Reduce Turbo Lag and Excessive Turbo Heat With DEI’s GEN-II Titanium Turbo Shield with LR Technology


Avon Lake, Ohio…Turbochargers and other bolt-on modifications can generate excessive radiant and direct heat. Too much heat can greatly compromise engine efficiency. Turbochargers have been known to bake paint off hoods, melt electrical wiring, oil feeds and return lines.

Design Engineering (DEI), the leading manufacturer of high performance thermal control products, has the solution – GEN-II Turbo Shield with LR Technology designed to be a custom fit for all T3, T4, T6 and T25/28 turbochargers. Constructed from pulverized lava rock, extruded into fibers and then woven into a tight weave, gives this material titanium-like strength and durability. A high temperature rated silica fireproof insulation padding serves as added protection to handle direct continuous heat up to 1800° F (980°C) and up to 2500° F (1370°C) of radiant heat. The GEN-II Titanium Turbo Shield has an upgraded, thicker, fireproof core and a special high-temp material to protect and reinforce seams vulnerable to higher heat, produced from higher horsepower turbos.

Any car, truck, SUV or diesel equipped with a turbocharger needs a shield with titanium like strength for extra protection, including racers where intake temps are extremely important to performance. The GEN-II turbo shield keeps heat inside the turbo allowing the turbo to spool up faster while reducing radiant temperatures resulting in cooler air intake temps for improved performance and a noticeable boost in horsepower. The shield provides added protection against burns when in close contact with the turbo and reduces the risk of a flash fire that can occur from oil or gas coming in contact with a hot turbine.

Anchoring hooks are strategically located on the shield for secure fastening to the turbine housing. DEI’s GEN-II Turbo Shield can be purchased separately or as a kit. The kit includes a 2”x15’ roll of Titanium pipe wrap, two 20” stainless steel zip ties and 5’ of fastening wire. For more information about the GEN-II Titanium Turbo Shield including dimensions or other DEI thermal control products go to, call 800-264-9472, or e-mail:

• Increases Horsepower by Reducing Heat Transfer
• Cool Carbon Fiber Look with Titanium Like Strength
• Reduces Risk of Burns or Flash Fire

About Design Engineering, Inc. (DEI)
Formed in 1995, Design Engineering Inc. (DEI) is a major U.S. manufacturer and supplier of high performance automotive aftermarket products selling worldwide to a large number of commercial markets – industrial, agricultural, powersports and marine. DEI, located in Avon Lake, OH specializes in the development of thermal tuning and acoustic products. Additionally, DEI markets cryogenic intake systems and related accessories under the (CryO2) brand, nitrous oxide systems and accessories (Ny-Trex), acoustical insulation and sound deadening products (Boom Mat), performance additives (Radiator Relief) and most recently turbo products as the exclusive US supplier for (SPA Turbo).