Glass Bot™ - Automated Glass Removal System adds new Apex Corner Tool to Accessory Line

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Nelson Glass Tools, a machine and tool manufacturer located in Northern California has released their newest accessory for the Glass Bot™ Automated Glass Removal System.

The Glass Bot™ Apex Corner Tool assist in the automation of glass removal by guiding the cutting element tight along the most efficient cutting angle, which provides a cleaner cut with less strain on the machine.

Rick Nelson, Product Manager of Nelson Glass Tools explains, “the more time we spend working with our customers and reviewing the multitude of new car designs, we find the need to continue to evolve the process for removal of these glass parts. The Apex Corner Tool provides an improved method of aligning the cutting elements for more precision and faster removal times. Utilizing three of the Apex Corner Tools allow for a single set up without adjusting or moving the Glass Bot on the glass during the operation.”

“We utilize a curved glass suction cup and two ball bearing roller to gain access into the corners where the removal can become difficult because of glass curvature and larger adhesive beads. ”

The Glass Bot™ is a powered winding system that winds a cutting element (wire or string) under high tension to cut through adhesives. The cutting element is pulled inwards, away from the paint surface thus preventing paint damage during the removal process. The machine is operated remotely from the exterior of the car to allow full viewing of the cutting process.