Ny-Trex™ Triple-Threat Camaro 5 V6 EFI Wet Nitrous System


The new 5th Generation Camaro Triple-Threat V6 Wet Nitrous System delivers up to 100 more HP in an easily concealed system that requires no fabrication. The system combines all three valve functions: purge, N20 and fuel, and is manufactured in a precision machined billet body with three integral solenoid valves with volt-trap coils. This design ensures a dependable, clean, and all-in-one nitrous system. Unlike other EFI systems on the market, only the Ny-Trex Triple-Threat valve system is backed by a lifetime warranty and allows a full purge.

Dyno-tested on numerous vehicles to ensure safe and reliable performance, the Ny-Trex Triple-Threat Wet Nitrous System (part # 110028) was specifically designed for easy installation in the new Camaro V6. Exempting a small amount of drilling required to mount the bottle brackets, there is no other drilling, cutting, or wire splicing required to install this compact EFI system. Custom brackets and an application specific spray plate makes installation possible in one hour or less. All hardware is custom fabricated for plug and play, and tailored for a clean installation.

For more information on the new Triple Threat Camaro 5 V6 EFI Wet Nitrous System, please visit: www.DesignEngineering.com, call 1-800-264-9472, or e-mail: Sales@DesignEngineering.com.