COMP Cams® GM Gen V (LT1/L83/L86) Sportsman Tool Steel Camshafts


Memphis, TN –GM Gen V Sportsman Tool Steel Camshafts from COMP Cams® are high-strength, custom-ground components utilizing aggressive direct injection lobe profile options, allowing the engine to support added horsepower.

COMP Cams® tool steel cam core technology, widely seen in NASCAR, NHRA and other professional race engines, is now available in the form of GM Gen V (LT1/L83/L86) Sportsman Tool Steel Camshafts. Tool steel is 30 percent stronger than the SAE 5150 or SAE 8620 cam cores typically used for LS cams. It allows the use of more aggressive profiles on both the direct injection (DI) fuel pump lobe as well as the cam lobes. The size and shape of the DI lobe is customizable to support more horsepower over the OEM design. Polygonal lobe designs are available with three, four or five “throws” per revolution. The four-lobe option can be advanced or retarded to properly phase with the injector timing to maximize flow, reduce pressure fluctuations and minimize fuel bypass. COMP Cams® tool steel cam cores are through-hardened, meaning that engine builders can choose virtually any combination of duration, lift, lobe separation and advance. They are superior to the traditional hardened surface of either induction-hardened or carburized steel cam cores. COMP Cams® GM Gen V (LT1/L83/L86) Sportsman Tool Steel Camshafts are available with or without Active Fuel Management (AFM). Call for assistance in selecting the right tool steel cam for your application.