Ny-Trex™ Big-Diesel with CryO2 Technology


(Avon Lake, OH) Leave it to Ny-Trex, the official nitrous system of Diesel Motorsports, and DEI’s CryO2 division to design a diesel nitrous system that not only adds quick horsepower, but also takes advantage of every purge to keep your intercooler cool. The Big-Diesel w/ CryO2, designed for use with any intercooled turbo diesel engine, provides all the horsepower benefit of nitrous oxide with a purge sprayer that will cool your intercooler as you purge nitrous to prevent unwanted gas pockets.

Injecting super cooled liquid nitrous oxide into a diesel engine lowers charge air temps and acts as an oxidizer to promote a clean burn. Purging is part of the advised practice to maintain a safe and reliable system. The CryO2 sprayer mounted in front of the intercooler sprays liquid nitrous oxide directly onto the intercooler core, effectively jump-starting the intercooler. Other systems simply release valuable nitrous oxide into the air during a purge. The Big-Diesel increases intercooler efficiency by reducing incidence of pre-stage heat-soaking that robs power and creates problems in the long run.

The Ny-Trex Big-Diesel with CryO2 Technology (part #110038), designed for diesel motorsports competition, has a universal fit that makes installation relatively simple. It is sold inclusive with the purge valve and all hardware and electrical components, and the solenoid is protected with a no hassle lifetime warranty. Weather Pack wire connectors facilitate a clean application and the 1/8” nozzle flows up to 300 hp.

For more information on the Ny-Trex Big-Diesel with CryO2 Technology Dry Nitrous System, visit: http://www.designengineering.com/Big Diesel. For tech support, call 1-800-264-9472, or email: Sales@DesignEngineering.com.