Latest Android Version of DashCommand App Compatible with Pioneer’s New AppRadio 2


Pleasant Grove, UT—Palmer Performance Engineering, the creator of the industry-leading DashCommand™ app, released a new version of DashCommand for the Android™ OS (Version 3.0) that includes support for Pioneer’s new AppRadio™ 2 (SPH-DA100) smartphone-powered in-dash receiver. DashCommand is a smartphone app allowing automotive enthusiasts real-time in-vehicle performance, diagnostics, and fuel economy data access. Now users of select Android-based smartphones can both view and manipulate their vehicle’s real-time performance data on AppRadio 2’s high-resolution 7-inch capacitive touchscreen, allowing for improved visibility and convenient access directly on the dash of the vehicle.

DashCommand’s virtual gauges display almost anything automotive enthusiasts might want to know about their vehicles’ systems in real time. Advanced engine parameters, performance data, fuel economy data, and trip statistics can all be viewed on up to 27 customizable gauges—previously viewable only on a smartphone (iPhone® or Android), iPad®, or iPod touch®’s screen. DashCommand even includes specialized features such as racetrack mapping, an inclinometer (for off-roading), and a skid pad feature for monitoring g-forces, all utilizing the smartphone’s GPS and accelerometer sensors. Vehicle data is pulled directly from the vehicle’s OBD-II port through a low-cost OBD-II connection device (available separately). With up to 229 OBD-II parameters at their fingertips, users can also operate DashCommand as a scan tool to read and clear OBD-II trouble codes that trigger the “check engine” light.

Now all this information is visible and can be controlled on the 7-inch capacitive touchscreen of Pioneer’s in-dash AppRadio 2 by simply connecting it to an Android smartphone (Pioneer’s CD-AH200C Android App Connectivity Kit required) or iPhone 4/4S that has been loaded with a compatible version of DashCommand.

“The place you most need to view the information DashCommand gathers is inside your vehicle. Placing that information right on the dash in a larger, more visible format is invaluable to our users,” comments Brian Palmer of Palmer Performance Engineering. “Pioneer’s AppRadio brought this technology to our iPhone users and now the introduction of AppRadio 2 is enabling our Android users to enjoy the same benefits.”

Pioneer’s AppRadio 2 is the first in-dash receiver designed to support both the iPhone 4/4S and an increasing number of Android smartphone models. A complete list of compatible Android smartphones is available at iPhone 4/4S users, who were able to enjoy access to the original AppRadio, can connect to the new AppRadio 2 with their existing version of DashCommand for iOS® or can upgrade to the newly released Version 3.0 for iOS.

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