EnviroLution Announces New “One Touch” Transmission Fluid Exchanger, The TF-200 HD Automatic

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San Fernando, CA — August 28, 2013 — EnviroLution is pleased to announce their newest model in transmission fluid exchange service systems, the TF-200 HD Automatic. This newest fluid exchange system is designed with a patent-pending automatic looping system, which provides a full ATF exchange, yet is streamlined and easy to use.

“It’s one touch and walk away,” says Diane Abbitt, president of EnviroLution, with a smile. “One touch of a button does a complete service from preparation of the old fluid to exchange of the new fluid. And the technician does not even need to be present at the end of the service.”

Additional features of the new TF-200 HD (Heavy Duty) Automatic include a flow pressure gauge for diagnostic use and a clear view tube where the user can visibly see the exchange and replacement of the old and new ATF fluids. The TF-200 HD Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchanger will perform a complete service in less than 10 minutes.

This newest vehicle service equipment system from EnviroLution is in keeping with the company’s original vision of producing products that promote a cleaner, greener environment. EnviroLution also manufactures a variety of other automotive service equipment. In addition to the already successful equipment product line, EnviroLution is now in its fourteenth year of its EST (Engineered Synthetic Technology) line of specialty no harm chemicals and additives.

EST’s array of synthetic oil and fuel additives is designed to promote cleaner running vehicles and to reduce the amount of pollution these vehicles produce. The net result: a cleaner, greener environment for today and tomorrow.


For additional information on EST products or the EnviroLution line of equipment, please contact Diane Abbitt at EnviroLution, or visit us at www.envirolution.com for comprehensive information on all of EnviroLution’s products.

For information: www.envirolution.com
Contact: Diane Abbitt, President dra@estproducts.com
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