Dr. Beasley’s Creates First VOC Free Paint Protectant


[Chicago, IL]-- Dr. Beasley’s, Inc. announced that it has formulated the first ever 100% Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Free automotive paint sealant. This water based sealant is formulated to bond with automotive paint surfaces without the use of chemicals which could harm your health, or the environment. It also provides an extremely durable barrier which outlasts other, more harmful paint protection products.

“By utilizing cutting-edge surface science engineering, we were able to impart this new coating with three unique, important benefits,” said Jim Lafeber, President and Founder of Dr. Beasley’s. “PlasmaCoat was designed to have very high fracture toughness which allows for incredibly long lasting, durable protection. Its hydrophobic formula imparts low surface tension which keeps the surface highly dirt and water repellent.

Lafeber went on to say, “We think the most important aspect of this product is the development of a water based formula, which allows us to completely eliminate VOCs altogether. Other sealants are solvent based and contain potentially damaging chemicals, and even with those compromises still won’t outlast PlasmaCoat. Along with protecting the surface, Dr. Beasley’s PlasmaCoat delivers luxurious luminosity, radiance, and clarity. Users also benefit from improved specular reflection for increased brightness and glow, unparalleled softness and smoothness.”

PlasmaCoat is the most recent in a long line of products formulated by Dr. Beasley’s to reduce the environmental impact of properly taking care of consumer vehicles. Dr. Beasley’s only uses readily biodegradable chemicals in all of their products and utilizes green manufacturing processes. They have also formulated a VOC Free glass coating

About VOCs
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are typically not acutely toxic, but instead have compounding long-term health effects. VOCs can have respiratory and immune effects, and some have been found to increase the risk of cancer. VOCs can continue to be emitted long after a product has dried, so a paint sealant which has cured on your car can still emit harmful VOCs. PlasmaCoat is the only protective coating ever made that is 100% VOC Free.

About Dr. Beasley’s
Dr. Beasley’s http://www.drbeasleys.com/is a technology based company specializing in high quality cleaning and protection car care products. With years of professional automotive detailing and custom formulating experience, Dr. Beasley’s manufactures in the USA safe, environmentally friendly, readily biodegradable detailing products and solutions to maximize the life of your investment. Dr. Beasley’s doesn't just focus on restoration; it aims to prevent surface damage from occurring in the first place. In addition to being the founder and president of Dr. Beasley’s, Jim Lafeber is also the president of the International Detailing Association.