black powder coating.

The FAST™ 92mm LSX™ Big Mouth LT Throttle Body™ is intended to be the best looking and performing 92mm LS cast throttle body on the market today. It features stylish wrinkle-black powder coating and all the performance features of the original billet Big Mouth Throttle Body™. The throttle body has an enlarged 92mm bore which is a major upgrade over the stock piece and provides increased airflow for additional horsepower. This larger bore is especially beneficial for those customers running a FAST™ manifold. The throttle body also provides an easy way to switch an engine from throttle-by-wire to cable pull for compatibility with aftermarket ECUs and easier LS transplant installs that do not require special pedals or other complicated components. The throttle body is designed with a progressive throttle pulley to enhance drivability, especially at low throttle, while a double return spring provides solid feel and increased reliability. The FAST™ 92mm LSX™ Big Mouth LT Throttle Body™ can be used with stock four-bolt manifolds or FAST™ LSX™, LSXR™ or LSXRT™ manifolds. Available with or without GM-style IAC and TPS.