Grex® Introduces the Most Ergonomic and Versatile Airbrushes


MONTEREY PARK, CA — August 1, 2013 —Grex® introduces their newest airbrushes, the Genesis.XGi and Genesis.XSi. With these airbrushes, Grex® continues to infuse innovation into their airbrushes; focused on ergonomics and the ability to adapt to the users applications and preferences. The defining design element of these airbrushes is the ergonomic hand grip set that provides improved comfort and handling. These airbrushes have been specifically engineered for maximum adaptability by leveraging the already wide selection of accessories available from Grex.

“Many airbrushers have come to rely on the ergonomics of our popular pistol style trigger airbrushes. But we’ve recognized that some still prefer the control from a traditional dual action airbrush. So we set out to design and create a solution. Our inspiration came from the simple pen grip. The two piece grip system is made of a silicon-based polymer that’s impervious to most solvents, its soft enough to relieve your finger and hand pressure points, yet firm enough to provide structure for increased holding area” said Raymond Wong, VP Sales and Marketing. “It’s a simple elegant and effective solution.”

These new airbrushes are designed to specifically share many of the same parts as their popular Tritium Pistol Style Trigger airbrushes. As result, the same versatility seen in their Tritium airbrushes are also carried over. The Genesis.XGi and Genesis.XSi can utilize the same cups and reservoirs; the same magnetic quick fit needle caps; and the same needles, nozzle and nozzle caps, so all the same nozzle conversion kits from 0.2mm up to 0.7mm can be used as well. Grex® has further expanded the versatility of their products by making these airbrushes adaptable to other manufacturer’s bottles and cups with the use of their AD31 and AD32 adapters.

Other than feed type, features of the Genesis.XGi and Genesis.XSi are the same. Which one to choose is really a matter of preference. Each of these airbrushes will be available in three different nozzle size options (0.2mm, 0.3mm or 0.5mm).

Pricing and Availability:

The Genesis.XGi and XSi is anticipated to be available in mid September 2013 through authorized Grex® resellers. For more information, please visit The suggested retail price for the Genesis.XGi or XSi is $208.00.

Genesis.XGi Set Contents:

Genesis.XGi Airbrush, 2mL (1/20 fl. oz.) Top Cup w/ Lid, 7mL (1/4 fl. oz.) Top Cup w/ Lid, 15mL (1/2 fl. oz.) Top Cup w/ Lid, Quick-Fit™ Standard Needle Cap, Quick-Fit™ Crown Needle Cap, Plastic Carrying Case, Nozzle Wrench

Genesis.XSi Set Contents:

Genesis.XSi Airbrush, 7mL (1/4 fl. oz.) Side Cup w/ Lid, 15mL (1/2 fl. oz.) Side Cup w/ Lid, AD32 Side Siphon Adapter,
30mL (1 fl. oz.) Siphon Bottle Assembly, Quick-Fit™ Standard Needle Cap, Quick-Fit™ Crown Needle Cap, Plastic Carrying Case, Nozzle Wrench

About Grex:
GREX's philosophy in offering high quality products have allowed it to gain a well-known reputation worldwide since 1995. Grex continues to spearhead with innovative and original products to surpass the expectations of consumer needs.

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