FERGUS FALLS, MN – July 30, 2013 – Do you wish you had more storage in your vehicle? DU-HA, Inc. has come up with a solution to give you that extra storage and the ability to take it with you. Their new product, the DU-HA Tote, is a removable and portable storage unit designed to fit in the rear cargo area of SUV’s and in the bed of pickup trucks.

The DU-HA Tote provides spacious storage for everyday use and is especially useful for contractors, sportsmen, and soccer moms. Contractors find the extra storage, and the ability to bring the Tote with them, is excellent for transporting tools to job sites. Sportsmen love the Tote for transporting firearms – it holds up to four shotguns or rifles with scopes – and for storing their hunting equipment, ammo, and game calls. Soccer moms appreciate the convenience of the Tote for hauling their children’s gear and snacks to and from sporting events and for using the Tote as a bench for extra seating during the games.

“The Tote is a multi-use storage system that provides an easy way to take things in and out of your vehicle”, says Dan Ouren, Vice President of DU-HA. “When you’re on the road, it allows you to take your items into your hotel when you check in and bring them back out where you’re ready to go.”

The heavy duty handles, durable wheels, and pull strap make it easy to remove the Tote from your vehicle and bring it with you. The utility trays in the Tote help keep your smaller items organized and are removable and easy to lift out to access the larger cargo storage area below. The sealed lid is designed to keep out moisture and dust, helping to keep your gear clean and dry.

The Tote has three lockable latches on the lid that can be locked using any standard padlock to provide additional security for your valuables and belongings.

An optional Tote Slide Bracket is available separately to secure the Tote in your vehicle, with a locking mechanism that allows you to lock the Tote in your vehicle to help prevent theft. The Tote Slide Bracket allows the Tote to slide in and out of your vehicle like a drawer, allowing you to access the gear in the Tote while standing outside your truck or SUV.

“We've designed the Tote to fit in the back of most SUV’s and pickup trucks, and it will fit a lot of other vehicles as well. The Tote is 53” long, so as long as there is 53" of length available, the Tote should work in your vehicle”, Dan Ouren says. “The Tote is the most versatile, easy moving, storage unit on the market.”

The DU-HA Tote retails for $299.95 and includes a lifetime warranty. The Tote Slide Bracket retails for $59.95. For more information or to find a dealer near you, visit www.du-ha.com, or call 1-866-306-3842.