3M Automotive Aftermarket Introduces 3M™ Trizact™ 5000 Sanding Discs and Hand Sheets


3M Automotive Aftermarket Introduces 3M™ Trizact™ 5000 Sanding Discs and Hand Sheets

Three Sizes of New 5000-Grit Discs and Hand Sheets Reduce Compounding Time for Detailers

ST. PAUL, Minn. (October 30, 2012) – Time is money in the automotive collision repair industry, and the new 3M™ Trizact™ 5000 Sanding Discs and Hand Sheets from 3M Automotive Aftermarket can help reduce the amount of labor devoted to paint finishing. The 3M Trizact 5000 Sanding Discs and Hand Sheets are an innovation that will change the process for paint repair, giving painters better results and helping shops improve cycle time and customer satisfaction.

Available in 3-, 5- and 6-inch sizes, the 5000-grit damp-sanding disc leaves a sanding pattern so refined that the paint is reflective. It is possible to skip the step of compounding altogether in many cases. The ultra-fine finishing discs are manufactured with silicon carbide minerals embedded in a cured resin medium on a polyurethane foam backing designed for damp use.

For the automotive enthusiasts or shops who prefer hand sanding, 3M Trizact P3000 and 5000 grade is now available in hand sheets sized 2 ¾x 5 ½.

The 3M Trizact 5000 is engineered to be used in body shops on fresh paint and can be used to match texture without leveling. Older paint can be improved by using 3M Trizact 5000 discs to eliminate swirls, scratches and oxidation. Because the disc surface is so fine, it eliminates the need for a wool buffing pad.

Detailers are the final link in the repair chain, and their work is most visible to the car’s owner. The 3M Trizact 5000 disc leaves the paint glossy and reflective, making the final step of buffing the car much easier and faster. The finisher spends less time compounding and the new 3M Trizact 5000 disc allows the use of a random orbital sander, which weighs significantly less than a traditional buffer.

“We work closely with painters and technicians to develop innovative new product solutions that help them do their jobs better and faster,” said Randy Ralston, 3M Marketing Manager. “The new 3M Trizact 5000 reinvents the painting process to greatly reduce or eliminate time-consuming steps and allows them to deliver a better paint restoration for the customer.”

The 3M Trizact 5000 Sanding Discs and Hand Sheets are available throughout the United States. Contact 1-877-MMM-CARS or your local 3M Distributor or 3M Sale Representative for more information or visit our website at www.3MCollision.com.

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