HushMat Introduces Wave Breaker – Part #82450


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HushMat Introduces Wave Breaker – Part #82450

Olathe, Kansas October 31, 2012 HushMat® – Hushmat introduces NEW Wave Breaker product for car, truck and marine audio.

HushMat’s Founder, Tim McCarthy introduced the Wave Breaker acoustic technology to deflect and absorb sonic back waves in automotive, truck and marine speakers and other electronic applications. “We needed to address a tremendous problem in the mobile electronic industry. The automotive, truck and marine environment is not optimal for great acoustic quality.”McCarthy stated. “The vehicles are constructed of metal, plastic and fiberglass and it is thin flexible and full of holes. This is not a good environment for electronics.” added McCarthy. “HushMat has developed a very simple but effective technology that anyone can install in seconds to improve the sonic quality of all speakers”, McCarthy added. “Wave Breaker is a product that when placed directly behind speakers inside vehicles, boats and trucks the rear projected sound waves are broken up and absorbed preventing them from bouncing off the metal forward and distorting the sound coming from the front of the speaker.”, stated McCarthy. Companies have attempted to solve this complex problem – HushMat is the first to succeed! Wave Breaker makes every speaker sound significantly better in vehicle!

HushMat Wave Breaker is a 13mm (1/2”) soft pliable, non-moisture absorbing complex cellular foam that is simply applied by peeling the release paper backing and sticking the Wave Breaker pad directly behind the speaker. Wave Breaker doesn’t dry out in changing climates and doesn’t lose adhesion. HushMat‘s Wave Breaker, like all HushMat products, excels in the area of adhesion.

HushMat®, rated #1 automotive sound deadening and thermal insulation material, is the easiest to install, highest performing available to automotive enthusiasts. HushMat® Ultra, a thermal insulating and sound deadening material, is easily applied to the sheet metal, plastic or fiberglass surface surrounding the interior of the vehicle reduces interior noise and heat making the vehicle ride more comfortable. HushMat® is the only automotive sound deadening and thermal insulation material made in the USA!

For more information about HushMat®, please visit SEMA Booth #22988, or call (913) 599-2600.