Estify’s “Reconcile” takes the time, hassle out of comparing shop estimate to insurer estimate


Estify’s new “Reconcile” service virtually eliminates the wasted administrative time shops spend figuring out the differences between their estimate and an insurer’s.
“Just upload both estimates, and Reconcile immediately produces a report showing all the differences between the two estimates, even if the estimates are written in a completely different order,” Jordan Furniss, a founder of Estify said. “For shops not reconciling estimates, it can mean hundreds if not thousands of more dollars per repair order by reconciling the differences and seeking payment for those differences. For those already reconciling, using Reconcile to do it can save them hours of time in the office every day.”
The report shows not only what line items may be missing from the insurer-prepared estimate, but also if there are any differences in labor times between line items.
“It’s a great tool,” Danny Panduro, vice president of J & L Body Shop in Sun Valley, Calif., said. “Depending on the size of the estimate, it could take us anywhere from 15 minutes up to an hour or more for our shop to reconcile the differences between the insurer estimate and ours. But in just a couple minutes, Reconcile basically scrubs the two estimates and tells you exactly what the differences are. It’s an efficient way to save hours of administrative time.”
The system is all online, with no software to download or install, and it can compare any two estimates written in the same estimating system (Audatex, CCC or Mitchell).
“Reconcile is quick and easy to use no matter whether you have electronic PDF files of the estimates or just a printed copy to scan,” Furniss said. “Shops pay a low monthly subscription fee for the service, with no long-term contract and no per-use fees. It eliminates the hassle and hours of administrative time shops spend every week comparing estimates. ”
For more information about “Reconcile,” check it out at Booth #16611, or visit, call (888) 708-4950 or email
Estify also offers other time-saving shop services including “Notify,” a service that automatically keeps a shop’s customers updated via text, email or even a personal phone call.