MyStar™ Personal Assistant phone service promotes driver safety and efficiency



Dallas, TX–According to a study conducted by research firm Strategy Analytics, new cars offering Bluetooth connectivity will reach 85% by 2015 and 90% by 2016. The increase is due primarily to the growing number of states trying to improve safety by outlawing the use of cell phones and texting while driving. Based on those statistics, Ken Ferguson, President of MyStar™, the only branded live personal assistance-based marketing and loyalty program designed exclusively for the automotive industry, feels that his company’s service will become more essential to car dealers than ever before.

MyStar’s unique marketing programs enable dealers to give car buyers live 24/7 phone access to a world-class private-label personal assistance and information service. According to Mr. Ferguson, offering that service with the purchase of every car helps distinguish dealerships from their competitors and helps close sales. More importantly, it improves driver safety dramatically because it can be use hands-free, and it eliminates the need for performing searches on smart phones.

“MyStar’s personal assistance service is smarter than smart phones,” explained Mr. Ferguson. “With one simple voice-activated call, dealership customers can get answers on any topic or have tasks performed for them. Since people spend so much time in vehicles these days, MyStar’s service helps them become more efficient. With Bluetooth technology, they can do use it safely; which means they can use it more often. At the same time, the service is branded so it will keep the dealership’s name in front of customers long after they purchase a car.”

When customers dial MyStar's toll-free number, a friendly assistant greets them by name and delivers the dealership's customized message. At the end of the call, customers hear the dealer's name again with the dealership’s tagline, slogan, and/or current promotion. By constantly repeating the dealer’s name, MyStar builds long-term brand loyalty and increases customer satisfaction in a compelling and personal way.

“In today’s economy, dealerships need an edge in the competitive automotive market,” adds Mr. Ferguson. “Our proven programs give them an advantage because MyStar is a very powerful customer sales incentive. And as the presence of Bluetooth technology in cars increases, so will the effectiveness of our programs.”

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MyStar is only provider of branded personal assistance-based marketing and loyalty programs designed exclusively for the automotive industry. The company’s exceptional people and versatile technology allows for unique private-label service for every type of automotive dealership.

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