HushMat New Quiet Tape Shelf Pack – Part # 80300


Tim McCarthy
(913) 599-2600

HushMat New Quiet Tape Shelf Pack – Part # 80300

Olathe, Kansas November 1, 2012 HushMat® – HushMat introduces NEW Universal Quiet Tape in Counter/Shelf Pack (Part #80300).

HushMat’s Founder, Tim McCarthy introduced the NEW Universal Quiet Tape in a easy to display counter pack to assist jobbers and dealers in merchandising the unique and multi-use Quiet Tape at the sales counter. “We needed to assist our jobbers and dealers in properly merchandising and promoting the incredible broad based use of our Quiet Tape technology” stated Tim McCarthy. “Quiet Tape is a product that has thousands of applications inside vehicles, boats garages and homes to secure panels, tighten fit and finish of trim, tack down wires, cables, and seal seams”, McCarthy added.

HushMat Quiet tape is a 1.0mm (less than 1/16”) soft pliable, one-sided foam tape that can be easily cut with household scissors or utility knife and bonds immediately. Quiet Tape uses a molecular bond to virtually any automotive, marine or home surface. Quiet Tape doesn’t dry out in warm, humid climates and doesn’t lose adhesion in cold weather like commodity tapes do. HushMat is a dream for any project in the garage, lake or home.

HushMat®, rated #1 automotive sound deadening and thermal insulation material, is the easiest to install, highest performing available to automotive enthusiasts. HushMat® Ultra, a thermal insulating and sound deadening material, is easily applied to the sheet metal, plastic or fiberglass surface surrounding the interior of the vehicle reduces interior noise and heat making the vehicle ride more comfortable. HushMat® is the only automotive sound deadening and thermal insulation material made in the USA!

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